Ten Best Glamping Locations in Italy

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Glamping is a new concept that you may have heard of. Are you a lover of nature but don’t want the sacrifices of luxury in a hotel room? Glamping is the right choice for you. Glamping is a combination of “Glamorous”, and “Camping”. Glamping is the next frontier in camping holidays, but it’s done in a luxurious key. In fact, you can find a cozy bedroom in rustic or exotic tents that allow you to gaze up at the stars from a comfortable bed.

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, especially among those who are passionate about nature and ecology but prefer to live in comfortable places with all the amenities they need. This type of sustainable tourism is low-impact and uses green architecture principles.

Ten Best Glamping Locations in Italy


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Glamping campsites offer comfortable, ready-made tents with comfortable beds. Glamping was first introduced in Italy in the Veneto area. However, it’s now possible to find luxury campings throughout Italy. Glamping accommodations can be used as resorts or hotels, while others, such as Airbnb are also available.

Tourists have many options: You can choose to stay in Tuscan hills or near the beaches of Liguria, Marche, or even on Sardinia. There are many accommodation options: Campings offer Mongolian yurts that have a view of the mountains or geodomes. This is not the “camping in Italy” guide, but you can find some placesto stay a few nights in the Italian sky. Let’s find out which campsites in Italy are best for a memorable and luxurious experience.

1. Caravan Park Sexten

The 5 star Camping Alto Adige offers an unforgettable view of the Dolomites. With the changing seasons, the stunning panorama changes from a white winter landscape to a beautiful summer setting. The Caravan Park Sexten is located in Sesto in Val Pusteria. It’s a paradise. These rooms can be small apartments, wooden chalets or tree houses.

2. Camping Olympia

This glamping site, which is located in Trentino, offers “alpine Lodges”, which are 36-square-meter mini-apartments with a terrace. They are made from stone pine and are also certified with the energy classification A. The furnishings are made from South Tyrolean timber, and the mattresses are organic.

You can enjoy a delicious mulled wine or a barbecue under the stars. Camping Olympia has a swimming area, as well as a variety of animals, including swans and geese.

3. Villaggio dei fiori – Flower village

The perfect location for glamping: right between the mountains and the sea. The beach is just a few steps away, and you can also explore the hinterland. The Villaggio dei Fiori is one of the most popular glamping spots in Liguria. It’s surrounded by a lovely 3.5-hectare park.

Luxury accommodations for glamping are available for all tastes. For example, the KWest mini-apartments for four people are beautiful and furnished in a modern style.

4. Canonici di San Marco

Canonici di San Marco, a luxury campsite in Barchessa, Veneto offers elegantly furnished tents in Venetian style. This is a great place to visit the nearby towns and the seaside. The Barchessa has a beautiful cellar. You should visit Venice and Verona while you are in the Veneto area. Also, don’t forget to check out beaches in Veneto.

5. B&B La casa dei Nonni

The La Casa dei Nonni glamping experience in le Marche offers transparent tents for tourists to view the stars from. The tents at this family-run B&B are similar to transparent bubbles that can be used outdoors.

You can explore the natural beauty of the Marche from here by selecting one of the many excursions available in the area. You can also visit the beaches in Le Marche if you are visiting the area.

6. Yurte Soul Shelter

Glamping is a popular option in Italy. The Yurte Soul shelter is found in Piedmont on the Via Francigena. The experience will be enhanced by the Mongolian yurt located in the hills. The terrace offers a panoramic view of the Alps, Turin and Turin.

The tents are made from wood and natural materials, heated by wood with LED lamps, and lit with LED lights. You can also enjoy yoga and meditation while camping.

7. Agricamping La Gallinella

Enjoy the stunning view from this campsite. Castagneto Carducci is a campsite in Tuscany that offers 8 lodge tents and a beautiful garden.

Some have a private bathroom and kitchen. The luxury tents of La Gallinella can be found in a forest on the Segalari hill just before the sea. Glamping uses renewable energy and its main structure is made from wood.

8. Bubble Suite Virgo

This camping trip in Italy will show you what it’s like to sleep in semi-transparent bubbles. The guests can enjoy the natural movements and changing colors of nature without having to sacrifice comfort. This bubble glamping has a canopy bed and a garden. There is also a whirlpool bathtub! The Bubble Suite Virgo can be found in Tuscany near the sea.

9. Fattorie di Celli

Another glamping option is available in Tuscany. A treehouse is located at Fattorie di Celli. The view of the Casentino Valley and the National Park will be breathtaking.

You will find a private bathroom and elegant wooden furniture in the treehouse. There are also suites and independent farmhouses and private villas with pools. You can Book the Fattorie di Celli here .

10. Shauri Glamping

What about camping in Sicily? You will find the smell of wild fennel and sage at Shauri Glampingcampsite, Sicily. The luxury tents measure 20m in size and feature recycled and restored furniture.

Hot water, outdoor bathrooms, luggage storage, barbecue area, shared cooking, and hot water. All amenities are close to Noto, the charming town, and the sea.

The 10 Best Glamping Places in Italy

You will need to set up everything yourself if you camp. You will need to purchase a tent, a sleeping bag and isothermal mats. Glamping is a way to relax and not worry about any of these things. Everything will be there for you. This sustainable vacation is definitely worth the effort! Glamping is a unique form of luxury camping, so prices can be higher than normal camping.

This article on the top 10 glamping spots in Italy should have given you some ideas for your next vacation. To find the perfect accommodation, you can search online at Booking.com or Airbnb.com.

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