Ten Best Wedding Locations In Italy

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We know Italy and that is why we chose to write today about Italy destination wedding venues. The stunning scenery of Italy lends itself to grandiose ceremonies. It can be difficult to choose the right destination. We have you covered whether you’re looking for a Catholic destination or an Italian winter wedding.

Ten best locations for weddings in Italy

These are the top Italy destinations for weddings, from Abruzzo to Umbria. A Lake Como Italy Wedding is something that everyone would love. The magical waters would make you feel the best version of yourself. You might also consider a destination wedding Italy Vineyard to delight your guests with the finest wines the region has.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 wedding venues in Italy. You only need a little imagination and a pinch of dream to create the most memorable day of your life. We also offer great suggestions for Italy brides who are looking for the perfect dress, as well as locations for wedding photography, and honeymoon places.

1. Villa Estea in Abruzzo

Villa Estea is an Abruzzo destination wedding that celebrates dreams and hopes. The villa is a stunning location that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It can also be the ideal spot to hold a Catholic destination wedding.

The Abbey of San Giovanni In Venere is less than 10 kilometers from the villa. It dates back to the Middle Ages and is a great place to begin your new life together. The buildings include a church, large hall and even a basilica.

2. Palazzo Visconti di Modrone in Milan

Many people dream of a bright, sunny wedding. It’s not all about the sun with Italy destination wedding venues. It’s a good thing, because an Italian winter wedding can still be spectacular, even if it isn’t what you expected. One of Milan’s most famous wedding venues is the Palazzo Visconti Di Modrone.

This palace has a rich history that dates back several centuries. The Palazzo only hosts one event per day, which is a great advantage for couples looking to get married. You can relax and take care of other details while every detail is carefully planned.

3. La Certosa di Pontignano in Siena

The Charterhouse of Pontignano, a Catholic destination wedding venue, is what you need. It is a beautiful place to hold a wedding Siena Italy.

The Certosa, located just a few km from the city, is a place where architecture, Chianti and landscapes are all combined. This is the ideal place for history lovers who want to travel back in time.

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4. Villa del Balbianiello in Lombardy

You’ve come to the right spot if you want to host a magnificent Lake Como Italy marriage. The Villa del Balbianello, a top Italy destination wedding location around Lake Como. It could not be more perfect.

The villa is available for weddings and has been featured in blockbuster films like Star Wars, James Bond, as well as fashion photoshoots. The Villa del Balbianello, a unique location in Lake Como Italy, is the best choice for a lake-side wedding.

5. Villa Francesca in Tuscany

Weddings at Villa Francesca Italy are known for their happy, lively moments. The Villa is a 5-star luxury hotel close to Lucca. This charming 17th-century spot is an excellent choice to avoid high Tuscany Italy cost for your wedding.

This villa is ideal for small-scale weddings. Guests can also enjoy the pool, saunas, local restaurants, and a local gourmet kitchen. You will also be in Tuscany so make sure to bring some local wines!

6. Villa Pignatelli in Umbria

Villa Pignatelli is a top Italy destination for weddings. It dates back to the 20th century, and was sold to Pignatelli in 1982. The villa is ideal for any kind of wedding, whether you are looking to unify your hearts with a traditional ceremony or have an avant-garde reception.

It is the small lakes and fountains that make it one of the most stunning wedding venues in Umbria Italy. This magnificent piece of art blends architecture and nature to create a setting that is magical for a wedding.

7. Borgo Colognola, Umbria

Borgo Colognola, one of Umbria’s most picturesque wedding venues, is the perfect agritourism spot. Borgo Colognola, like many other places in this article is a medieval spot.

It is located in a Natural Park and offers a wonderful destination for wedding Italy. You can see olive trees and vineyards for miles. You can find beautiful scenery, a church and a garden all within the same Natural Park.

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8. Castello di Pietrata in Umbria – Italy destination wedding locations

Castello di Pietrata is one of the most stunning wedding venues in Umbria Italy. This 14-century fortress is a great choice for anyone who loves architecture and history. It is only 5km from Assisi (another beautiful city in Italy).

This castle is ideal for large weddings. There are several outdoor spaces and rooms that can accommodate up to 300 people each. The castle offers stunning views and can be used to host a unique wedding.

9. La Domus in Orvietto (Umbria)

La Domus in Orvieto, a Catholic destination wedding venue, is an exceptional choice. La Domus actually is a cathedral for middle-aged people. It is surrounded in Orvieto, a historic town that will take you back in time upon your arrival at La Domus.

You can choose to have an avant-garde or traditional wedding there. It is one of the most stunning wedding venues in Umbria.

10. Villa Polfranceschi in Verona, Italy

One of the most popular locations for weddings in Italy is Villa Polfranceschi. It is only a few km from Verona, which is a magical city by day and at night. Villa Polfranceschi is Verona Italy’s best wedding planner. They can help you with many aspects of your wedding.

You can also rent the 16th Century building for special occasions such as anniversaries or business events.

We have compiled 10 of the best wedding locations in Italy

These are the top 10 best Italy destinations for weddings. Perhaps you’ll choose a Lake Como Italy Wedding, surrounded by the beauty of the lake. You might choose to have a sea-inspired theme for your wedding.

Abruzzo could be the perfect place for you. It is also possible to have your wedding in Umbria Italy. Italy has so many beautiful destinations for weddings. Only thing left is to start planning. After the stress of the wedding is over, you can start your new life together around or one of the hidden beaches in Italy.

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