Ten Most Beautiful Abandoned Locations in Italy

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It’s thrilling to come across an abandoned villa in Italy for the first time. I love urbex. Since moving to Italy, my goal has been to find the most beautiful abandoned castles in Italy. I love the past and it is something that drives me crazy.

Today I will not be focusing on one abandoned location. I have compiled a list of all the top Italy abandoned villages, villas and castles. You can mark them so that you will know where your next exciting destination is.

Ten most beautiful abandoned locations in Italy

Are you willing to search for the most beautiful abandoned villa in Italy? I have listed many places that are rich in history. When you visit an abandoned Italian village, it’s easy to feel small.

I don’t know if you feel the same, but it makes me feel alive to get out of my way in search of abandoned places. Let’s get to the search for the most beautiful abandoned ghost towns, villas and mills in Italy.

1. Abandoned Village Italy: Giardino di Ninfa in Lazio

Giardino di Ninfa, one of the most beautiful abandoned villages in Italy, is a must-see. Ninfa is an abandoned ghost town, located around Latina. It was founded in the 8th Century and has seen many destructions.

It was destroyed by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in the middle ages. The structure was rebuilt at the close of the 13th century and then abandoned due to an epidemic of malaria in the 16th century. It was left to nature and became a protected monument in the Italian culture.

Today you can visit Ninfa with its amazing medieval ruins. Spending an afternoon in the English garden, which is surrounded by beautiful flowers, is one of the best things to do. It has been called the “most romantic gardens in the world”. Giardino di Ninfa can also be used as a day trip from Rome .

2. Abandoned Italian Villa: Villa de Vecchi

The Villa de Vecchi was constructed in the 1850s, just east of Lake Como in Northern Italy. The Villa de Vecchi, also known as the Ghost Mansion or the House of Witches is a tale of satanism and witchcraft. It can be included in day trip plans from Milan.

This villa, which was abandoned, is one of the most fascinating and intriguing mansions in Italy. It was built by an Italian count. History is filled with stories about the many tragedies and curses that took place in Villa de Vecchi. Suicide by the count was not the only one. There were also satanic rituals, ghost stories, and more. After almost 20 years, it is impossible to know for certain what actually happened in Ghost Mansion. It is still a popular destination for chills fans.

3. Abandoned Italian Village: Civita di Bagnoregio

Photo by Itinari

Civita di Bagnoregio, a beautiful abandoned village in Lazio near Viterbo, is one of the most striking examples of an Italian village. Its nickname “The Dying City” explains how remote and abandoned it is. This abandoned village in Italy can only be reached by foot via a long bridge.

Both foreigners and Italians have made Civita di Bagnoregio their favorite hiking spot. Only a few people live in the village today. The beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the Etruscan architecture are what is most striking about this dying town.

There are quite some Etruscan-style cemeteries and villages in Lazio like Cerveteri di Vulci. Visit these abandoned villages and towns to discover what art and history looked like before the Romans conquered Italy. In Civita, you’ll feel strange sensations of calm and thrill.

4. Abandoned Italian Villa: Villa del Chiosseto

10 Stunning Abandoned Places in Italy - Abandoned Italian Villa, Mills...Photo by UrbexMJ

Villa del Chiosseto, also known as Villa Artom after Isacco Artom, is one of the most well-preserved villas made from urbex. The villa is located in Piemonte near Monferrato. It was home to the entire Artom family. They were not only a wealthy and influential family, but also a smart one. Many members of the family contributed scientific discoveries, such as the radiogoniometer which forms the basis for the radio antennas.

This villa and its family have a rich history. It was built many centuries ago but everything is the same as it was at the Villa del Chiosseto. The region is now a UNESCO heritage. The Villa Artom can still be visited to see what furniture and decorations looked like in the 17th and18th Centuries.

5. Abandoned Mill Italy, Valley of the Mills Sorrento

Only one abandoned mill in Italy has been seen before the Valley of the Mills, Sorrento in the South of Italy. It was not as beautiful as this abandoned grain mill, almost hidden in a mountain crevasse. It is hard to imagine what the people did in this abandoned mill.

