These are the most stunning beaches in Sicily

It is difficult to choose just a few of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches. Because the island is so diverse, it offers a wide range of views and crystal clear water. It also has natural artworks that are truly unique. You must start somewhere to discover the amazing world of the Sicilian Sea.

Calamosche, located near Siracusa is within the Vendicari wildlife area oasi. It’s not far from Noto’s baroque style. It is a stunning cove that measures 200m in length. It lies between two rocky promontories with many caves and ravines in Mediterranean vegetation. The sea is calm and clear. You can also find San Lorenzo beach nearby.

Isola dei Conigli. It is located in Lampedusa.

It’s a small slice of Africa in Sicily. There is rich marine life where loggerhead turtles lay their eggs. There are many shades of watercolors. Domenico Modugno fell in love with it because of this. Tripadvisor voted l’isola Dei Conigli the most beautiful beach on the planet.

Riserva del Zingaro (and environs), between Palermo e Trapani

A stretch of coastline connects two villages that are amongst the most interesting on the island. Scopello is home to towering cliffs, charming little villages, and the popular San Vito Lo Capo beach. Its beach is pink, and it looks like a Caribbean one. Its coves with their clear, sandy beaches are an example of unspoiled Mediterranean vegetation. It grows among olive trees, dwarf palms and fragrant evergreens.

Scala dei Turchi

It is truly a unique spot. It can be found along the coast of Realmonte and Porto Empedocle (Agrigento). This is a white limestone and clay high-rock, formed by nature in many layers. This is an amazing example of how nature can change landscapes over time.

Torre Salsa

It is the longest beach in Sicily. This is an ideal spot to escape the stress and has been a protected natural area for many years. It is an area that is truly undeveloped and has no tourist services. It runs from Siculiana to Eraclea Minoa. It can be reached via several routes, but it is hidden like precious gems.

San Leone

It is the most well-known beach in Agrigento, with its long sandy shore and golden sand.

There are a series of beaches that transform into outdoor pubs at night, attracting young Agrigento residents. This place is a great spot for surfers, too.


It is known as the Palermo Beach. It is very light sand that can be described as a color palette, where the sun, the sea, and the clouds create countless shades of turquoise to emerald. These colors will be etched in our memories forever. You can see the long beaches of palm trees and Art Nouveau villas scattered all over. Even for children, it is perfect from spring through autumn. You will find parasols, deckchairs, and colorful wooden cabins in the range from May through September.

The old fishing village is just around the corner. Here you will find many restaurants where you can try traditional dishes and a small harbor that features colorful fishing boats.

Isola Bella

A little distance from the Taormina is a thin stripe of white sand that connects the coast with a very green rock. This contest is extremely emotional. It’s no coincidence that the Isola Bella has been called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”.


It is the magnificent beach you can see from the Tindari’s sanctuary. (Messina) Here, nature created stretched ponds. You want to get down to view the sandy strips as they appear from up above. You can swim and walk in this unique setting while enjoying a wonderful view from the end of the beach.

Punta Secca

Montalbano’s fans would recognize Vigata beach as the place where the windows of the famous commissioner are at first glance. The golden beach in the Ragusa province is charming.

Porto Palo di Menfi

There are many sandy beaches from Menfi (Agrigento), to Capo Granitola, and then to Mazara del Vallo(Trapani). Porto Palo is a favorite because of its natural beauty and the freedom from city life. You can enjoy traditional food at the beachfront, including delicious white wines and fresh fish.

Capo d’Orlando

It is located near Messina, just before the Aeolian Islands. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises depending on how steep the beach is.


The fishing village of Scicli ( Ragusa ) is located near a long sandy beach.

This place is characterized by rolling dunes, a pine forest, and an amazing archaeological factory, Fornace Penna. It was built in the early 1900s to make clay bricks.

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