These are the 5 Best Things to Do in Milan in Fall

A few amazing walking tours are offered in Milan. Our expert guides can show you the hidden gems of Italy if you are planning to visit Milan this year.

Are you planning to travel to Italy in the fall? Avoid making the same mistake that many tourists make by skipping Milan. It is missing the historic sites of Rome and Florence but it makes up for it with amazing buzz and delicious food. It is our favorite time to visit Italy, and perhaps the best time of year to visit Milan. As the weather changes, there are many things you can do in Milan. Here are our favorites:

Join the San Siro Mega-Fans

San Siro is Europe’s largest and most famous soccer stadium. Photo by Alessio Brangadini, Vi Flickr

There is no better way to spend a fall evening than watching Italy’s top sport. It’s the national pastime of Italy, and Milan’s San Siro stadium has it all! It boasts more than 80,000 seats and is the largest stadium in Italy. Grab a scarf, cheer for Inter Milan or AC Milan and enjoy the match. Check out our guide for watching a soccer match on Italy.

Milan Fashion Week: Get in the crowd

Photo by William Murphy via Flickr

Although this year’s fashion weeks is over (it ran from September 23 to September 29), you should still make it to Milan one year. The city transforms into one of the most spectacular spectacles in the entire world. Even if you don’t get to see a show in Milan, the streets are alive with street peacocks from the fashion world who are out and about trying to be seen. Take a camera with you and take a walk around the city. You will see models, celebrities and designers competing for the spotlight. It’s a great way to have fun in Milan every fall and spring. To learn more about the best ways to take in all the glamour, visit our blog Milan Fashion Week: Everything You Need to Know.

Take a stroll through the park

The fall is a beautiful time to visit Milan’s parks. Photo courtesy Luca Volpi via Flickr

Strolling through the parks of Milan is a great way to spend a day in the city, especially when they are filled with fall colors. Milan is an industrial city in Italy, and there are many beautiful parks for tourists to choose from. For a quick break from sightseeing, you can stroll through the Parco Sempione just behind Castello Sforzesco. If you want to spend more time outdoors, visit Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli (Indro Montanelli Public Gardens), near Porta Venezia. The giardini Pubblici, located to the northeastern of the city centre, are large and beautiful, with plenty of fountains, playgrounds, and grottos for you to enjoy the afternoon. You can stop by the Natural History Museum and the Planetarium to finish your visit.

Eat at Expo 2015.

This fall, the 6-month-old Milan Expo 2015 will come to an abrupt halt on October 31. Expos are large expositions that focus on a subject of universal interest. Think world fairs. This year’s Expo theme is “Feeding the Planet.” The 2015 Expo is dedicated to Energy for Life, an appropriate topic for Italy. It allows the country to showcase its food heritage as well as share in the global food heritage. This Expo will feature 130 countries and 53 national pavilions that showcase their best food products. Don’t miss your chance to see the action. To learn more about the event, including why you should attend and how to get there, read our Milan Expo Guide.

On December 7, celebrate the patron saint of your city.

You can catch the first Christmas decorations if you visit at the end of the autumn. Photo by Giorgio Galeoti via Flickr

With the feast day Sant’Ambrogio, the patron saint of Milan, December 7th marks the beginning of winter in Milan. The Milanese celebrate their long weekend with a public holiday on the 8th of December. This is followed by a Mass at the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, and the opening of Oh Bei, Oh Bei’s Christmas market in central Milan. This is a unique Milanese tradition. As you enjoy roasted chestnuts and vin brule, meet the Milanese and get to know each other. You can also start Christmas shopping early at the artisans booths. The festivities may have ended with fall in the minds the Milanese but they aren’t!

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