Ten things to do in Rome during rainy days

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It is a joy for us all to visit a new country and experience a different culture. Rome’s Eternal City is just as fascinating in rain, so we can also enjoy it. It is often bittersweet when it rains. Sometimes it rains in Rome. While we love to see the city covered in sunshine, sometimes we have to change our plans. So that you can make the most of your time in Rome, we have compiled a list with the top things to do when it rains.

Ten best things to do when it rains in Rome

This guide includes everything you need to do in Rome during rainy weather, from museums and galleries to food and music to restaurants and cafes. To have a memorable stay, all you need to do is follow our list. You should also check out the top things to do and places to visit in Rome during the rain.

1. Explore museums and exhibitions

You can imagine there are more galleries and museums in Rome than you could ever imagine. These are also some of the most fascinating things to do in Rome when it rains. Most people are attracted to the Colosseum or the Vatican when they arrive in Rome.

It’s easy to lose yourself in any of the museums in Rome, even when it rains. There are many fun options available, including the Galleria Braghese, Vatican Museums, Galleria Borghese and the National Museum of Modern Art.

2. Explore Catacombs and Crypts

Go underground instead of fountains You can find catacombs all around Rome. These underground cemeteries, once used extensively, are worth visiting if you’re in the area.

The sun is certainly beautiful in the city, but catacombs or crypts are a treasure trove of human history and humanity that you don’t want miss. Our recommendation: The Museum and Crypt of Capuchins is a great way to travel back in time. It’s also one of the most popular things to do in Rome during rainy season.

3. Visit Basilicas and Churches

Italy is home to some of the most beautiful churches and basilicas that you’ll ever see. When it rains, one of the most popular of these churches, the Saint Peter Basilica seems like the best thing to do in Rome.

The rain may keep you away from the outside, but you can still enjoy the gold and marble sculptures as well as the paintings. This is also one of the most beautiful things to do in Rome during rainy weather!

4. Take a break for a cup of coffee

After touring some of the most stunning basilicas and museums around the globe, it is time for a coffee break. The Trecaffe cafeteria is within walking distance to the Vatican. Enjoy a cup of coffee with good company.

You can also go early in the morning for the best cornetti Rome has to offer. A nice jump is recommended, especially for breakfast at Martinucci Laboratorio near Termini station. You must try the lemon and almond croissants, as well as the pasticciotti (a South Italian pastry delight)!

5. Explore Rome’s undergrounds

The undergrounds are one of the most popular things to do in Rome when it rains. Undergrounds in the Eternal City are more than just a description of the catacombs. The undergrounds of the city are actually accessible in many places throughout the city, such as the City of Water (Vicus Caprarius), which is close to the Trevi Fountain.

For a refreshing afternoon away from the rain, you can visit the undergrounds at Trastevere or the Esquilino. Our tip? Our tip? Make sure to visit the Basilica San Clemente underground – it is a must-see place for art and history lovers and one of the most exciting things to do in Rome during the rainy season.

6. Go shopping!

It’s not something you would think of when it rains. You expect to go to the beach, take a walk, visit Colosseum, or engage in any other outdoor activity when you are on vacation, especially in a city like Rome. You can still discover the fashion and lifestyle of Rome in shopping centers such as Roma Est, Maximo or Euroma 2. It is also one of the most relaxed things to do in Rome during the rain.

Weekend recommends that you visit smaller markets like the Mercato coperto dell’Esquilino or the artisanal Mercatino coerto Urban Market, Monti, if you are looking for more Roman shopping methods. You can shop for the latest trends in Italian and American brands as well as American candle companies, French cosmetics brands, and many other brands when it rains.

7. Take a walk at Eataly

Eataly is Rome’s largest grocery store. Eataly can be found in the Ostiense, near Testaccio and Piramide. It is open every day. The area is bustling with food lovers and makes it a wonderful place to stroll around.

Eataly is a mix of culture and food. It brings together the best of Italian gastronomy. It’s one of the most popular things to do in Rome when it rains. It is a great place to have lunch, dinner or simply to explore the best of Italy.

8. Candlelight Concert

A candlelit concert in Rome on a rainy night is a great way to learn classical music. Book a ticket to a Candlelight Concert. This is a great activity to do after a long day of exploring Rome’s undergrounds and filling your stomach with Italian food. This evening is enchanting with instrumentals by Ludivico Einaudi and Morricone. Enjoy the music, the best part of Rome in the rain.

9. Escape from an Escape Room

You will find more escape rooms in Rome than what you can imagine. You will find the perfect escape room for those who enjoy strong sensations and intense action.

The heart of Rome is home to horror, thrills, and mind-blowing detective experiences. Our recommendation? Lucifer Escape Room is a great place to go in Rome when it rains. It’s full of horror and emotion.

10. Check out the Pantheon to see whether it rains.

It is difficult not to be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the Pantheon and all its columns and statues when you enter it. A nine-meter wide circular opening is located at the Pantheon’s top. This opening is almost magical.

It does not rain in the Pantheon when it rains in Rome despite the size of the enormous opening. This is a scientific and amazing explanation. The Pantheon is inaccessible to raindrops because of the contrary currents of the air. We said magic.


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Here are 10 things to do in Rome when it rains

Here’s a complete list with the top 10 things to do in Rome during rainy weather. Although it might not be the weather that you expected when you booked your train/plane tickets, it’s actually a good thing. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the beauty and history of Rome. We often forget about the amazing activities available all around town. Cool information about the 10 most stunning beaches in Rome is available for those moments when the sun goes down.

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