Ten Best Restaurants in Venice, Italy

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There are museums, beautiful buildings, gondola tours and pretty streets. You can also take a boat trip to the Burano and Murano islands. There are many things to do in Venice. You will be hungry at one point. There are many places to eat in Venice. Are you looking for the best restaurants in Venice? Perhaps you’re planning a romantic weekend in Venice and don’t know where to find the best restaurants for dinner. This guide contains all the information you need about restaurants in Venice Italy. Let’s take a look at the top restaurants in Venice Italy!

Ten Best Restaurants in Venice Italy


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We have compiled a list of the top 10 hotels, hostels, and other activities in Venice. It’s time to visit Venice, Italy.

You will find everything you need in Venice: a peaceful spot for a romantic dinner or a charming restaurant with a view. Or a place where you can enjoy good food and socializing. Take notes! It won’t be simple to find these hidden gems within the maze of Campielli and calli (narrow Venetian streets, little squares).

You will also find that most tourist restaurants won’t be authentic and charge you for poor food. Below is a list that will help you find the best restaurants in Venice. They can satisfy your traveler’s needs while providing authentic food. These are the top restaurants in Venice Italy!

1. La Zucca

La Zucca, also known as “the pumpkin”, is the best choice for anyone looking to escape from the crowds of Venice. The warm and welcoming atmosphere will make you fall in love. It is also a favorite restaurant for locals. This restaurant offers more than you might expect. Simple and fresh food is the best.

There are many options and the prices are reasonable. Pasta dishes make a great and delicious choice. Try the pumpkin flan, and you’ll feel like you are floating on air! You should leave some room for dessert. All of them are excellent, and La Zucca is undoubtedly one of the most popular restaurants in Venice Italy.

Address: S. Croce, 1762, 30135 Venezia VE

2. Local

Local features modern interiors with nice decor. This place is charming with its industrial style and traditional feel. It is evident that every detail has been considered.

The cuisine is influenced by tradition, but with a modern twist. You can enjoy fine dining at this restaurant! Local, one of the most popular restaurants in Venice Italy, is a great place to go if you are looking for such a thing.

Address: Salizzada dei Greci, 3303, 30122 Venezia VE

3. L’Alcova Restaurant

We have to mention l’Alcova as one of the top restaurants in Venice Italy. It is located in a 5-star hotel and offers a breathtaking view of the Grand Canal.

This is the perfect place to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, as well as multi-sensory experiences. The terrace offers a beautiful view while you enjoy your favorite meat or fish dishes.

Address: Campo Santa Sofia Cannaregio, Venezia

4. Riviera Restaurant

One of the most renowned restaurants in Venice Italy. Their motto is “eating is an extreme act in love.” Riviera is a true Venetian restaurant and will leave you with wonderful memories of this beautiful city. The location is superb. You will also enjoy cocktails, and delicious pasta dishes.

Address: Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo, 1473, 30123 Venezia VE

5. Antiche Carampane

It is difficult to find Antiche Carampane. It can be found near Rialto’s fish market. It is however hidden between campielli and calli.

Locals are the most common customers, but there are also tourists who enjoy the beauty and tradition of historical places. You can find many other delicious foods as well as fish as their main dish.

The fish is always fresh and the ambience is magical. You might also spot celebrities amongst the guests at this charming traditional restaurant. It is highly recommended that you book in advance!

Address: Rio Tera de le Carampane, 1911, 30125 Venezia VE

6. Ristorante alle Corone

The Hotel ai Reali is home to ” Alle corone“, a restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. This might be the place to go if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Venice Italy, in a luxurious setting.

To create a seasonal menu with savory flavors, we offer excellent service and carefully select raw materials. All recipes are secret ingredients because they use authentic products and taste great.

Address: Hotel Ai Reali, Calle Seconda de la Fava, 5527, 30122 Venezia VE

7. Osteria alle Testiere

You are looking for seafood? This is the place! The Osteria alle Testiere, a small restaurant, focuses on freshness and seasonality. You won’t be disappointed if you combine the excellent service with a casual, cozy atmosphere.


8. Osteria all’Arco

Osteria dell’Arco is one of the most popular restaurants in Venice Italy. Would you like to live authentic Venetian life This little gem is located near the Rialto bridge. This is actually a charming little restaurant, where people used to sit with a glass wine in one hand and food the other.

Chicchetti is a traditional snack that you can enjoy while sipping a glass wine. The Osteria is always crowded with locals. You can be sure of delicious Venetian food!

Address: Calle Arco, 436, 30125 Venezia VE

9. Osteria Enoteca ai Artisti

A small, but very affordable restaurant. There are not many choices, but you can be sure of excellent service and delicious meals. All ingredients are directly from the market. This lovely restaurant is perfect for those looking for a peaceful place to take in the beauty of Venice. Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti offers outdoor seating during warm seasons.

Address: Fondamenta della toletta 1169 abc, 30123 Venezia VE

10. Locanda Cipriani

Locanta Cipriani is another place to eat in Venice. This restaurant can be found on Torcello Island. A ferry connects Venice to Burano Murano and Torcello. This Locanda is a great option for a day trip to the islands.

This restaurant was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II and Hemingway. It’s no surprise, as the food is excellent. You can also enjoy the sun and enjoy lunch in the garden if you visit the island during spring and summer. You can also choose to have a romantic evening on the island in one of the rooms.

Address: Piazza Santa Fosca, 29, 30142 Torcello VE

Ten of the best restaurants in Venice, Italy

You are probably hungry now and want to try the Venitian cuisine. Although it is difficult to decide which restaurants are the best in Venice, tourists are sure to be spoilt for choice. You can choose between a lunch overlooking the Grand Canal or a romantic dinner on an island in Venice. You can choose from a traditional, yet luxurious restaurant or a cozy local eatery. Which one would you choose?

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