Shop in Italy for Winter and Summer Sales

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The whole world knows that Italy is fashionable. It was shocking to me when I heard how much the Milanese spend each year on new clothes. The Italians don’t share their shopping secrets with anyone outside of Italy. They are also bargain hunters. Italians love to shop at outlet malls and go crazy during official sales periods.

Although I don’t know what your local laws are, in the United States any shop owner can declare a sale at any time. While there are big sales on holidays, individual shoe shop owners can have an annual sale to honor Immelda Marcos’ birthday. Not so in Italy. Each year, there are two sales periods in Italy – summer and winter – where every shop can have clearance sales lasting 6-8 weeks.

Looking for specific information about a sale? Here are the steps to get it.

This is my favorite website for finding sales dates for specific regions in Italy. (Each region and city can set their own dates, but it sometimes takes a while to update).

Sottocoperta isn’t yet updated for 2018. This page contains the dates for winter 2018, broken down by region.

One note about the Sottocoperta website: It is in Italian. Scroll down to see the list. The “SALDI INVERALI” are winter sales dates and the “SALDI ESTIVI” are summer sales dates. Some sites have fixed dates, others have a start and end date. Others run for “per 60 giorni”, or for 60 consecutive days.

Winter Sales

Many tourists won’t travel to Italy in January because it isn’t the right weather for their ideal vacation. However, January is a great time to visit if you are a shopaholic.

The winter sales period begins in January, typically near the beginning of each month. It lasts until mid-February, or until all inventory is gone.

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Summer Sales

Italy’s summer sales season coincides with July, which is also one of the most visited months for tourists. It was July when I first visited Italy. I didn’t know what a treat all those sales were. I would have brought an extra suitcase if I had known.

Summer sales start in July and continue through mid-August, or until all inventory is gone.

What you need to know about sales in Italy

  • SALDI is the word that you must know. It’s easy to remember because you’ll be seeing it everywhere. It stands for “sales” and is displayed in every shop window with the current percentage discount.
  • Each year, the dates of each sales period change. They also vary by region. So you might find sales in Milan, but only a few days in Rome.
  • Everybody puts inventory up for sale, even high-end designers. Boutiques sometimes offer invitation-only sales to their regular customers, and then the rest are made available to the general public.
  • The prices tend to fall during sales periods so some shoppers may wait until the end to secure the best deal. However, the tradeoff is that the selection decreases. For example, you might get a great deal on shoes but find that it only comes in one size.
  • These sales are not for tourists. This is where many Italians shop for their major-ticket items for the year.
  • These sales periods are often fraught with danger, as people can get aggressive when they see a shop selling out. You might find yourself digging through heaps of clothing at a discount to find a gem. This is serious shopping, there’s nothing to prim and proper about it.
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45 Responses to “Shopping In Italy: Official Winter and Summer Sales”

  • Richard Lin says:

    When will the 2016 Summer Sales Period in Roma begin?

    We are grateful.

  • vildan mataraci says:

    When will the 2016 WINTER SALE period in Roma begin? I will be there 22-25 January for shopping

    • Jess has the following:

      Vildan, thanks for your question. Unfortunately, that information isn’t yet available. You will find a note at the link to the 2015 calendar that states “stay tuned” for 2016 dates. You can keep checking the link or this page for 2016 dates. I’ll update it as soon as I learn more.

  • Alexia Mandriotou says:

    They are likely to be on the first Saturday in July. For 2016, they should be on July 2. We will need to wait until the official announcement.

  • Yoojin Le says:

    I plan to visit Milan for shopping during the 2016 summer sale season. What is the best time to visit Milan? Via some) Are you looking for shopping opportunities?

    • Jess has the following:

      Yoojin, thank you for your comment. Although the site at the top of the article isn’t updated with summer 2016 sales season dates, I have put together a list. Milan is located in Lombardy so it’s worth looking for the sale dates on either site. Although I am not a shopaholic, I do know where the best places to shop. However, many designers have boutiques in the Quadrilatero di’Oro, which is located in Milan’s center. Via Montenapoleone can be a good starting point.

  • Cami Campo says:

    Jessica, did you receive any announcements regarding the Summer Sale dates for July 2016?

    • Jess has the following:

      The site I referred to hasn’t been updated. Although they changed the title to “Summer Sales 2016”, all information is still relevant from last summer. I also found some information, though not as comprehensive, at another site .

  • Vanessa says:

    When will the winter sale take place in Milano and Roma? If I go to Milan and Roma at the end December, is there any winter sale?

  • Roberto

    TORINO SALDI will begin Jan.5th

    So from January 5th 2017 to March 2nd 2017,

  • Anna


    When is the summer sale 2017 in Rome and Athens? We are grateful.

