Rail Pass Options in Italy: Eurail and InterRail & the Eurail Italy Pass

Most people have heard of the Eurail Pass (or for Europeans the equivalent InterRail). There are many types of rail passes available these days. That’s another topic! This guide will only cover the Italy-specific rail pass. But keep in mind:

    • A rail pass includes Italy and 22 other countries in one.
    • Rail passes can be purchased that only include 3-5 countries or even Italy.
  • Rail passes can be purchased that only include two countries such as Italy, France, Spain, or Greece.

Also, there are rail passes for almost every route.

To determine the best pass for you trip, if you are visiting other countries than Italy, I recommend you visit the Eurail website’s “Help” section.

Please note that the Eurail Italia Pass can only be used by Europeans. European residents can also get the InterRail Pass, which is identical but not identical. For more information, please visit the InterRail website.

Italy Train Tickets

Get your tickets from ItaliaRail before you leave. This US-based company partners with Trenitalia in order to provide real-time connectivity to the Italian rail reservation systems. This allows you to get the lowest fares and the most current availability without needing to translate your itinerary into English. ItaliaRail offers online customer support and most tickets can be downloaded instantly.

Italy Explained is an ItaliaRail affiliate partner. This means that if I refer you to ItalyRail for tickets, I will get a small commission. It doesn’t cost anything extra. We appreciate your support.

The Eurail Italia Pass

It’s not easy to narrow down the options for rail passes to Italy. But, don’t worry! There are several options you have regarding your Eurail Italy Pass.

You can choose to purchase the pass in either first or second classes; you can travel for up to 10 days during a two-month period. Eurail’s Italy Pass Page shows all available options, as well as the current prices for each.

This is all to say you have some flexibility. In the next section, we’ll determine which pass is best for your trip and whether train tickets or a pass is the best option.

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