Ten Best Car Rentals In Italy

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Although driving in Italy can be difficult for some, it’s definitely an experience you won’t forget. There are some things that you need to remember if you plan to rent a car in Italy. We’ll share our insider tips and give you some helpful advice from people who have lived in Italy. It’s easy to rent a car in Italy. However, it’s important to plan ahead if your trip is during the summer. You have more options if you book early. You might not have many options if you wish to rent on-site during high season. You can also rent a motorbike…

Ten Best Companies to Rent a Car in Italy

It is easy to rent a car in Italy. The money, your driving licence and passport are required. They will usually block the price of your car and may require a deposit if you are under 20 and don’t have credit cards. The company that you choose will determine the price and amount of your deposit. It is important to review each company’s policies.

Driving in Italy is, however, a completely different experience. These are the rules to follow!

The speed limit on motorways is 130 km/h, main roads are 100 km/h, and secondary roads are 90 km/h. You can drive anywhere from 30km/h up to 70km/h in cities, towns, or villages, depending on where you are. Make sure to check for signs and indicators. It is prohibited to drive in the historic centers of cities and old towns during the day unless you have a pass.

You can expect to see the fine if you drive through the tiny streets in Rome, for any reason. They can also track you down even if your car is rented. This is exactly what I did at Avis 7 years ago when I was a trainee in their back office. To redirect fines, we were matching rented cars with drivers. You should respect the driving rules in your country.

Parking is expensive everywhere. You can either use a machine on the street or download a parking app that you can easily search on Google for your specific city. Always look for parking spaces. Also, make sure to check whether there is a sign indicating that you cannot park there.

Driving in Italy – How do Italians Drive?

Many of you may have heard the old cliche that Italians drive crazy. It’s true that the driving style of Italians is different than in most European countries. It is a known fact that the Italians pay more attention to their senses than to the rules. However, they pay close attention to other road users, including drivers and motorbikes.

They are actually driving cautiously because they pay attention to what they see. But they don’t base their decisions on the law. Instead, they look at their limits, reflexes and attention. What you might call insane, we call attention. There are indeed those who drive insane here, but you can find crazy drivers everywhere who don’t care about other people.

If you are driving in Italy, whether you’re riding a bicycle, an electric scooter or walking, I can only suggest that you use your senses. You can choose to not cross the street if it is red, but people will still do so. Or it could be green and you will see 20+ cars not stopping (Rome and Naples in particular).

You will always be able to use your senses. Keep your eyes and ears open. Let’s now get to the main topic: renting a car in Italy. We’ll show you which car rental companies are most highly rated and popular. We’ve also researched their online ratings and the below list is alphabetical.

1. Avis

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.2/10

There are many experiences and ratings when it comes to car rental Italy. Trustpilot will show you a lot negative reviews. However, it is better to be angry than to leave bad reviews.

We decided to use reviews from Italy rentalcars.com as we have thousands, if not thousands of reviews on one company. Avis Car Rental is a well-known car rental company that’s available all over the globe. With over 5500 locations across more than 160 countries and an extensive history and experience, they have a clientele that is in the millions.

Avis is now owned by Avis Budget, which I was part-time working during university. I can see the inside of Avis and know that Avis would still be there, even if I had made my own suggestions. There are many options for cars of different sizes and price points, but you won’t find any cheap older cars at Avis.

2. Europcar

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.3 of 10

Europcar is the best car rental company if you are looking for affordable rates, a smaller vehicle, and a more remote location. Europcar’s best feature is that they can be found in non-touristy areas or places with low tourism like Piacenza and Ferno.

Europcar is available at over 190 stations across the country. If you are looking for a car hire Florence Italy or a car in Taormina you will most likely find Europcar! Europcar Italy is a top-rated rental car company. We have rented a Fiat Panda from them for a round trip through the Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions.

Europcar offers a free online check in that speeds up car rental pickups. You can pay and submit your documents ahead of time and then arrive at your pick-up point to sign 1-2 papers. You can also get weekend rental cars for free by joining the Privilege Club loyalty program. There are different levels of Privilege Club.

3. Ecovia

Rentalcars.com Rating: 7.9 of 10

Ecovia was previously known as Autovia. Although this car rental company does not have the same rating as Europcar or Avis, they do have 7.9 out 10! If you are looking to rent a car in Italy, they specialize in van and car rental.

Ecovia can be found in 13 of 20 regions. These are usually the touristy regions. If you are looking for this company specifically, be sure to check their locations. Ecovia is mainly present in Italy and in countries in the Balkans as well as Turkey.

