Ten Most Beautiful Beaches in Naples

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There is no other beach that can compare to the beauty of the beaches in Naples Italy – they are simply the best. From my perspective, at least. It’s a good idea to check out the Naples Italy beaches reviews once you have booked your trip.

It’s normal to seek out the best beaches near Naples Italy. There are many restaurants in the city, as well as affordable fashion labels. But water is scarce. Oh, water.

You will never want to leave your favorite Naples beach. You just want to relax all day and every day for the rest of your lives. You’re not alone. That’s why I created this guide to the best sandy beaches near Naples Italy. You can make the most of your time in the city.

Ten Most Beautiful Beaches Around Naples Italy

There isn’t a Naples beach I haven’t loved. You will want to visit all the Naples Italy beaches once you read their reviews. They’re all stunning, from the most beautiful beaches in Naples Italy to private areas of the beachshore.

You can also visit a nude beach in Naples Italy if you enjoy being free. I have listed some below. This comprehensive guide will show you where to find the best turquoise waters and chillest moments. If you are already there, be sure to read articles about the best day trip from Naples and the best beaches along the Amalfi Coast. Also, if you’re already talking about Naples, be sure to know which best hotels are in the city!

1. Naples Italy Beaches: Gaiola

Gaiola is one the most beautiful beaches near Naples Italy and also one of its calmest. You will want to travel to the best beaches in Naples Italy. La Gaiola is one of them. It is located in Posillipo, a marine reserve that is just a few minutes from the city. This was once the port of a huge Roman villa.

Even though it isn’t a nude beach in Naples Italy, the area still has archaeological remains from Roman times. You can come for the water, but leave with your eyes dazzling with history. La Gaiola is one the many beaches that are free in Naples, Italy. However, it is only open to a limited number of people each day.

You can practice snorkeling, scuba diving and yoga early in the morning. You can also go on kayak tours. Experience Naples at its best

2. Riva Fiorita

Riva Fiorita is one of the most beautiful beaches near Naples Italy. It is one of the most vibrant and beautiful beaches in Naples and promises plenty of fun, whether you are going alone, with friends or with your whole family.

Riva Fiorita, one of the most beautiful beaches in Naples Italy, is open to all. There are no restaurants on the beach so bring your lunch. There are many amenities, including jet skiing, boating, fishing, and other sports.

3. Baia delle Rocce Verdi

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It is on the Positano coastline, so it almost feels hidden. The beach’s name, “green rocks”, is a reference to the rocks along the coast. You can only jump from the large rocks because of the play-on-light effect between the sun’s rays and the water.

All reviews of Naples Italy beaches agree on the beauty and charm of the Baia delle Rocce Verdi. Rocce Verdi, located in Marechiaro is a great place to have romantic moments with your loved one or to reflect on your life for hours. It is also a great spot for photographers – Rocce Verdi is perfect for you if nature lovers are your thing.

4. Scoglione di Marechiaro

Scoglione di Marechiaro, one of the most beautiful beaches in Naples Italy is Scoglione di Marechiaro. You can either rent a cot or a towel from one of the nearby kiosks. Although admission is free, there are limited spaces. To ensure the best seats, I recommend that you get there as soon as possible.

Scoglione di Marechiaro may not be a nude beach in Naples Italy but it is one of the best places to feel yourself. Even the most hardworking soul can find peace and tranquility here. Scoglione di Marechiaro’s clear waters have a romantic quality that will make you fall for them regardless of whether or not you are used to the sun.

5. Naples Italy Beaches: Laso di Lara, Sorrento

Laso di Lara, Sorrento is one of the best nude beaches near Naples Italy. It is rare to find beaches in Italy that allow bathing naked.

The famous Piazza Tasso is just minutes away from the Laso di Lara, which is at the Amalfi Coast’s beginning. It is known for being one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Italy. Walk towards Via Capo and then walk down to the beach. It’s only a few hundred metres away.

It is hidden and beautiful but has all the charm of a completely natural spot on Earth. It is a good idea to bring your lunch with you, since it can be difficult to get back to the center, especially in the middle of the afternoon.

6. Spiaggia del Duoglio ad Amalfi

Photo: Hotels.Com

Oh, Amalfi. There are no Naples Italy beaches reviews saying that Amalfi doesn’t have the most beautiful places on Earth. The Naples beach Spiaggia del Duoglio, which is also called Spiaggia del Duoglio, is among the most charming. It’s a beach you will have to climb down to, like the Laso di Sara. You can also go up if you return to the centre of the city.

The Spiaggia Del Duoglio is a great place to go if you love turquoise, clean beaches. The beautiful surroundings can be enjoyed from a small boat or canoe. You can even enjoy the beaches from your own private spot. The cliffs are worth taking some of the most stunning pictures you can take with your camera.

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7. Naples Italy Beaches: Baia di Ieranto

One of the most beautiful beaches in Naples is Baia di Ieranto. It is also known as “Terra delle Sirene”, which brings out primitive feelings. Walking down to the beach is a way to feel human. It requires sweat and walking.

Although the Baia di Ieranto is not a nude beach in Naples Italy, I know I feel most at home when I make an effort to connect with nature. The Baia is situated between Sorrento and Naples in a protected area which ensures the best turquoise waters.

9. Bagno Elena

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Bagno Elena is the Naples beach with most history. You can find reviews about this historic beach in Naples Italy. It is located in Posillipo. Posillipo has some of the most beautiful beaches in Naples and also boasts a century-old architectural style.

Bagno Elena is a wonderful reminder of the royal and aristocratic beaches resorts. Because it is a historical resort that has hosted high-ranking figures from all over the globe for decades, names like Oscar Wilde and Eduardo de Filippo are often mentioned.

10. Marina Piccola a Capri

Photo: Hotels.Com

It’s hard to find the best beaches for free in Naples, Italy. There isn’t one, I think. Everybody loves to see the South of Italy’s most beautiful sunsets and warm waters. You can reach the Marina Piccola on Capri Island if you just leave the city.

This is just one of many beautiful beaches that you’ll ever see. It’s also one of the most peaceful. Although it’s not a nude spot in Naples Italy, you won’t notice. It’s too hard to find a spot that is cool and affordable to just enjoy the sand under your feet.

Ten Most Beautiful Beaches Near Naples Italy

This list of beaches in Naples, Italy will help you find the best. This is how I tried to make it easy for everyone: solo travelers, couples, and even the nude soul.

You should have the best time at any of the beaches near Naples Italy. The air is just so calm. You can read reviews about Naples Italy beaches before you travel so that you are familiar with the best routes to take to get to the most stunning spots.

The most stunning beaches are often the most remote. I recommend visiting some of the top restaurants in Naples while you are in Naples.

PIN IT: The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Nearest to Naples, Italy

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