    • Jess has the following:

      The article’s first link, at the sottocoperta website, appears to have been updated with 2017 summer sales information for Italy. However, I don’t keep track of sales seasons in Greece.

  • Gabi says:

    Are you able to predict when there will be sales?

    • Jess has the following:

      As stated above, Gabi: one in summer and one in winter.

      • LAURA says:

        Jessica, I will be coming to Rome from the 7th to 10th of July. Please let me know when the sales will begin, and if it will be within these days. Thank you.

        • Jess has the following:

          All the details about the annual sales can be found in the highlighted area at the top of this article. Have fun shopping!

  • Eric

    Hello there.

    Did you know that the sale in Rome is on until August 14th? We will be there between 12-14 August. Do you have any recommendations for malls or areas? We appreciate your suggestions.

    • Jess has the following:

      Eric, there’s a link that will take to a website that lists all sales dates for each region of Italy. (Rome is located in Lazio so make sure you look for it.

  • barak says:

    hi ! Do you know the dates of the winter sales in Milano January 2018? Is it already published? Thank you! Thank you!

  • Tushar says:

    Is there a Boxing Day Sale in Italy on 26 Dec? Italy’s best shopping city

    • Jess has the following:

      It all depends on what you are shopping for. It’s a great place to shop for fashion and high-end items. Florence has amazing leather markets, Venice has Murano glass, and Rome has everything. The sales in Italy are restricted to the items listed in this article and do not include Boxing Day (which isn’t a holiday in Italy).

  • saleh says:

    When does the sale begin in this year?

  • Fiona says:

    Please tell me when the luxury outlet shops in Florence will be having their summer sale. We are going to Florence on the 27th June – 1st Jul 2018. We are grateful.

    • Jessica says:

      Look at the link in the highlighted area above. That’s where the most current information is.

  • Bill Powers:


    We will be in Milano and Florence during the first few days July, so we will be there several days before the official sale dates. Is this a sign that there won’t be any apparel for sale in these cities? Or are there retailers where we might still be able to find discounts?

    • Jessica says:

      All products are available for purchase all year. You’ll sometimes find sales at other times. However, the best sales occur during official sales seasons.

  • ANAT PADANI says:


    From June 4th through the 10th, I will be in Rome.

    I am a loyal customer of Valentino, versache, and Miu Miu. Is there pre-sales?

    Thank you


    • Jessica says:

      Pre-sales are not available outside of the official sales dates. However, there are outlets shopping centers that are open all year.

  • Catherine007 says:

    Hi Jessica

    First, thank you so much for your blog!

    I plan to visit Trieste Palmanova Outlet very soon. I’m not sure if it will be June-now, or later in July. So I am seeking information on when I should go. I have read all the comments and found the link in the highlighted area above. It says that the summer sale in Trieste begins on July 7. I have a question: Does this link include Outlet sales?

    If it does, that means that the season’s summer sales begin on July 7th. However, there are often some discounts or pre-sales before that date. Please give me some guidance on when to go.

    I trust these dates for sale are accurate and up-to-date.

    • Jessica says:

      I believe that seasonal sales only apply to regular shops, not outlets. This is because outlets can offer sales all year (which regular shops cannot).

  • Nofel:


    Please tell me when saldi will start in Italy this summer.

    Thank you & best regards


    • Jessica says:

      You can find all the information you need by clicking the link in the highlighted yellow section.

  • PD says:


    This information was very helpful. Are the sales as good in the US? Do they sell only the most unattractive sizes? It’s not worth it. I need to do a lot of winter shopping. What is Bari’s shopping scene like in September vs Milan? I am looking to update my winter wardrobe but am leaning towards Bari because it has a beach and a new town. )?

    Many thanks!

    • Jessica says:

      Almost everything goes on sale in the beginning of the sales season, according to my experience. While the discounts increase with each season, it is possible for the most sought-after sizes and styles to sell out sooner if you wait. Bari and Milan are very fashionable. I don’t know of any other place in Italy that’s as trendy as Milan.

  • leidys diaz says:


    From July 1st to July 3rd we will be in Rome, before heading to Milan. If you have any experience with Gucci bags, would they offer good discounts while we are in Rome?

    We are grateful

    • Jessica says:

      Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner! I hope you find the bag you want! To make it easy for others, July is usually part of the summer sale season. However, the start/end dates vary depending on where you live and what year.

  • Marwa Abdullah:

    Hi, I am planning to visit sesto Calende in September. Will there be any sales?

    • Jessica says:

      Sesto Calende is not something I am familiar with, but it is in Lombardy. Please refer to the Sales Schedule linked above for the Lombardia Region.

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