10 Best Italian Car Brands

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What do you value in cars? Are you looking to collect luxury cars, or just use them to get from A to B? We will be discussing Italian car brands that have made a significant impact on the world. Some are old, while others are relatively new. Italian-made cars are of exceptional quality and design. They work with some of the most talented engineers in the world. It is easy to see why luxury sports cars made in Italy are so popular.

10 Best Italian Car Brands

We’d like to tell you about each model, their history and how much it costs to maintain or buy them. These cars are not for the average person who needs to commute to work. These cars are expensive and only the wealthy can afford them.

These luxury Italian sports cars and Italian car brands are the most expensive in the world. This list has a car for everyone, regardless of whether you are driving to work or just enjoying your Ferrari. Let’s take a look at the most famous Italian car manufacturers.

1. Abarth

Here’s a list of 10 top Italian car brands that bear the Abarth name. This is the story of Carlo Abarth, a man who was a pioneer in Italian car customization. Carlo had been modifying cars since his childhood. It was only natural that Abarth would become a legend, one of the most iconic Italian car brands. In 1949, Abarth was founded with the logo of a Scorpio. The 204 A Roadster was their first car. It was a spectacular car that won numerous championships over the years as well as Formula 2.

What makes this brand so special? Carlo was a champion before he began making cars. He was born with the talent to make one of the most recognizable Italian car brands. He wanted to create high-performing, powerful cars just like the Scorpio. This was his star sign, and as we all know, Scorpios are ambitious and often get what they want. His vision for the creation of Italian cars is still alive today.

It is worth it to buy one of the well-known Italian car manufacturers, Abarth, right now? This car is small and has two doors. It’s perfect for someone who lives alone. This is a fine tuning of the Fiat 500. It also has a Garrett Turbocharger. In just 7.4 seconds, you can reach 100 km/h. How much does it cost? If you purchase the Abarth 595 directly from the manufacturer, it can run over EUR20,000. If you are looking to enjoy the exquisite Italian car brand’s beauty, there are second-hand options. Abarth is for those who are passionate about racing but not ready to race. Let’s now move on to the next Italian car brand.

2. Alfa Romeo

Everyone knows that Alfa Romeo is one of the most recognizable Italian car brands. We all know the history of Alfa Romeo. In 1910, one of the most well-known Italian car brands was established. Cavalier Ugo Stella was the original owner and, more importantly, the person who started this legacy. From the factory Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (Lombardian Car Factory), Alfa was given its first name. After Nicola Romeo had taken over the company, Romeo was appointed. While we always refer to the founders of these Italian car manufacturers, what about the designers?

Sergio Pininfarina designed the 1955 Giulietta Spider. Many others followed him and created the Alfa Romeo of today. Alfa Romeo, like Abarth is also a racetrack star. In England, 1950 saw the 8C 2300 win its first Formula 1 Championship. These Italian-made cars were a big deal in 1950s England. They won many races and championships, and they were also reliable on the streets.

What about the Alfa Romeo modern-day? The cars have undergone serious remodelling, which is to be expected given the changes in the car industry. Today, cars are faster and more efficient. Is the Alfa Romeo reliable and reliable? These luxury Italian cars are made by one of the 10 most prestigious Italian car manufacturers. It is one of the most reliable cars on the market, but it can be quite costly to maintain. A car costs on average EUR40,000. Although you will get your money’s value, it is possible to buy from more affordable Italian companies.

3. Mazzanti

Although Mazzanti may not be a name you’ve heard of, it’s one of the most well-known Italian brands of cars. There are many Italian sports cars on the market. So what makes Mazzanti stand out from them all? Luca Mazzanti, the founder of Mazzanti, discovered a passion for classic and sport cars as well as motor racing. Mazzanti was founded after many years of experience, unlike most of the leading Italian car brands. Luca worked hard to bring this project alive and without Walter Faralli, his partner for many years, it would have been impossible. Their goal was to create hypercars. Maserati and an Eagle inspired the first hypercar that was built in 2002.

