Ten Best Jewelry Stores in Florence Italy

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Jewellery is something that we can wear proudly, no matter what occasion. It can sometimes be difficult to find authentic, high-quality jewelry. We need to be cautious as there are many fakes. These are the best places to find jewelry in Florence Italy.

These stores have many years of experience, some handed down to the next generation. Each store has a different style and is made from different materials like gold or silver. This list contains handcrafted jewelry that is limited edition.

Ten Best Jewelry Stores in Florence Italy

You may be familiar with Florence, but you will also recognize the Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy jewel stores. These small shops are proud to be a part of history. If you are already wandering the streets, these shops are worth a visit. Let’s take a look at these 10 jewelry shops in Florence.

1. Torrini

Jacopus di Bernardo began the story of Torrini in 1369. Torrini’s trademark has kept the business going for over 650 years. You’ve probably seen the Baptistery in Pisa, which Turino di Sano made. Franco Torrini, after many years of mastery was the one to transform his father’s company into Torrini, today one of the most popular jewelry shops in Florence Italy.

Torrini has 26 generations of craftsmanship that is striving to provide excellence. There are many precious metals available to you, including rings, necklaces and earrings. Gioia rings, which have gemstones in their middle, are one of the most beautiful collections. Torrini has a ring that will suit your needs, whether you are looking for a wedding ring or an engagement ring.

2. Fratelli Piccini

We are thrilled to offer one of our Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy jewel stores to you. Fratelli Piccini is rich in history. It all began with Piero Piccini, who founded it in 1903. Fast forward to 2022, Elisa Tozzi Piccini inherits her ancestor’s jewelry business. The store is now in the hands of a fourth-generation jeweler.

There are many collections to choose. One example is Bloom, which was inspired by Botticelli’s floral details. They are elegant, subtle, and beautifully crafted. Moments also includes engraved jewelry that represents the great works of Florence. You won’t be disappointed no matter what you choose.

3. Officine Nora

Officine Nora is both a workshop and a jewelry shop. Margherita, the founder of Officine Nora, opened it in 2014. She wanted to create a space for artisans. You can now find jewelry made by local jewelers. These limited edition pieces are still very special and exclusive.

There are many options for jewelry. For example, zodiac pendants. These pendants are made from titanium and 18kt Gold. The small gold pins in small sizes represent Orion, Ursa Minor, and Ursa Major. Another beautiful piece to have is the Deroulement Bracelet. Officine Nora is undoubtedly one of the most renowned jewelry shops in Florence Italy.

4. Fratelli Peruzzi

This list needed to include more Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy jewel stores. Fratelli Peruzzi has beautiful silverware. It has been in Florence since 1860. The shop was founded by Giuseppe Peruzzi and his spouse. It has been a tradition store on Ponte Vecchio since then.

Fratelli Peruzzi: What can you expect? They create stunning home and furniture as well as masterpieces for men, women, and children. You’ll find rings and brooches as well as pendants, bracelets and other jewelry for women. You can also style your outfits with handcrafted cufflinks for men!

5. The Gold Market

The Gold Market, as you can see from its name, is a jewelry shop that crafts gold jewels. The Gold Market has been in existence since 1970 in Florence. It was a tiny shop in a beautiful palace. They are passionate about crafting 18kt gold that reflects Florence’s beauty and elegance.

There are many options. You can find authentic Roman coins, charms and chains, as well as necklaces, in the ‘Gold Collection 18k” category. You’ll also find sterling silver collections, despite the fact that they mostly deal in gold.

6. Oro Due

Oro Due is one of the top jewelry shops in Florence Italy. The store is located between Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery. You’ll find many different bracelets, chains and pendants in their 18kt Gold shop. They are also all handmade!

Oro Due does not appear to have an online shop. If you are interested in the exquisite pieces they offer, you’ll need to visit the Florence shop. The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9.30 to 6.30pm. If I may, they do make some beautiful jewelry.

7. Sergio Vaggi & Figli SRL

Sergio Vaggi was born during the first half century of the 20th Century and opened Sergio Vaggi & Figli’s store in 1965. He was a master jeweler and studied jewelry making. He now owns one of the finest Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy jewel stores.

There are several categories you can choose from. There are three main categories: modern jewelry, vintage jewelry and men’s jewellery. You can find vintage jewelry in many different styles and materials. Sergio Vaggi & Figli has everything you need, no matter if you are looking for silver or gold.

8. Sezione Aurea Firenze

The inspiration for this store came from Sanzio Trovarelli and Goffredo Trvarelli, two well-known painters. Sezione Aurea Firenze opened in 1980 first. Materials used include sterling silver, rhodium and 24k gold. Some Swarovski crystals are also used.

Sezione Aurea is known for its Murano-glass jewelry. These are beautiful and unique pieces. There are many options for pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You can also find a category called “Essentials”, which is very simple, and only contains silver or gold jewelry.

9. Jean Saade

We are happy to discover that each jewel shop in Florence Italy crafts different kinds of jewelry. It was established in 1998 and is still in operation today. They strive to provide the best customer service because it is a family-owned business.

Jean Saade’s pieces are extraordinary. You can choose from 18kt or yellow gold and precious stones. There are hundreds of designs. Jean Saade is sure to have a ring that you love. It’s best to visit the shop to feel these beautiful pieces in your hands.

10. Cellini Gold

Cellini Gold is the last store to be mentioned. It is located in central Florence. The name is derived from Benvenuto Cellini. Cellini Gold was created thanks to his story. It is a symbol of craftsmanship, heritage, customization, and innovation. It has been handed down from generation to generation.

They are made in the modern day but still have a vintage look. These pieces are made from precious stones and gold. These pieces can be purchased online, but it is best to visit their Florence store to see the beauty.

The best jewelry shops in Florence

Here are our top 10 favorite jewelry shops in Florence. We hope that you found a few stores you will remember when looking for the perfect ring for an occasion. You can also treat yourself to handmade jewelry. Learn more about the top jewelry brands in Italy.

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