10 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

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Italy is known for its finesse and delicacy, whether in architecture, fashion, or the culinary world. A black set of underwear is delicate. It’s the symbol for elegance, with delicate silk details under the breasts and a hand-worked lacing on the neckline.

Over the years, lingerie has changed from simple underwear that serves a single purpose to support women to more sophisticated pieces of clothing that make them feel confident and strong. This article will show you the top ten Italian lingerie brands.

10 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

We have already discussed Italian fashion and shoes, bags, accessories and designers. It’s now time to update your wardrobe with exclusive pieces from our selection Italian underwear brands. You will feel confident all day! We chose these Italian underwear brands because of the high quality of their work and the magnificent touch that Italian silk lingerie will give to us.

1. Ritratti Milano

We have Ritratti Milano underwear brands. This brand makes some of the most exquisite Italian lingerie. Ritratti Milano creates sophisticated and seductive items that will be there for modern women throughout their lives.

This brand offers its customers the timeless appeal they seek in a set lingerie. Ritratti Milano will sell you articles made with renowned Italian craftsmanship using local materials.

2. Intimissimi

Intimissimi was founded in 1996 and has been a top-selling brand of underwear. Its unique designs have made it a favorite among Italian women.

Intimissimi’s goal is to inspire and grow the femininity of their customers. Intimissimi is one of our favourite Italian lingerie brands, as it has found a way that combines comfort and aesthetics with stylish designs.

3. Cotton Club

Cotton Club is most likely one of the Italian brands that pioneered luxury underwear.

The collections are filled with talent and passion. They also have a retro look that gives a real cool vibe to intricate designs. Cotton Club is a unique brand that offers high quality lingerie.

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4. Incanto

Incanto is a well-known brand in Europe. It has revolutionized the way we think about lingerie. These natural materials can be combined with elegant designs that women love to embellish their bodies.

It is a team of designers that works to create collections in line with the latest fashion trends. This makes it one the most popular Italian underwear brands. Incanto’s sexy, comfortable lingerie is a must-have.

5. Cosabella

Cosabella promotes the individuality of each woman and is a market leader in luxury Italian lingerie. You will love the refined look of every item made from locally sourced fabrics, while Italian tradition is mixed with trendier fashion .

The quality of the designs and vibrant colors of this Italian lingerie brand will make your heart melt.

6. Cristina Aielli

This Italian lingerie brand radiates elegance and class. The brand’s Italian designer, Cristina Aielli has tapped into the strength and confidence of women to inspire her designs.

Her contribution has been to elevating everyday lingerie to haute couture. Cristina Aielli’s meticulous craftsmanship has given Italian lingerie a new lease of life thanks to romantic lace, playful tailoring, and small details.

7. La Perla

How can we talk Italian lingerie and not mention La Perla. La Perla, which is largely due to Blair Waldorf’s (Gossip Girl) delicacy, is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable lingerie brands in Italy.

These designs are richly designed to enhance the natural beauty and shape of women’s bodies. La Perla’s Italian lingerie is more than just a set of underwear. It will be an exciting journey to discover your femininity, and seductive personality by choosing the bras and pants that fit you.

8. Flora Lastraioli

Flora Lastraioli is one of the most renowned Italian lingerie brands. The brand was founded in 1932 by the same designer. It has been gaining more and more attention in the Italian market.

The handcrafted luxury items are made with a passion that Flora’s women have passed on to their children. The brand’s embodiment is a determined, elegant, and tasteful woman.

9. Ambra Corsetteria Italiana

Ambra Corsetteria Italian lingerie is a brand that will make you feel like an exquisite gemstone. You will be drawn to the beautiful and captivating designs, while the handmade quality will melt your heart.

You will be amazed at the Maison’s out-of-date garments. They are the result of a love for aesthetics, a passion for beautiful things and adherence to tradition.

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10. Manicardi Leilieve

The brand was founded in 1960 by the Manicardi family and has since risen quickly to the top. They are the pioneers of modern Italian lingerie thanks to their innovative ideas. Leilieve By Manicardi is available in large stores like Galeries Lafayette or La Rinascente. It offers beautiful embroidery details and a comfortable fit.

This is a great point for the luxury Maison that we chose to name as one of our favorite Italian lingerie brands. Only thing that you’ll be hesitant about is the color of your set. Leilieve by Manicardi is undoubtedly the best Italian lingerie company.

Wrapping Up 10 Best Italian Lingerie Brands

These lingerie brands from Italy have won our hearts with their finesse and elegance. You have the options to find the right garment for you, whether it is expensive or luxurious, lace or silk, and you can feel like a princess, day or night. You can find even more exquisite and valuable styles with these 10 handcrafted jewelry brands from Italy.

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Written By Ibtissam Al Azami

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