Antas was the name of the first car. Rome Grand Prix invited Mazzanti for their 80th anniversary. Antas was invited to many shows later and everyone loved the unique design and car. The Evantra was their next hit. It is only 5 times per year. Evantra was presented at the Top Marques Monaco 2013 and was admired by Prince Albert of Monaco. He is a big fan of Mazzanti’s brand. It is also a well-known logo among Italian sports car brands. It features the colors of Italy, with a blue and golden logo that has the Mazzanti name.

These cars are for everyone. It is expensive because it is a sports car, and it comes in a limited edition. Evantra has increased its range to include 4 vehicles. The Evantra Classic and Pura, 771/781, Millecavalli and Millecavalli are available. What is the price? It costs around EUR1 million. However, prices are not available online. Mazzanti Automobili would be happy to assist anyone who can afford the cars. Is it worth the cost? It would be a joy to take it on a daily ride, if you ask me! The Evantra looks great in any garage, which is why we included them in our article on Italian car brands.

4. Ferrari

Ferrari is the most recognizable luxury Italian car brand. How did they create these supercars, and leave a legacy for the future? It all began in 1947 with Enzo Ferragamo. Ferrari was the face and genius of that era. The first model was the 125 S. An interesting fact was that he started his career in 1924 at Alfa Romeo and built his own brand in five years. They could not be more different, but they were successful in their own ways. He was also the head of Alfa Corse before he designed the first Ferrari. Later, he founded Auto Avio Costruzioni.

Ferrari was unable to produce cars after World War Two. However, he refused to let this happen. He began designing his first model after the war and it was born. It was first seen at the Piacenza Circuit on July 7, 1947, and it won the Rome Grand Prix in May that year. It is a legend! Ferrari’s story doesn’t end in the 40s. In each decade, they have become better and more efficient. Ferrari is an iconic Italian sports car brand, and they are selling cars for less than EUR1 million. Their older models sell for more than EUR40 million. They definitely deserve the title of luxury Italian car brands. It is an absolute luxury to own one.

A Ferrari is a luxury car that you can’t live without. These Italian-made cars, such as Ferrari, are collectibles. A car is not necessary for everyday living. It’s also expensive to maintain and can be costly. Anyone who is capable of driving should have the opportunity to experience the Ferrari sports car engine. It doesn’t matter if you rent it or if your friend owns it, it is worth a try. Think of Enzo Ferrari when you drive this car. He would be proud to see his vision come alive after 70 years. Let’s look at other iconic logos of Italian car brands.

5. Fiat

Fiat 500 – photo by


Fiat’s history goes back further than any of the other Italian car brands we have on this list. It all began in Turin on the 11th July 1899. The vision of the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino was to create cars and make it easier for people to commute. It was not the same car as Alfa Romeo’s first car. They were modern carriages. They were modern in those days, and those who didn’t know the trend started with a simple automated carriage. They improved their cars over time. Fiat Tipo was launched in 1910 and became reliable and easily accessible for many. Fiat had big dreams and made Italian cars race-worthy.

These Italian car brands were first competing in the 1901 Grand Prix of America. In 1908, they won the Grand Prix of America. Fiat set speed records and created many different shapes cars with different engines. The first Fiat 500 was built in 1936. It was originally called Fiat 500 A Topolino (little mouse), because it was small and resembled a mouse. This model was produced to alleviate the economic crisis. Before they settled on the current Fiat 500, there were many models.

Fiat 500 is a popular choice today, not only because of its elegant design but also because it’s convenient. It’s ideal for two people, and it is great in crowds. It can be parked anywhere. They can be parked anywhere. It is a great car for summer road trips, thanks to the Fiat 500 Cabrio. You can now get them in electric. Fiat cars are also relatively inexpensive to maintain. Fiat Punto was my first car, and it has held up well. Fiat cars are great for your first car and the experience. Let’s move on to the other top Italian car brands.

