Part 3 of Italian Weddings: Best Places to Get Married In Italy

It’s time for you to choose the location. Italy is a country full of beautiful and romantic places that you can host your wedding. For an idea of the best locations to get married in Italy, check out these top picks.

Best for…Romance – Verona, Venice (Veneto), Portovenere – Liguria

After your big day, why not take a gondola ride through Venice? Photo by Luca Fazzolari

It’s no wonder Venice is a top destination for weddings in Italy. George Clooney even chose to tie the knot there! It’s beautiful and a favorite of travelers. Venice is a romantic destination for weddings, with its vibrant colors and romantic gondola rides. You can walk across the bridges and take photos at St. Mark’s Square. After the ceremony, you will be able to sail off on a gondola instead of a traditional “just married car”. Even so, Venice’s neighbor Verona is full of romance. Romance runs through Verona, an ancient Roman city. Verona is also the home to Juliet from Romeo & Juliet. You can take photos in front of the arena, and then have your reception in a traditional trattoria. Portovenere, a seaport town on the coast, lights up at night and shares the moonlight. Beautiful flower-covered streets and the Portovenere Castle You can then go on honeymoon and explore the Cinque Terre five cities, just north of Portovenere.

Best for… Tranquility: San Gimignano (Tuscany), Perugia (Umbria)

Tuscany is a beloved destination for travelers for many decades. However, its charm has not diminished. Umbria, a quiet, rural alternative to Tuscany, has been on the radar of travelers for a while. Each region offers beautiful views of the countryside, picturesque hilltop towns, and so many peaceful locations that it is difficult to pick just one. You can narrow down your search based on what you are most drawn to: an elegant villa or a traditional vineyard, or a fairytale castle wedding. Both regions have them all. San Gimignano is a small town nestled in the Tuscan hills. Perugia, Umbria’s capital, provides plenty of options and ease while also offering peace and a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Best for… History Buffs: Florence, Rome, Alberobello (Apulia)

The Puglia’s unique cone-shaped Trulli houses. Francesco Cioce.

For those who want to include the beauty and culture of Italy’s historical centers as part of their wedding, it’s a great choice. The stunning backdrops of Centri Storici, such as those found in Rome or Florence, make for great photos. Imagine yourself riding a vespa on the Coliseum’s front lawn or under the Duomo in Florence. If you are looking for an unusual location, then head further south to Apulia (Puglia is Italian). Alberobello is the best option. Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site to preserve the history of its trulli (cone-shaped pheasant houses), is well-known. For a truly stunning and historic wedding, you can get married in the town square.

Best for…Culture: Agrigento (Sicily), Udine (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Italy is rich in culture. But for our cultural wedding, we are looking at the extreme north and south of the peninsula. For a truly unique cultural experience, visit Friuli Venezia Giulia in the north. Friuli is located on the border of Austria and Slovenia and has a rich history that combines Latin, German, and Slavic cultures. It is one of the most unique culturally diverse regions in Italy. It is home to some of the finest wines, especially whites, and has easy access to the Adriatic Sea. You can get married in the mountains, among cobblestone streets or ancient archways of Udine. You can also go south to Sicily. The past of Sicily includes influences from the ancient Greeks. Turks. Romans. But the Sicilian culture still reigns today. To immerse yourself in Sicilian culture, visit the ancient cities of Syracuse and Agrigento.

Best for…Foodies : Turin (Piedmont), Naples, Campania

We’ve already said that there is no such thing as Italian cuisine . At least not in general. Each region has its own cuisine. Piemont, in the north, has been a popular destination for food-lovers throughout Europe and Italy. Food lovers will find great Italian cuisine with a French touch. They can also expect fantastic cheeses (like Fontina), great wines, and seasonal food. Turin, the capital of Piedmont is so elegant that it has been called “Little Paris” in Italy. Piedmont is the place to go for sophisticated dining. It’s located at the border of France, Italy and Switzerland and you can eat under the majestic Alps. Naples is another foodie heaven. Known for its famous pizza, Napolitana, Naples also has many other culinary delights. Naples offers a home-cooked meal that is both hearty and delicious, so you can’t go wrong with Naples for your special day!

Best for… Extravagance: Portofino (Liguria), Ravello (Campania)

Portofino, a town of only 1,000 people, is the most exclusive way to get there. Private boat! Photo by Gina Mussio

Both Portofino, Liguria, and Ravello on the Almafi Coast have been praised as stunning seaside towns. They are also a popular spot for celebrities and VIPs to park their luxury boats. Portofino’s tiny town seems to hug the ocean with its brightly-colored houses and main piazza. It’s home to elegant boutiques and art galleries, as well as restaurants. This is the ideal place to get married in Italy, especially if you are planning a lavish wedding. You can also find Ravello further south, where you will enjoy warm weather and stunning views of the ocean. The unique and isolated town is situated on a hill that offers breathtaking views of the Lattari mountains below and the coast below. You can choose from luxury hotels, lavish palaces, and unique settings for your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony in each town.

Best View: Como (Lombardy), Fiesole(Tuscany).

Photo by John Hope

Portofino and Ravello both have stunning seaside views. Others might prefer a different panorama. For a lake-view wedding, head north to Lake Como. It’s beautiful all year, but the spring flowers make it even more spectacular. There are flowers lined every beach, restaurant, and path along Lake Como. You can also find great alternatives in nearby Lecco, Maggiore, and Garda. Check out Garda‚Äôs Scaligero Castle. The most stunning view is on Como’s beaches. Rent a boat to get a completely different view! The charming town of Fiesole is a great place to go if you prefer the rural setting. Fiesole, a small town just above Florence, offers stunning views of the Renaissance city. It is also a charming town. You can see more stunning panoramas in our post on Italy’s Top 10 Photo Ops.

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