Top 10 Italy Explained posts of 2015

This past year, which was launched by Italy Explained in late 2014 marks the first year in which I can go back and review a calendar year to analyze data. Although I enjoy analysis, there isn’t much I can do without significant help. However, I can tell you which posts you guys are reading most.

Here is a list with the top 10 most-viewed posts on Italy Explained 2015. It’s not surprising that some of the most popular posts on Italy Explained in 2015 were from 2015. The Milan Expo took place in 2015 and the Jubilee began this year. So it makes sense that people would search for information about both. There are some surprising entries, however.

Do you know of any other popular articles?

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The Most Popular Articles Explained by Italy 2015


You guys are planners and not shopaholics. This post about Italy’s seasonal sales has been the most popular on the site in the last year. January sales are coming soon. Are you ready to go on a shopping spree in Italy with your friends?

2. Itinerary to Italy: Two Perfect Weeks

This post is so popular, it doesn’t surprise any of us. Two-week trips are quite common for Americans. I have covered most of the major tourist attractions on my first trip to Italy. This itinerary is a good starting point, although I encourage you to adjust it if it doesn’t work for you.

3. Milan Expo 2015: What you Need to Know

Expo was a major tourist attraction in Milan for six months this year. I am glad that you found this post useful. The Expo site’s pavilions are still being demolished and plans for the future are being made. As I learn more about Expo site, I will keep this blog updated.

4. The Jubilee Year 2016: Everything You Need to Know about the Holy Year of Mercy

Pope Francis officially opened the Jubilee Year by opening the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, on December 8, 2018. This post contains a summary of events that took place during the Holy Year of Mercy. I will also update it as I find relevant news and links.


Sometimes you don’t have enough time to travel for two weeks. Or maybe you only have two weeks and want to see more than one country. A one-week itinerary is a great option. In this instance, I have provided a few options to help you choose.

6. Day Trips From Milan

This article is ranked so high because of the large number of Expo attendees. Milan is not my favorite city, but I do enjoy it. A long stay in Milan gives you the opportunity to explore the area. I hope you enjoyed these day trips.


I enjoy cultural or historical tidbits that tell stories about language. I am happy to see that you like them as well. It is interesting to learn the history of “ciao”, especially considering how common it is.

8. Italian Gelato Flavors – What You Need To Know

Evidently, gelato is a favorite of your guys! Or you enjoy reading about gelato. Anyway, for the sake of your tastebuds, I hope all this reading leads you to sample. You want to learn more? My book .

9. How to Handle Italian Train Strikes

It’s a great way to travel around Italy by train. I love being able to take the train everywhere. It’s important to know how to find out when there are scheduled strikes and what to do in case you get one. You want to know more? Get my book .

10. January Travel to Italy: What You Should Know

It is more than the summer months. However, it doesn’t include January. The lasts longer. It’s great to see so many people planning trips outside of the summer months. Perhaps you are going to a Jubilee celebration?

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