For centuries, people have been grinding flour from grain for millennia. The Valley of the Mills was abandoned just over a century ago. Nature has reclaimed the Valley of the Mills quickly and the greenery forms an ethereal circle around the old grain mill. Check out the things you can do in Sorrento to plan your itinerary, including the Valley of the Mills.

6. Abandoned Italian Villa: Motta Navas

Photo: Urbex Session

The Internet doesn’t have much information about Villa Motta Navas. You will have to see this abandoned villa in person to experience its grandeur.

Since its construction in 1921, the villa was moved from one person to another. It was then slowly emptying after hosting the German SS during World War II. You feel lost and small when you are trapped between thick walls.

The Villa Motta Navas is what I love most. Its remaining arts and sculptures are a testament to the power and wealth of past centuries’ architectures. It once belonged the richest man of Italy. You can imagine elegant people gathering there to enjoy elite soirees.

7. Abandoned Village Italy: Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni in Tuscany

Photo: I Rintronauti

Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, an abandoned village in Italy, is a significant part of Tuscan history. It is hard to believe that there are more ghost cities in Italy than anyone can imagine. Italy abandoned villages like Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni are rare. Even though the ghost town is now abandoned, it still has a museum.

It is not clear how or why Castelnuovo died. I believe that the small village on the hill has been abandoned by those who want to start new lives in larger cities. Castelnuovo is a beautiful place in Chianti. If you are looking for traditional Tuscan wines, it’s a great choice.

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8. Abandoned Italian Villa: Cesare Serviatti House

Photo: Urbex Session

The Cesare Serviatti house is a great place to watch murder documentaries. The Cesare Serviatti house is a great example of an abandoned asylum and ancient hospitals. This villa was named after the murderer. It was constructed in 1907, but it was abandoned in 1998 because of a lack in funds for restoration.

Most famous is the Cesare Serviatti house, which was home to a serial killer who murdered and dismembered three women between 1928 and 1932. It is located between Rome, La Spezia and Rome. It’s worth visiting if you are ever in Lazio.

9. Abandoned Italian Village: Craco in Basilicata

Craco is an abandoned village in Basilicata, which is located between Taranto and Matera. Craco, like many other Italian ghost towns, stands high on a hill. Ghost towns are a constant reminder of the past. It witnessed a huge abandonment when its residents fled the village in search of better lives in the United States.

Between landslides and floods, natural causes ended any remaining life in Craco. Since 2004, Craco, Basilicata, has been a dead town. It still attracts tourists from all over the world, including foreigners and Italians. It is a ghost town in Italy that you should visit, as it was the backdrop for blockbuster films like the Passion of the Christ.

10. Abandoned Italian Villa: Villa del Conte d’Aglie

Photo: Quotidiano Piemontese

Now it’s time to talk about Villa d’Aglie, the abandoned castle in Italy. Funny thing is, I’ve not heard much about the Villa from the Italians. This villa, or castle, as it’s sometimes called, is near Torino in the North. It’s one of the most impressive structures that still stands today.

This castle, now abandoned in Italy, was originally built as Duke Carlo Emanuele II’s property at the beginning 17th Century. It was eventually purchased by several people, including the Duke’s granddaughter. The Villa d’Aglie gardens were designated historical gardens in the Piemonte region in 2007.

This mansion is still available for visitors. It is one of very few remaining in the Torino area. It is still in excellent condition, four centuries later. This makes it an incredible Urbex excursion.

Ten most beautiful abandoned locations in Italy

We’ve seen that there are many abandoned Italian villas and castles in Italy. You’ll find some of the most stunning places in Italy that you wouldn’t expect. After decades of neglect, there are many hidden buildings we still have to discover. When I go to search for the most beautiful abandoned villages in Italy, I feel alive and get goosebumps.

Humans have a special quality. We love to get out of our comfort zones and give ourselves the chills. We feel great about our lives when we return home having learned something new. The adventure isn’t over. You should take a look at the 20 most stunning castles in Italy if you love architecture and history.

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