Anacapri or Capri: Where to Stay on the Island of Capri

Both Anacapri and Capri have stunning views. Capri has two beautiful towns: Anacapri and Capri. You can visit both Capri and Anacapri during your stay. However, each town has its own character. This is why it’s so important to understand the differences.

Anacapri or Capri? This guide will help you make your decision. If you are planning a day trip to Capri, don’t forget our post on things to do in Capri. Anacapri is the perfect place to relax in a laid-back, quiet atmosphere.

While both towns can get crowded in summer, Anacapri is more peaceful. While the streets of Capri are bustling, Anacapri has many quieter alleyways.

It’s not surprising, since Capri town is close to Marina Grande, where ferry docks, so most tourists will find their way to Capri’s charming Piazzetta, or just hang out in the town before they leave.

Both towns have stunning views. But the view from Anacapri’s Monte Solaro is truly breathtaking

The stunning 360-degree views from Monte Solaro, which is the highest point of the island, are unbeatable. You can either walk to the summit or, for a fee, take the chairlift. Villa San Michele offers great views of Anacapri.

Capri has stunning views too. The Gardens of Augustus offers a spectacular view of the Faraglioni rock. From Villa Jovis, a Roman villa high above the town, you have a spectacular view of the whole Bay of Naples and Ischia as well as Procida. (Check out our 5 most beautiful islands of Italy post!

To walk trails, choose from Anacapri or Capri town.

The Anacapri walking trail to Monte Solaro takes approximately an hour and starts near Villa San Michele. You can’t miss it as there will be a sign for Monte Solaro. A great walk in Anacapri is the Via del Migliara. This route dates back to Roman times and winds through vineyards, orchards, and other scenic spots. It’s only about one kilometer in length, and it’s a nice stroll with a stunning view of the southern coast. You can also take the Torre del Guardia path, an ancient watchtower.

The Sentiero dei Fortini, or “Trail of Forts”), in Anacapri is a way to get off the beaten track. It runs along Anacapri’s western coast, beginning at the Blue Grotto, and ending at the Punta Carena Lighthouse. This is the perfect way to see the “wilder side” of the island.

Capri also has a beautiful coastal walk called the Pizzolungo that takes you to Punta Tragara and brings you close to the Faraglioni rock. Another option, though more difficult, is the steep, uphill climb to Villa Jovis. This takes approximately 40 minutes from Capri’s piazzetta. You will pass beautiful homes with lush green gardens. The view from the top is breathtaking!

You can’t miss Via Krupp when you visit Capri. It is a zig-zag street leading to Marina Piccola.

For beautifully-preserved Roman ruins, Capri town

Roman ruins are your thing? Villa Jovis is a Capri town landmark. It is one of twelve villas that Emperor Tiberius built on the island in the first century AD. It is so well preserved that it’s easy for anyone to understand its grandeur. The villa covers more than 7,000 m2 (2 acres) and was built on multiple levels.

Anacapri is one of Italy’s most beautiful gardens.

Are you looking for a more lush landscape? You won’t be disappointed by the beautiful garden at Villa San Michele, Anacapri. It is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy. The garden boasts breathtaking views and a tranquil, well-kept, overflowing garden.

Long stretches of sandy beaches are best suited for

Capri is not the place to go if you want long sandy beaches. The beaches are either solid or pebble-shaped.

…but for glamour beaches (and clubs), Anacapri or Capri town are the best choices

Capri is a favorite beach destination for many. Both Anacapri and Capri have amazing beach clubs, which are located at the shore of the turquoise-clear waters. These beach clubs have sun decks and great restaurants that make for an unforgettable day at the sea.

Lido di Faro on Anacapri is a popular spot for locals. Here you can enjoy the sun all day. The exclusive beach club boasts a swimming pool and a renowned restaurant.

You can find many glamorous clubs in Capri, particularly Marina Piccola. These clubs are easily accessible by walking down Via Krupp. La Canzone Del Mare is the most well-known and attracts many celebrities. It also has some luxury suites.

Although many private beach clubs are expensive, Capri has some great beaches for free. One of these is located in Marina Grande, near where the ferry docks. Although the water is crystal clear, it can get very crowded. You’ll find beaches at Marina Piccola on both sides of Siren’s Rock.

Capri town is the best place to shop for designer goods; Anacapri is the best place to buy artisanal products.

Capri is a popular destination for the wealthy and famous. It boasts a variety of fashion shops. You’ll find a store for almost every fashion house on Capri’s Via Camerelle.

You can shop locally made products or artisanal goods at Viale Axel Munthe, Anacapri. There you will find many shops selling specialized clothing and other crafts.

Capri town is a great place to watch people.

Piazza Umberto 1 is the best place to watch people in Capri. Also known as the “piazzetta”, this little piazza, can be used for people-watching. This charming, small square is the heart of Capri’s social scene. It is lined with restaurants and cafes, and bustles all day and at night.

Anacapri To marvel at beautiful mosaics,

The Church of San Michele, Anacapri is a quieter but beautiful sight. This church features a stunning mosaic floor made of hand-painted mosaics dating back to the 12th century that depicts the story of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

The best gelato in Capri… The best torta caprese Anacapri in

Are you looking for a sweet treat to savor? The all-time favorite is Buonocore Gelato in Capri. The torta caprese at Pasticceria Ferraro, Anacapri is also a must-try.

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