Ten Best Ski Resorts of Northern Italy

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Italy is well-known for many things, and that’s not surprising considering how much it has to give. It has amazing cities, history museums, and ancient ruins. The rich culinary and architectural contributions, as well as the amazing architecture, design, and other artistic achievements, are well-known. We can’t forget about the fashion industry and, of course, the beaches. The most important thing to know after reading this article is how to find the best ski resorts Northern Italy. This article will focus on Italy’s popularity and how it is searched for by tourists every year. Italy is a country full of surprises. Italy is a country of discovery. Not only are there the beaches but also the majestic mountains and beautiful winter landscapes in the northern region.

Ten Best Ski Resorts in Northern Italy


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There are many breathtaking places to visit, not only the amazing culinary traditions that make Northern Italy so popular among tourists. The extraordinary ski resorts are one of the best things about Italy. They can be found all over Italy’s northern side. They are also known for being one of Europe’s most popular winter attractions.

1. Val Gardena, Groden is a well-known ski resort in Northern Italy.

We want to begin our selection with the place that is often called a paradise. Both beginners and world cup stars can enjoy it. Val Gardena is the ideal holiday destination for anyone who wants to learn a new sport or challenge themselves.

You can access 12 Dolomites ski areas, which are the most popular starting point for ski enthusiasts. These famous ski areas can be accessed with one ski pass. Val Gardena is where you will find the longest ski slopes in South Tyrol. It’s called La Loggia, and it is more than 10km long.

This destination is a top choice for mountain lovers because of its panoramic views and the frozen waterfalls that will enchant all skiers. There are many options for accommodation and early holiday deals that are unparalleled.

2. Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio, our second choice, was selected as one of the top ski resorts of Northern Italy because of its holiday vibe, love of skiing, and hospitality. This beautiful location is known for its excellent ski traditions and is often called the “heaven of winter”. The entire ski area is comprised of 57 ski lifts as well as 150km of slopes.

It is the ideal destination for those who love to ski at night. There are also ski instructors available for all levels. There are individual and group lessons for all levels. Mini trips for adventurers include snowshoeing and dog sledding. It is also home to several World Cup races. For the accommodation, expect exceptional service from Italy!

3. Kronplatz, Plan de Corones-The best Northern Italian ski resort for families

Our favorite ski resort in Northern Italy is loved by families and winter sports lovers. However, it’s also loved by hikers, cultural enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers. Kornplatz is a well-known South Tyrol resort for winter sports. The resort offers a unique holiday experience for all. There are 119km of trails for all levels: cruisers, experts, beginners.

Professionally groomed runs and the Black Five experienced pistes are available to everyone so they can enjoy their favorite sport in the best possible conditions. The Kronplatz App is one of the most unique features of the resort. It will guide every traveler, give details about the conditions on the slopes, and provide information about the availability of the lifts.

Adrenaline is another synonym for Kronplatz. It offers a variety of experiences and tracks, making it a great choice for people who like to take risks. You will be amazed at the stunning ski destination combined with the Italian quality service from accommodation to food and even party venues.

4. Zernatt – Breuil – Cervinia – Valtournenche, Matterhorn

We are here with our fourth choice, one of the best and largest ski resorts in the entire world. This is Zermatt/Breuil-Cervinia/Valtournenche. Thanks to 322km of slopes, 38 slopes, and 52 lifts, snowboarding and skiing have never been easier or more enjoyable.

Every mountain-loving traveler, as well as a ski enthusiast, will be impressed by the high quality of this resort for holiday rentals. We can conclude that this resort is among the most safe.

Large resorts have the most advanced lifts and cable features for snow quality and maintenance. It is very easy to access the slopes, since the accommodation offers direct hop-on and off. You can also access the elevator from your front door.

5. Alpe di Siusi, Seiser Alm

Alpe di Siusi, Seiser Alm is another top-rated ski resort in Northern Italy. It has received the highest reviews for its safety record and pleasant atmosphere. Alpe di Siusi is the top family destination for winter sports. It boasts 23 modern ski lifts that are adapted to all ages, as well as a kindergarten, fun parks and courses.