6. Fornasari

Fornasari, Gigi – Photo from

Namaste Cars

Giuseppe Fornasari founded this interesting company in 1999. Unfortunately, it didn’t last as long as other Italian luxury car brands and Italian sports cars. This brand was launched in an attempt to be like the other luxury Italian sports car brands. They might have been just as successful if they hadn’t filed for bankruptcy in 2015. What was the inspiration behind this Italian car manufacturer? Giuseppe came up with the idea to import Corvette C4s and modify them for the Italian GT Championship.

In the late 90s, Fornasari began designing his own cars. Many claim that his idea was very bold. It was a first for anyone to create high-performance SUVs. They were very rare, as the first SUV was introduced in 1984. Also, SUVs weren’t designed to be fast. These models were made to be more practical and offer more space than regular-sized cars. The RR450 was their first car, a three-door SUV. The car’s design is futuristic, and I think it has a great idea.

They later came up with a hybrid that was a combination of an SUV and sedan. The turbocharged 3.0-liter diesel engine V6 was featured in this model. The hybrid was not the only product by Fornasari. It was inspired by luxury yachts, but was designed to be a pickup truck. The Gigi was their last design, but it was unfortunately ended by bankruptcy. Gigi, however, was brought back to life in 2018 as a functional prototype. It looks incredible from both the inside and outside. It is possible that it will be brought back by someone. If so, Fornasari will also be one of the most sought-after Italian car brands.

7. Lamborghini

We needed to discuss Lamborghini as one of the most renowned Italian car brands. Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Lamborghini in 1963 with the goal of competing against Ferrari. In the middle of 1960’s, they released their first model, a 350 GT. The many positive comments received by Lamborghini’s Italian sports cars over the years have been overwhelming. In 1973, Lamborghini was also affected by the global financial crisis and the oil shortage. Ferruccio Lamborghini was forced to sell his company. It eventually went bankrupt. After selling the company to various corporations and groups, it settled at Volkswagen Group’s Audi division. The brand has had eight owners so far, and the current owner is the same as 1998.

Since 1964 Lamborghini produced more than 14 models. Each model was designed to meet the needs of the current decade. With each model, Lamborghini produced faster cars with better engine performance. They have a lot to offer, from the 350 GT to the Aventador supercar. Presently, Lamborghini currently has three production models. Aventador Huracan, Urus and Urus. Aventador offers a variety of models, while Urus is a modern SUV. If I had to choose one car, I would pick the Urus. Its speed is not what I love, but its luxurious features and looks.

It is safe to say that Lamborghini has yet again been made for special occasions. These luxury Italian sports cars are only for those who have the money to buy them. The cheapest Aventador costs EUR300,000. This is in comparison to luxury car brands that cost 7 figures. Statistics show that to afford Lamborghini you must earn around EUR500,000 per year. These models can be expensive to maintain and fix. It is worth buying one. It is not worth the money if your country has less-favorable roads. However, if you have great roads and plenty of space in your garage, it might be worth it!

8. Lancia

Lancia Ypsilon – photo by


Another top Italian brand is Lancia, which is very similar to Fiat. These Italian-made cars started with a basic ‘carriage’ vehicle. In 1906, Vincenzo Lancia and Claudio Fogolin, both Fiat racing drivers, founded the company. Vincenzo died in 1937, and the company was taken over by his son and wife. Vittorio Jano, an engineer at Alfa Romeo, was convinced to join Lancia. Lancia is one of the 10 most popular Italian car brands. They have been producing revolutionary cars since the beginning. Theta, the first car to have an electrical system, was introduced in 1913.

