Pantelleria Island

Pantelleria is a place that can’t be mentioned without mentioning its sea. It has rich fishing seabeds and transparent waters. It also boasts its beaches of smooth rock that lead to the ocean, creating secluded corners where silence reigns even in August.

The volcanic origin of the island ( Trapani ) means that you won’t find white sand. There are many beautiful beaches that can be found, some of which are suitable for families with small children. Also, there are charming slopes leading down to the sea. Take a pair of hiking shoes and walk along the trails to the most interesting coves.

You should not miss a boat or raft tour of the island to see its stunning coves and natural harbors, which are only accessible by water.

Beautiful sea bottoms are rich in Posidonia meadows. You may also be able to see black coral if you’re lucky. The island’s volcanic origin gives it a dark color.

You can enjoy a wonderful moment of diving because there is no sand in the shallow waters.

Amazing walls, magnificent cliffs that sink into the deep blue sea, brightly coloured shoals and large numbers of fishes that are surprising us right from the start: morays, big fishes and red and white sponges.

The archeological Cala Gdir is essential for underwater photographers.

The underwater itinerary contains remains of Punic amphorae and Roman amphorae, both from wrecks dating back to the third century BC and the second century BC.

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