Cross-country skiing and carriage rides are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy. You also have the opportunity to take in the stunning views of the Dolomites. Cable cars make it easy to reach the resort, and they guarantee the best skiing conditions.

6. Latemar, Obereggen – Pampeago – Predazzo

Latemar is a very popular ski resort in Northern Italy. There are three points of entry to Latemar: Predazzo and Pampeago. You will find many beautiful, accessible slopes that are more than 49km long, which can be used for any type of practice, once you have started your journey from one of these destinations.

Children have the most easy runs, which is why they are considered the best. For those who love to ski and want to test their abilities, there are amazing gradient tracks that will help them explore all of their options.

This winter scene is extraordinary because of the breathtaking views and spectacular skyscrapers. It is a magical view, with stunning sunsets and snow-covered slopes.

7. Livigno, Valtellina Valley

For those who are looking to ski at the highest level, this is the place for you. The incredible downhill of Giorgio Roca in Livigno, northern Italy is home to 37 red and 29 blue runs. Six gondolas are available, as well as 13 chairlifts and 11 ski lifts. You can find them all over the mountain, making it easy to track your way from any place you may be. You can also access the slopes from November through May.

Livigno has a unique advantage: it is almost snow-sure. It was awarded the 2021 World Snow Awards, thanks to the 250 shops located in the resort. Each budged can find accommodation that suits their needs, just like the skiing opportunities and other activities.

8. Alta Badia

The Alta Badia ski resort offers a unique opportunity to spend a holiday in central Dolomites. This destination is a must-see for those who love the spectacular mountain views, freshness and 130km of ski slopes, cablecars and ski lifts. This resort is perfect for your family vacation or for your adrenaline pump. There are 70 km of blue-category slopes and 50 kilometers of red slopes.

The 8 black slopes are the main attraction. They offer the best in every situation and limit. Alta Badia is the main destination for Europe’s Ski World Cup competitions. There are also annual classic races. It is easy to find accommodation. All hotels, hostels, and pensions offer winter packages that include all-inclusive services.

9. Ponte Di Legno, Tonale – Presena Glacier – Temu

Formerly known as Adamello ski, Ponte di Legno and Tonale, Tonale fulfills every dream of Italian ski resorts. There are 100km of slopes and 41 ski slopes. There are also 28 lifts that take you to the top. The resort is loved by snowboarders as well as mountain enthusiasts. Cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, snowshoe hiking, and dog sledding are all options for tourists who wish to enjoy the Dolomites’ magic. The resort is popular because of its fun activities.

You can also Apres-ski to traditional music, eat traditional food, or relax after a hard day of skiing in one the amazing spas. We can’t forget the amazing ski areas of Ponte di Legno and Passo Tonale as well as Presena Glacier and Temu, which make this winter experience unforgettable for anyone looking for variety.

10. Passo San Pellegrino, Falcade

Our selection of the top ten ski resorts in Northern Italy is completed with Passo San Pellegrino, Falcade. It is known as the true paradise of Dolomites. It’s a modern resort for winter sports with slopes around the village that lead down to Falcade.

The modern lifts are constantly adapted to make it professional. The ski slopes are well-kept. You will find that the accommodation is more affordable than other places with comparable amenities. These features make the ski resort an excellent choice. There are 15 access lifts and more than 67km of ski slopes. Additionally, there is a 1.5km ski route.

We believe that this place is accessible to everyone. This is due to the many settings and appliances that are available for singles, families, couples, and groups. This is the place to go if you want to enjoy the best skiing, snowboarding, or other winter-related experiences in Northern Italy.

Conclusion on the Top 10 Ski Resorts in Northern Italy

You now know what Northern Italy’s best ski resorts have to offer. You will find everything you need, from charming resorts to stunning views, to beautiful winter scenery. We are certain that you will find all the reasons to choose Italy for your next ski vacation.

The winter season is long, and begins in November and ends in April. We hope to see you there with all of the big mountain season enthusiasts! It is certain that ski resorts in Italy offer an unforgettable winter season experience.

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