4. Hertz

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.4 of 10

Hertz is available all over Italy, and it’s one the most popular Italy car rental companies. You can now check out the car selection and prices for each rental that you liked. Hertz has a great rating when it comes to car rental Italy.

Auto Europe can help you locate Hertz cars as well as Hertz Rome and other locations. Hertz has been renting cars for over 90 years. It is a well-established business. The US-based customer support is available 24/7 and seven days a week. You can also trust Hertz to provide you with tips and tricks for travel to Italy.

5. Locauto

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.6 of 10

Locauto is a Italian car rental company. This is the best place to go if you are looking for an entirely local car rental in Italy. This car rental Italy company has a variety of vehicles that can be used for short-term, medium, and long-term rentals. Locauto’s headquarters is located in Milan. However, they also have an office in Rome and rental offices all over the country.

We’ve seen the Italy car rental options and it was clear that Locauto was the best. Just look at their rating! 8.6 is the highest rating of this list. Locauto, the largest Italian car rental company is the only one that offers an app self-service for booking and renting a car. The app’s name is Elefast!

6. Maggiore

Rentalcars.com Rating: 7.8 of 10

There are many lower-rated car rental companies in Italy. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are less reliable. Maggiore is one such company. They have a rating of 7.8 on rentalcars.com, but they should still be considered as a reliable company. They are available in more than 10 areas of the country, including all major cities.

Maggiore car rental is available in Rome, Milan and Palermo as well as Catania, Bari and Florence. Maggiore’s car rental counter is located in most major airports and train stations, from Puglia to the beautiful region Lombardy. You can often find Maggiore cars when you need a car rental in Italy last minute. You can also get 15% off for GPS and insurance.

7. National Car Rental

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.4 of 10

National is another highlight of car rental in Italy. National is rated 8.4 out 10 as the best car rental company in Italy. National offers an Emerald Club that gives you credits and free days of rental. National, a popular choice for car rental in Italy, is present at all the most popular locations.

National has more than 40 rental locations across the country. They also have very positive customer feedback. You’ll also find many options to choose from if you are looking to go on road trip in Italy. You can find the pickup points for different areas on the website. Make sure to check all the options.

8. Noleggiare

Rentalcars.com Rating: 7.8 of 10

Neloggiare, another Italian car rental company, is worth considering if you are looking to rent a car in Italy. Although they are still young since 2006 when the company was established, that doesn’t mean that they won’t make a good fit. Neloggiare can be found in international airports and around major Italian cities. Neloggiare is the best place to find a car rental Florence Italy.

There are 41 locations throughout the country, including Verona and Palermo Naples . These include Turin, Turin Genoa, Brindisi. Rome is also included. You can also find the Italian company in areas like Sardinia and Puglia, Sicily Campania, Calabria, and Campania. You can find short-term rentals at reasonable rates as well as commercial vehicles and 24/7 customer service. Neloggiare can provide a long-term car rental for a fixed monthly cost.

9. Sicily by Car

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.2/10

The top choices for renting a car in Italy are still being compiled. Sicily by Car is a fascinating story. However, we have had the most amazing vacations while we had the coolest car. Sicily by Car is a top-rated car rental company in Italy. You can see their 8.2/10 ratings.

Rome, Milan and Palermo are the main cities. We’ve also rented a nice piece of Olbia on the island Sardinia. Sicily by Car was established in 1963. It’s one of the most well-known car rental companies around major cities. We got a great deal considering that we booked the night before and it was August high season. It was also a bigger car than we expected, which made it even better. You can also rent commercial vehicles, electric cars and boats. You can rent short, medium or long-term.

10. Sixt

Rentalcars.com Rating: 8.5/10

Sixt is another option for Italy car rental. Sixt is a car rental company that operates in more than 110 countries. They have over 2000 locations. Their base is in Germany. Sixt is a top-rated car rental company in Italy and can be found throughout the country. This company offers a range of premium and affordable car rentals in Italy.

They have a wide selection of top-tier manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedez-Benz and Audi. They offer friendly and helpful customer service and have work points in major cities. There are many options available: compact cars, sedans or minivans; SUVs, luxury, and exotic models. You can also choose to book add-ons like GPS, an additional driver, or car seats.

Here are the top 10 car rental companies in Italy

These are the essentials about renting a car in Italy and the top 10 companies that offer car rentals in Italy. A car rental in Italy is essential if you are planning a summer vacation, visiting ski areas or visiting multiple locations. Renting a car in Italy is the easiest way to get to the stunning countryside of Tuscany. We hope that you have found the right company for you and are now ready to go!

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