Rome in August: What to Do & How To Do It

Rome in August is wonderful, despite its heat. The Italians are on vacation, and the rest of the world is also visiting Rome. Here are some tips to make your trip to Rome memorable. Find out the best ways to enjoy Rome in August, and our tips for enjoying it to its fullest.

Be the First to Beat the Heat:

has some great tips. But there are other ways you can make sure you don’t burn out on your trip to Rome.

Get along with the nasoni

Rome in August can be hot so it is best to prepare. The ubiquitous nasoni, Rome’s water fountains, are a good friend. They are known as “big noses” because of their distinctive shape. These fountains are free and open to the public. The free iOS app, I Nasoni di Roma – Water Finder in Rome, will find the nearest water fountain for you.

Try night tours and taking a break during the day

It doesn’t mean you have to nap, but it will be beneficial to get out of the heat, at least between noon and 3:00 pm. You can either plan a visit to an air-conditioned museum (though make sure you check beforehand, as there aren’t many), or return to your hotel to relax and recharge. For a great late afternoon/evening experience, check out the Welcome to Rome: Twilight Stroll. You will see the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain after dark.

But be ready for closings

August is vacation for Italians. This means that many shops and restaurants will be closed or operate at reduced hours. August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption (or Ferragosto) in Italy, which is a national holiday that the Italians are very serious about. You can expect the 14th and 16th of August to be closed, as many stores will choose their days arbitrarily. But don’t worry, Rome remains a large city with plenty of choices for restaurants.

Then, Enjoy!

You can find a lot of events and festivals in Rome this August. Check out our top picks here.

Festa della Madonna della Neve – August 5 only

If you’re in town August 5, check out the Festa della Madonna della Neve in Santa Maria Maggiore. The Esquiline Hill experienced an unseasonal snowfall on August 5, 352, which was commemorated today with a special mass and a shower of rose petals falling from the roof onto the congregation.

Cineporto Summer Film Festival

Cineporto is one of the most popular summer film festivals. It shows two dubbed films per night, sometimes new releases, on two screens. Located near the Stadio Olimpico in the Parco della Farnesina in Rome’s peripheral, the Cineporto hosts live concerts by Italian bands.

Il Barbiere Di Siviglia during Summer Season at Teatro dell’Opera – Until August 8, only

It’s the Teatro dell’Opera’s summer season, and this summer, the or The Barber of Seville. The Terme di Caracalla is where the Rome Opera’s summer season takes place. This stunning archaeological site is also known as the Baths of Caracalla. Even if the words are difficult to understand, enjoy the acts and set. Set designers often use Roman ruins as backdrops with only dramatic lighting to alter the scene.

Rome has a lot to offer year round, but August is a wonderful time to visit because of the gorgeous weather and energetic energy. To enjoy the Eternal City’s many attractions, be sure to control the heat and plan accordingly.

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