The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Italy

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Italy is one the most well-known countries. It has a long history, incredible architecture, and ancient ruins. Its natural beauty, beaches and natural landscapes are what draws people to it. Have you ever wondered what the most beautiful waterfalls are in Italy?

It’s time to show you more about Italy, one of the most beautiful places in the world. The many treasures it holds will be revealed in the article. Italy also has a lot of waterfalls. Let’s find it.

Find the best waterfalls in Italy

We’ll be talking about Italy’s amazing waterfalls. It is hard to find a better waterfall in Italy than these. Every year, tourists travel around the globe to witness the natural wonders of the earth.

This article will show you some of the most stunning waterfalls in Italy. They can be found all over the country. You will also be shown 10 waterfalls from Italy along with their spectacular jumps. Cascate delle Marmore, a waterfall located in Italy’s Umbria Italy is one of the most impressive. It also includes Italy hot springs waterfall destinations and stunning waterfalls Tuscany Italy.

1. Cascate del Verde, Abruzzo

Cascate del Verde is the first waterfall you must see in Italy. This stunning oasis can be found in the Regional Natural Reserve. Borello is the best way to get there from Abruzzo.

This natural waterfall is located at 800m altitude with a drop down of 200 meters. You can also book a guided tour online or by calling ahead to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

2. Cascata del Toce, Piemonte

Cascata del Toce, Piemonte, Photo from

Cascata di Toce Piemonte is the next most beautiful waterfall of Italy. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy, and it inspired great artists such as Wagner. The beautiful 1863 hotel is one example of what you’ll notice when you get closer.

The Cascata di Toce Piemonte, located at the top Of the Toce Falls, is 1700m above the sea. You can also book a hotel stay. You will be amazed at the view from up as it was recently renovated.

3. Cascate del Serio, Lombardia

A legend surrounds our third most stunning waterfall in Italy. Legend has it that the waterfall was made from the tears of a young girl. She was unable to see her beloved one because she was kept from her by a jealous noblewoman. It is located in Lombardia, and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy.

They are actually formed by the Serio River crossing with Val Seriana. Be sure to select tourist opening days when you plan on visiting. You won’t get the best view of the falls if you don’t choose the right days.

4. Cascate di Lequarci, Sardegna

The Lequarci Waterfall is Sardegna’s perfect spot for those who love breathtaking views. This waterfall can be found near Santa Barbara, Ulassai. When it rains, Lequarci waterfall is a stunning representation of water.

Its waters are powerful and spread out to create small lakes around the world. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy. Because it is so wide, you can see it even from far away.

5. Cascate del Mulino e del Gorello, Terme di Saturnia, Toscana – Waterfalls Tuscany Italy – Italy hot springs waterfall

The hot springs of Tuscany Italy Cascate del Mulino e del Gorello can be found in Manciano (province of Grossector). It is one the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. You can also find thermal sulfurous water in the natural area, which is generated by the thermal steam from Gorello.

This Italy hotsprings waterfall is a great spot to relax. Also, make sure you check out Cascate del Mulino, Terme de Saturnia, and other places. This Italy hot springs waterfall can be visited year-round due to its beneficial effects on health. Tourists from all over the globe visited it. It’s also the most popular hot spring waterfall in Tuscany.

6. Grande Cascata di Villa Gregoriana, Lazio – One of the most amazing waterfalls in Italy

Grande Cascata di Villa Gregoriana Lazio boasts breathtaking views. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Italy is located in Trivoli, near Lazio. The largest waterfall in Italy can be found at Villa Gregoriana Park in Trivoli Italy It is located right after the Cascata dielle Marmore in Umbria.

You will also be able experience the forest and the paths leading to caves as well as the incredible greenery. The Grande Cascata di Villa Gregoriana is also accessible from the park. Villa Gregoriana Park is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

7. Cascata delle Marmore Umbria – One the most beautiful waterfalls in Umbria Italy

Cascata dielle Marmore is the next waterfall we recommend in Umbria Italy. This waterfall is unique because it is used to generate electricity. It is formed from the river Velino, in Valeria. It is a popular tourist spot in Italy.

Its history is what it preserves. Also, the Cascate delle Marmore waterfall is Italy’s tallest waterfall. It was constructed by Romans centuries ago. Cascate delle Marmore waterfall, Italy, would make a great spot for family vacations in the natural world.

8. Cascate del Stroppia Piemonte

Cascate del Stroppia Piemonte, Photo from

Cascate del Stroppia Piemonte is a waterfall often referred to as one of the most magnificent ever seen. You’ll reach the Maira Valley after a short drive from Cuneo Italy. It takes about 30 minutes to hike from your parking spot.

You can stop at many places to admire the natural beauty before you reach Cascate del Strappia. You will be convinced to visit Cascate del Stroppia Piemnto, even if you only read about it.

9. Cascata Del Rio Verde

Cascata del Rio Verde, located near Borello is one of the most impressive and beautiful waterfalls in Italy. Cascata del Rio Verde is over 600 feet tall. Even though it is considered one the most hidden gems in Abruzzo, it is easily accessible.

It is most spectacular to see the waterfalls in spring, when there is more water. You can also hike around the waterfalls to see them from different angles in the National Park of Abruzzo.

10. Cascate del Catafurco

Cascate del Catafurco is the last waterfall in our list of 10 best waterfalls italy. It is located west of Palermo on Sicily’s coastline. The area is a place of tranquility that amazes everyone who visits it. After a 3-kilometer walk through Parco de Nebrodi, the waterfall can be reached easily.

Cascate del Catafurco, a wonderful destination for those who love to explore the area, is ideal. Tourists have the option to enjoy a relaxing swim or visit the villages surrounding it.

The best waterfalls of Italy – Explore Italy’s beautiful beauty

You might be wondering which one should you put on your next-year’s travel bucket list. This amazing projection of nature can only be experienced by booking a tour to Italy. It is also possible to find waterfalls all over Italy. Begin by exploring the Marmore Falls, which is the tallest waterfall in Italy.

We hope you found our list of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls from Italy helpful in planning your next year’s getaway. It’s a wonderful way to discover Italy’s waterfalls. Take in the beauty of Italy’s landscapes and nature. You should also visit the beautiful destinations surrounding them. You are also stuffed with knowledge. Enjoy!

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