Obscura Day 2015: Two Locations in Italy

The Atlas Obscura site is a great place to start if you enjoy odd tourist attractions. The site claims to be the “definitive guide for the world’s most wondrous and interesting places” and lists sights and places all around the globe that are unique, hidden, or unusual in some way. The site has many listings for Italy, including bone churches, ancient frescoes and modern art installations. May 30, 2015, is Obscura Day.

Obscura Day is a day when more than 150 events take place in strange places around the globe. These two events are in Italy. If you’re visiting Rome or Naples on May 30, these options might be of interest to you.

Obscura Day 2015 Rome

There are many catacombs around Rome. The International Catacomb Society will lead tours of one of these Jewish Catacombs on Obscura Day. While many of Rome’s catacombs can be visited on a regular basis, this particular Jewish Catacomb, known as “Vigna Randanini”, is only accessible with permission.

The tour starts at 16:30 outside San Sebastiano Church and costs EUR35. You can purchase your ticket by clicking.

Obscura Day 2015 in Naples

The Catacombs of San Gennaro are an underground network of burial ground that was once made up of three cemeteries. They are home to important archaeological finds like mosaics and an underground basilica. These burial grounds were first used in the 3rd-10th century. San Gennaro was later buried there.

The tour starts at 14:00 at Catacombs entrance. It costs EUR5 You can buy your ticket here.

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