The 10 Best Wedding Dress Shops in Italy

The dreamy, exotic designs of the Milan Bridal Shop are well-known. Milan is not the only place to go if you are looking for the perfect wedding gown for your big day. You can find exquisitely designed dresses in other Italian cities. Highly skilled artisans create bridalwear in other places like Rome and Florence from fabric that is whiter than the sky. Bridal shops in Rome Italy are often more affordable, which means more money for the reception and party.

One thing is certain: the best bridal shops in Italy compete for the perfect gowns. You can trust them with everything, from the sketch to the final adjustments. This is how you will dress on your wedding day in a dreamy style. This guide will help you to choose the best silk and intricate lace.

10 Best Italian Wedding Dress Shops

It’s not easy to choose the best bridal gown Italia. This country is known for its fine Italian jewelry. We’ve already seen that Italy is a country of high-skilled artisans. It’s hard to imagine it being any other with Italian wedding dresses online shopping. Every aspect of the experience, from the design to the purchase, is perfected to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Bulgari and Buccellati are luxury brands for jewelry. You would choose Prada or Fendi for Italian designer bags. We are fortunate to have brands such as Pronovias or Le Spose di Milano when it comes down to wedding dress shops in Milan Italy. Don’t be mistaken. You can also find the most stunning cocktail dresses and wedding outfits in Florence Italy, Rome. Keep an eye out for the right outfits and keep your heart open!

1. Pronovias Milan Italy: Bridal Shops

Let’s start this list by introducing Pronovias, one of the most prestigious bridal shops in Milan Italy. This is the most beautiful and fairy-like shop that you will find if you can purchase your gown in the middle of Milano. Pronovias is the elegant princess of Milano, where lace and transparency are its constant muse.

Pronovias is the best place to shop for your wedding dress. You can also accessorize with footwear or jewelry by Milanese. Do you prefer to be a princess or do you prefer boho style? You’ll find the perfect dress for your wedding, no matter what theme it is – modern or classic. Pronovias offers customization options if you want to personalize your gown.

Pronovias Milano Address: Via S. Pietro All’Orto, 6/8, 20121 Milano

2. Bridal shops in Italy: The Woman in White Rome

Visitors and locals alike should visit The Woman in White, one of the most famous Rome Italy bridal shops. You can choose from a variety of brands and the Roman atelier will infuse every design with elegance and quality.

One of The Woman in White’s most popular brands is the Atelier Pronovias, which I mentioned earlier. We can also add Vera Wang and Valentini to Pronovias.

Paola Fabi runs the atelier, which has been in existence for over 20 years. The atelier offers a variety of beautiful fabrics and ready-to wear wedding dresses. You can find romantic models made from silk, chiffon or taffetas that cost between EUR2.000 and EUR9.000 each.

The Woman in White Rome has the perfect wedding dress for you, no matter what style you prefer. The atelier also offers a variety of accessories, including gloves, shoes, and veils.

The Woman in White Address Via Tagliamento 14, 00198 Roma

3. Bridal Stores in Milan Italy: Le Spose di Milano

Le Spose di Milano is one of the most important boutiques for bridal in Milan Italy. They offer a wide selection of couture and luxury dresses. You don’t even need a wedding planner to get one of their beautiful dresses. Le Spose di Milano is my favorite wedding dress shop in Milan Italy.

Ever wondered who designed the stunning wedding dresses worn by Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl? You can find similar high-end wedding gowns on the Le Spose di Milano website.

Style and chic since 1993 without the hassle of running from one shop to another. Le Spose di Milano also has some partners you can book if you have special needs in the areas of wedding planning, photography or travel.

Le Spose di Milano Address: Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, 8, 20121 Milano

4. Carnevali Spose Rome


Carnevali Spose is a bridal shop in Rome Italy. It was founded in 1939 and reflects each thread’s emotions and sophistication. Rosa Carnevali opened her shop in Esquilino at the start of World War II. She used to sell fabrics from famous designers. Maria Carnevali, her niece, took over the business and created Carnevali Spose with the same goal: to make high-quality wedding wear.

You’ll find the perfect fairy-like dress for you if you’re the bride-to-be. Carnevali Spose offers a wide range of tuxedos, and ceremony dresses for guests as well. It is one of the most comprehensive bridal shops in Italy. The Roman shop is home to Luisa Sposa and Pronovias as well as Aire, Cymbeline, Aire, and Aire.

Carnevali Spose has beautiful models for you to choose from when shopping for bridal lingerie, veil, and gloves. To ensure that all adjustments can be made, it is best to order your gown at least three to nine months in advance of your wedding.

Carnevali Spose Address: Via Venti Settembre, 122, 00187 Roma

5. Wedding Dress Shops in Florence Italy: Stella Sposa Firenze

Let’s just be honest, there aren’t many online shops that offer Italian wedding dresses. You’ll be glad you took the time to see the quality and service offered by a wedding shop. You should remember that choosing your wedding gown is an once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

Stella Sposa, a Florence-based boutique, is here to help. Stella Sposa Atelier is a jewel in the Italian bridal industry, offering elegant wedding and cocktail dresses. This workshop offers exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. A Stella Sposa gown is available for as little as EUR1.000 to EUR3.000. It’s also a bonus that it is located in Florence, one the most romantic cities of Italy.

