Sfincione in Bagheria

Bagheria residents believe that there is a weak rivalry with Casteldaccia and Palermo inhabitants. We can enjoy the three versions of this deliciousness in Bagheria, which is famous for its villas. There are many differences between these varieties. The “Sfincione Bagherese”, which isn’t covered in tomato sauce like the palermitan, has a thicker first layer that is ensconced in olive oil, then cut into small pieces. Casteldaccia’s Sfincione has a rectangular shape.

We will be discussing sfincione from Bagheria one. This special dish is found in Bagheria, near Palermo . “Sfincione” is latin for “spongia”, which means “spongy” in English. The dough rises so long as it becomes soft, thick and sticky. It is believed that it should be made at Christmas to mark the most important moments in the year, but it can be found all year. The white color is due to the absence of tomato sauce. You can choose from one of two versions: one with tipical sicilian Cheese primosale, or one that includes ricotta (a dairy product from the sicilian tradition).

sfincione di Bagheria – ph. Fabio Cavasenna


500g durum wheat flour

500g Zero flour

500g warm water

20g beer yeast

One spoonful of sugar

1/2 glass oil

20g salt

6 medium white onions

250g breadcrumbs

100g caciocavallo cheese

350g primosale cheese

1 kg ricotta

Salted sardines fishbone less




Mix flours on a pastry board. Add yeast and sugar. Use less warm water and knead the mixture with your fists until it becomes uniform. Use warm water to add a small amount of salt. Once the dough is soft, oil it and then roll it out. It will now rise. Now, place the dough in an oil bowl. Make some marks on it and cover it with a film. After it has risen for about two hours, wrap it in a woolen cloth and keep it warm. To make the dough softer, we will cut thinly onions. Make sure the onion is not fried. Once you have cooked the onion, drain it and then filter it out of the oil. Toast breadcrums in the same oil until they brown. Slice primosale cheese into slices. Mix cold breadcrumbs with caciocavallo and season with pepper and oregano. Once the dough is done, divide it into two equal parts. Then we place it on oiled baking trays. Two portions of dough should be 2/3 cm thick. Heat the dough in owen for 20 minutes. The dough will be used to make sardines. Spread primo sale, ricotta and onions on the dough. Cover it with breadcrumbs.

sfincione di Bagheria – ph. fabio Cavasenna

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