The Lancia cars were a landmark in automotive history. Lancia has not only made cars for daily use, but also participated in racing. Aprilia was released in 1937 as the first car. Aprilia was the first car to hit the track. Europe and Italy recognized the brand’s greatness as soon as it arrived on the tracks. Because of their outstanding designs, Lancia’s race cars are often considered to be from the future. There were three fuel tanks: two external and one rear-mounted, with a 4-wheel drive. You might not know that Lancia’s engineers, technicians and technicians were also borrowed from Ferrari.

Scuderia won the World F1 Championship in the 1950s. Lancia Stratos, which was first launched in 1973, was loved for its aluminum body. Low-reliability claims caused Lancia’s downfall in 1990. The current model is the Lancia Ypsilon. Its generations run from 2015 to 2019. Lancia will also launch an electric-powered Lancia Delta. It remains to be seen if Lancia will once again be considered one of the top Italian car brands or Italian car companies.

9. Maserati

Maserati is the dream car. Maserati was the first car I saw in Rome. I knew I wanted it and worked hard to get it. It is the only luxury Italian car brand that speaks to me because of its iconic front part, elegant design, stability, speed, and elegance. Maserati represents everything Italian luxury sports car brands. Maserati is known for its beautiful outlook and high-quality, safe driving experience. How did Maserati achieve its status as one of the most prestigious Italian car brands?

Maserati was established in 1914 by three brothers, Ernesto Maserati, Alfieri and Ettore from Bologna. Although they didn’t immediately start making cars, spark plugs were their first product. The brothers also created several devices that were used to power aircraft engines in World War I. Ever wonder who designed the iconic logo for one of the most famous Italian sports car brands? Mario Maserati was the fourth brother and was not associated with the company. The Trident is the famous logo, which was inspired by a Bologna statue of Neptune. This symbolises strength and vitality.

In 1926, Maserati produced the Tipo 26. This car was used for racing and won numerous championships. The brothers were responsible for Maserati’s demise and had to sell it to the Orsi family. They allowed the company to make more racing cars. In 1946, the GranTurismo was their first car designed for daily use. There are many Maserati cars today, including the GranTurismo, which sells for more than EUR370,000. You will be astonished at the luxury and elegance of their cars. You will need more money to be able to drive a Maserati every day, but they are well worth it!

10. Pagani

Last but not least, we present Pagani, an Italian luxury car brand and luxury sports car brand. The Zonda hypercar is a common feature in car games. It is interesting to note that the staff of these Italian car companies shifted between them. Horacio Pagani was, in fact, a manager at Lamborghini’s factory. In 1988, he founded his own company. Before they began designing their cars, Lamborghini and Pagani had worked together on many projects. Before it was named Zonda, the first car, there were many other names.

In 1992, Pagani began prototyping the car. It was called Fangio F1 at that time. They tested the car many times before Mercedes-Benz offered assistance in 1994 with V12 engines. The final Zonda C12 car was born, the first Zonda model. Anyone who considers themselves a car enthusiast will want a Pagani. It’s not possible to afford it. The Zonda, which costs $23,65 million, is the most expensive car on the planet. Crazy, right?

How do you own a Pagani? It can be hard to get onto the buyers’ lists for luxury cars brands like Pagani, no matter how much you have. Pagani prefers to sell cars to their existing customers, but one can always go after the sellers. You can lease the car at $40,000 per month with a $1 million downpayment. You might have low luck if you’re in the US as the Pagani Zonda can be illegal. Pagani Huayra can also be purchased in the US. Pagani Huayra is a rare privilege. Many people dream of owning one.

Top Italian car brands – Conclusion

We have reached the conclusion of our Italian sports cars and fancy Italian car brands lists. These luxury Italian car brands are a legacy, even though they are luxury. One person had the vision of creating a new piece of art that is still in existence today, 20, 50, and sometimes even 100 years later. The vision was kept alive by these Italian car manufacturers and Italian car companies. While some of them may be less fortunate than others they still made it to our Top 10 Italian Car Brands List.

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