Stella Sposa Florence Address: Via Reginaldo Giuliani, 139, 50141 Firenze

6. Atelier Eme Milan: Bridal Shops in Milan Italy

I would be lying if Atelier Eme wasn’t one of my favorite bridal shops in Milan Italy. The shop is centrally located in the city and offers everything you have been looking for since childhood. Atelier Eme has a wonderful interpretation of Bridal Couture Italia’s classic, yet loose-flowing style. You will find the most beautiful dresses for both brides and their guests on these racks. This is also where you can find matching bridesmaids dresses in Milan Italy.

It was established in 1961. The amazing designs can now be found in more than 41 shops across Italy. Fun fact: Atelier Eme is part of the Calzedonia Group since 2015. It has maintained the luxurious feel of every dress.

Atelier Eme offers the best wedding dresses starting at EUR1.200 if you are looking for a Milanese bridal shop. The Milanese experts can also make custom-made dresses.

Atelier Eme Address: Vicolo Giardino, 1, Milano 20121

7. Glen Couture Rome

Glen Couture Atelier is perhaps the most famous of all the Italian bridal shops. All of the shops in this post offer glamorous outfits. While some shops are focused on classic elegance and others have a more casual feel, some offer glam outfits. Glen Couture Atelier combines both, creating extravagant wedding gowns that can still be worn by the timidest of us.

This is one of the many bridal shops in Rome Italy, which has its roots deep in the 20th Century. It was founded in the middle 30s, when dresses and femininity were the rage. Glen Couture Atelier is located just a few steps from Campo de’ Fiori. Here you will find exclusive dresses created in collaboration with them. The Glen dresses can be customized to fit your body and personal style. Glen Couture allows you to create your accessories!

Glen Couture Atelier Address: Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 4, 00186 Roma

8. Bridal Stores in Milan Italy: Nicole Spose

Nicole Milano is a company that has redefined bridal couture Italia. Nicole Milano was founded by Alessandra Rinaudo, founder, and Carlo Cavallo in 1996. This was a time when classic and modern blended seamlessly. Many brides have embraced the brand’s Italian style. Nicole Milano is more than a simple boutique selling wedding dresses in Milan Italy. It has expanded to become a global brand.

You can find Nicole wedding gowns in approximately 4.000 shops worldwide. The sister brand Nicole Milano, which includes dresses for cocktail and accessories for brides, is also available. Nicole Milano’s hair accessories and jewelry are the best.

Nicole Milano Address: Viale Beatrice d’Este, 7, 20122 Milano

9. La Sposa di Firenze

It is better to not shop for Italian wedding dresses online. Again, I will prove that you need to touch and see Italian dresses before you can buy them online. La Sposa di Firenze is the ideal place to make the occasion special. This prestigious shop offers a variety of classic and contemporary designs that will suit every personality.

The wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing that deserves all the attention and detail. The atelier also stocks high-end brands like Rosa Clara, Almanovias and Pronovias. The atelier is all about formal sophistication, and an understanding of how a wedding gown should be worn. La Sposa di Firenze has slowly evolved into a one-stop shop for all your bridal needs.

La Sposa di Firenze Address: Via del Ponte alle Mosse, 136, 50144 Firenze

10. Bridal Couture Italia: Peter Langner Showroom

Peter Langner Showroom would be my choice if I had to choose between the most innovative wedding dress shops in Milan Italy. The designer has been a leader in the wedding Italian market for over 30 years. You will love all his wedding dresses. Bridal shops in Milan Italy are able to take advantage of the highly-creative fashion scene. You will be mesmerized if you visit Milan to see the array of exquisitely-crafted outfits.

Peter Langner, much like Milano is synonymous with style, elegance, and sophistication. The designer has been a trained at prestigious Maisons such as Christian Dior and Emanuel Ungaro since 1991. This has made Italian excellence look good. These dresses are so beautiful, you’d be happy to marry again and again just to have them on your wedding day.

Peter Langner Showroom Address: Via Bigli, 19, 20121 Milano

10 Best Bridal Shops in Italy

We’ve seen that it is difficult to find Italian wedding dresses online in Italy. It is always better to visit the top bridal shops in Milan Italy, Rome or romantic Florence. Only then can you determine which type of dress is best for you. Will you prefer a short, puffy, mermaid-like gown? One thing is certain: Italian wedding dress designers are skilled in their craft.

If you are looking for a wide range of avant-garde and classic shapes, Pronovias may be the right place to shop. For dreamy designs, don’t forget to check out the artisan shops in Florence Italy. You’re planning your perfect day, and you will be surrounded by these ten shops wherever you go. You might even be tempted to buy one of the most famous Italian lipstick shades that will match your outfit throughout the day!

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