Ten Handmade Jewelry Brands from Italy

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The country’s jewelry scene is dominated by handmade Italian jewelry brands. It seems like it is the only artistic field that globalization has yet to take over. It seems as though it will never happen, considering how deeply attached Italians are their artistic heritage. We have chosen the top 10 handmade Italian jewelry companies so that you can choose your favorite.

Ten Italian handmade jewelry brands

There is a brand for everyone, whether you’re looking for handmade jewellery Florence Italy or jewelry from Milan. Check out our list of innovative and insightful jewelry designers. They will make it easy to understand why we chose them. You will be able to discover your unique jewelry style and unlimited inspiration with them!

We have already featured some of the best Italian jewelry brands, accessories and jewel shops in different cities. We also covered other brand highlights like watches, fashion labels, and footwear. Let’s check out the handmade jewelry!

1. Fratelli Piccini Firenze: Fine Handmade Jewelry in Florence

We chose to highlight the beautiful Fratelli Piccini, one of many Italian-made jewelry brands. They have created one of the most prestigious Maisons of handmade jewelry in Florence Italy. Fratelli Piccini’s story goes back several centuries. They operate in a sort of secrecy, which is only revealed a few times a year at the Ponte Vecchio.

It is a remarkable story, and customers have been able for some time to visit the entire jewelry workshop in Florence. It’s almost like a museum. The entire collection of silver and jewelry, as well as the sketches and molds, is there. It is delicate jewelry with exquisite fine pieces.

2. DelBrenna – Best Handmade Italian Jewelry Brands

DelBrenna is a family jewel heritage. Giovanni DelBrenna, the inventor of the first family jewels, started it in 1201. A DelBrenna piece typically features natural gemstones and sculptural elements reminiscent of the Etruscan style.

Handmade chain links are the most significant creation of the family. This brand, which is based in Florence, offers beautiful rings, necklaces and bracelets that will elevate any outfit.

3. Andreoli

Andreoli is a handmade Italian jewelry brand that will change the way you see jewelry. The heart of Andreoli’s handmade jewelry is handcrafting and artisanwork. Its unique blend of natural stones is the most striking feature of the brand’s handmade jewelry Italy.

They use not only the well-known rubies, sapphires and diamonds but also lesser-used elements. You will often find pieces of turquoise or coral in their handmade Italian jewelry. This gives their jewels a unique edge. You’ll be able to see the exquisite pieces and understand why we are proud of Andreoli.

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4. Valentina Ferragni Studio

Valentina Ferragni’s handmade jewelry collection in Italy should be simple. The brand’s identity is built on passion, vision and a lifestyle aesthetic. Chiara Ferragni’s sister, Chiara Ferragni, has successfully incorporated Italian heritage and modernity into her enameled collection.

Valentina Ferragni Studio is an Italian artisan collection with beautiful colors for young women. It is a luxury brand that makes artisan jewelry in Italy, and it is a top-selling brand.

5. Ornella Bijoux

Ornella Bijoux is a top-rated Italian jewelry brand in terms of design, craft, and style. In Milan in 1944, this handmade jewelry brand was founded. It is today a sophisticated and elegant Maison.

Their pieces are all romantic, sophisticated, clever, and visionary, like this Campanule Pin. It’s a top-rated handmade Italian jewelry brand.

6. Sigfrido Cipolato – Best Handmade Italian Jewelry Brands

Sigfrido Cipolato, a Venice-based jewel workshop, has been around since a while. The Maison was established around thirty years ago.

The brand draws inspiration from traditional and contemporary jewels. The various designs clearly show the use of centuries-old techniques. Every piece of the jewel, be it enamel, prongs or stones, is carefully studied and combined with flair.

7. Paola Grande

Paola Grande’s handmade Italian jewelry denotes the extraordinary Italian quality of her Italian-made jewelry. Giulia Grande, the designer, and her daughter have created one of the most popular Italian jewelry brands.

Each piece of innovative design that draws from the Italian heritage is meticulously crafted. You can find it all: gold, diamonds, bronze, tourmaline, and many other materials.

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8. Aonie

Aonie, an Italian handcrafted jewelry brand, was created in Milan in 2008. Consuelo and Paola Coti, both designers and founders of Aonie, are part of a family that makes jewels. It makes sense that their uniqueness is closely linked to savant crafts.

Aonie, one of the best handmade jewelry brands in Italy, is bright, colorful and full of fun. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans. We are a firm believer in handmade jewelry Italy.

9. Gala Rotelli

Gala Rotelli is located in Milan, where fashion and design are at their heart. It is one of the most popular jewelry brands in Italy that heavily features nature. Gala Rotelli is a remarkable person.

She studied at the University of Florence, Parsons School of Design, New York and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. The geometry-inspired pieces by Gala Rotelli would have been a missed opportunity for handcrafted Italian jewelry brands.

11. Tiziano Pucci – Best Handmade Italian Jewelry Brands

Pucci Gioielli d’Arte is famous for its handmade jewelry Rome Italy. It was founded in 1960 by Alberto Pucci. Today, it is run by Tiziano Pucci. This handmade jewelry brand from Italy can help you create the most unusual jewelry. This designer uses gold and silver to create unique pieces that meet every need.

It is the most popular handmade Italian jewelry brand today. Why? Because of the high quality of the materials and the avant-garde visions of the Pucci mind. Handmade jewelry Italy? Pucci Gioielli d’Arte.

Bonus: LIL Milan

This brand is a bonus and will be loved by anyone who loves gold jewelry. is a young jewelry brand that offers timeless, fashionable and beautiful pieces.

Each LIL jewel is handcrafted in Milan. They use 9-18 karats solid gold to create unique designs. It is not only one of the most renowned handmade jewelry brands in Italy, but it is also very young. You can also find rings, bracelets and necklaces that are unisex, as well as cufflinks and cufflinks made for men.

You can also choose anklets, beautiful and elegant charms and amulets, earrings, waist chains, and piercings. LIL Milan’s pieces are timeless and beautiful, and will last a lifetime.

We have rounded up the 10 best handcrafted Italian jewelry brands

These are yours! These are the top 10 best-selling handmade Italian jewelry brands. They are rich in color and precious materials, but most importantly, they are full-of-soul. These are the best Italian jewelry brands, no matter if you’re looking for handmade jewelry in Rome Italy, or something more local in Florence. These are the brands you should be paying attention to! If you are a fashion expert, you will enjoy our selection of the top Italian shoe brands.

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