Pane con la milza

The pane with la milza or’U pani c’a meusa is a popular street food in Sicily. It can be eaten for lunch or dinner, and is often served at receptions buffets.


This dish is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages. The Palermo Jews were a butcher and refused to accept any compensation for their work. They were permitted to take home the meat of the butchered animals to reward themselves. Then they boiled and fried the spleen and lung and made sandwich fillings that they sold to the local gentiles. This tradition is still being carried out by the Palermitan caciottari, a street food vendor who sells cheese.

Palermo’s Immaculate Conception feast (December 7) is a must. It’s a tradition to have it at breakast on the party day.

Preparation for the pane con le milza – Ph Fabio Cavasenna



Loaves of soft wheat flour covered in giuggiulena, or sesame

Triptych of offal: Three parts of the veal liver, six parts from the veal lungs and a portion of scannarozzato.

Lard (just enough for frying)


Fresh ricotta cheese

Flaked Caciocavallo cheese


Lemon juice (only available in the schietto plain version)


Boil the spleen and lung cuttings, as well as the scannarozzato windpipe. Let them cool in a bowl and then slice them thinly.

Cut the bread into two pieces. Melt the lard in a cast iron skillet. Once the fat has melted, heat the oil and fry the prepared boiled meat.

Take the bread loaves that you have cut, and stuff them with meat.

The mousari street vendors offer two types of sandwiches: single or maritatu, which is a simple version. This includes either lemon juice, grated ricotta, caciocavallo or both.

Enjoy your meal!

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