The finest granita anywhere in the world

Sicilian culture and history is represented by the ritual of Sicilian Granita, a semi-frozen sicilian dessert.

Sicily is known as the home of granita. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages when the nuvaroli collected the snow from the main Sicilian mountain ranges: Mount Etna and Peloritani. They then stored it in the neviere (holes covered with bricks or stones) and moved them to the beach during the warmer months.

The snow was then mingled with lemon juices or fruit syrups to create delicious and refreshing sorbets.

Over time, the rattata (method of grating snow) has changed. The snow was once used as a refrigerant and has now been replaced with water, honey, and sugar. This makes the mixture creamy and delicious.

This distinctive mixture is refreshing, sweet, and rich in flavor, today is the Sicilian Granita.

Locals and tourists from around the globe, not only during summer, but all year round, continue to enjoy this ritual. It is a time of great communion and social interaction.

We recommend that you take at least 30 minutes to fully appreciate the Sicilian Granita. This is very different from the grattachecca found in Roma, the sorbet, or the cremolata. Sit comfortably outside at a bar while you admire the architectural beauty, read a newspaper, or just chat with your friends.

These are the most loved Sicilian Granita flavors:

Lemonis a traditional flavor that is refreshing and low in calories.

Almond, the most popular flavour, is often made with a small amount of bitter almonds to enhance its intense aroma.

Pistachios of Bronte rich in colour, and above all in taste

Coffee is the best flavor for breakfast. It can also be combined with almond flavour.

Chocolate made with low-fat chocolate is the most beloved taste of all. Serve with Almond or Pistachio Granita.

Mulberries,tasty, and refreshing, for the most discerning palates.

Strawberry with a sweet and fresh taste. It is great when paired with lemon flavor.

Peach has a light, delicious flavor and is great when combined with almond or Mulberry Granita.

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