Six Top Tips for Short-Term Apartment Rentals In Italy

Short-term apartment rentals are a great option in Italy. A short-term apartment rental can be a great option for families traveling on a tight budget. For as low as 125 euro per night, you can find hundreds of apartments in Rome. It’s hard to find a hotel room that will accommodate a family of four for that price.

You can also rent a short-term apartment in Italy if you don’t want to spend too much on food (you’ll be able to cook your own meals), want to have a place to relax (but not in a fancy hotel suite), or just want to “live like a local” in a local’s home.

However, it is possible to live in an apartment that doesn’t work out perfectly. Each apartment is unique, so comforts and conveniences can vary. As with hotels, photographs can be misleading. There might not have been many guests to the apartment rental in the past so there may be fewer reviews.

How do you ensure you get the best out of your short-term apartment rental? These are some things to remember.

Craigslist is a great place to book if you don’t have the time.

Craigslist can be used for its purposes. It’s too risky to rent a short-term apartment. There are many scams out there, and it’s impossible to tell if they are real people or if the apartments they show up as.

There are many safer alternatives. Our favorites are Wimdu and AirBnB. They all have built-in security features for you. AirBnB allows you to book apartments by paying online. AirBnB retains your payment and releases it to the owner only two days after you have checked in. If you arrive to find that the apartment is not what it says on the listing, AirBnB will keep the money. The owner can also cancel clients only once per year and be penalized for that cancellation.

These reviews are also very useful because only those who have actually stayed at the property can leave reviews. It seems like an easy task. TripAdvisor is different. Anyone can write a review and there’s no way to verify that they have actually stayed at the hotel. With sites like HouseTrip or Wimdu, you can book and review the same hotel through the same system.

Play it safe. Stay with the top short-term rental agencies. You don’t have to play Russian Roulette with your vacation.

What are you getting for breakfast? air-conditioning? an elevator?

It is not like other apartments. They tend to be older for the most part. Bathrooms and showers are usually smaller. Old buildings often have no elevators, but only stairs. Air-conditioning is not something that many apartments have. To see all amenities offered, make sure to check the apartment’s list.

Most apartments do not have breakfast. They might only have some breakfast items in their refrigerator, such as fruit, milk, and eggs. There are usually nearby markets where you can buy food if they don’t have it. You can always ask questions before you book the flat.

Verified photos don’t always mean better

These websites may have “verified photos” of properties. This means that the company sent a photographer to the apartment to photograph it. You can be certain that the photos are authentic. Keep in mind, however, that professional photographers can also take photos of your apartment. These photographs can be more appealing, larger, or brighter than the original owner’s pictures.

If you are staying for longer than one night, don’t be afraid to ask for a reduced rate or a single night of accommodation.

It is incorrect to believe that an apartment can be rented in Italy if you are staying at least seven days. Some places, especially in the countryside, have this rule. It’s not common in cities. While some apartments require a minimum stay of three nights, others allow you to stay as little as one night.

Ask for help even if you don’t like the minimum stay. Low season may be a good time to ask the owner for flexibility, especially if they are flexible.

If you’re booking for longer than three days, inquire about any discounts when you first contact the owner. It might be built into the system. They may offer a 10% discount for a week or more. But sometimes it is not. Asking is a great way to find out if the price can be reduced.

Local knowledge is a great advantage

A concierge is not available to you if you are renting a short-term apartment. We think that what you have is even better, a direct line to someone local. They are less likely to get commissions or kickbacks for their suggestions than a concierge. The apartment owner may have an information sheet that includes suggestions for nearby restaurants, shops, and other attractions. If not, please ask. This is one of the greatest perks to renting an apartment.

You are not staying at a hotel.

There won’t even be a concierge. Toiletries won’t be provided so bring your own. You should have towels and linens. You will usually be expected to take care of minor issues, such as running out of paper towels. You can always reach the owner if you have any questions about paper towels or if there is an emergency.

It’s important to know when you will arrive at the hotel. You will often need to meet someone to allow you in. You can get your stay off the ground by giving as much information as possible about when you will arrive. If you are going to be late, please call, text, or email.

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