Top 10 Italy Explained posts of 2016

We are at the top of a new calendar with so many possibilities ahead of us… But, before we move on to 2017, I want to look back at 2016. In particular, I want to review the top ten most popular articles on Italy Explained in the past year.

It’s not surprising to see that many of the most popular articles from 2016 also made . These are timeless bits of information that will be of great help when planning your trip to Italy. Perhaps I will have to compile a list of my favourite articles from the last year, even though they aren’t the most popular. But, for now, here’s a list of your top 10 Italy Explained Posts of 2015, ranked from #10 through #1.

Happy New Years!

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The Most Popular Articles Explained About Italy 2016


Perhaps it’s because of the uncertainty surrounding visiting Italy in winter. Perhaps it’s because I just wrote why Italy in winter is amazing. You’re curious to know what Italy is like in December, whatever the reason.


While December in Italy has plenty of holiday fun, January doesn’t. You have even more reasons to research Italy before you go on a January trip. You’re doing a great job!

8. Italian Gelato Flavors – What You Need To Know

This? This is essential pre-trip research. You should also make sure to grab a copy of and take it with you.

7. The History and Meaning of “Ciao” in

“Ciao”, as it is known, has a fascinating history. This makes learning a language so interesting to me. Many of you will feel the same. I would like to write more language nerdery articles in the coming year. What are your favorite words and sayings?


It is a tourist attraction that Italy’s annual sales seasons are huge. I knew this before, but I didn’t know how large until I saw the dates for 2016. Although I haven’t done the math, I think I got more questions about 2016 sales dates this year than any other. This is why I wrote an article.

5. Day Trips From Milan

This article was also very popular last year. I attributed it to the Milan Expo. However, it is still extremely popular this year, even though the Expo has ended. I believe that Milan is a major transport hub, so many people choose to spend a few days there before heading to Italy. The downside is that the list of things to see and do in Milan isn’t as extensive or interesting (unlike Rome, Venice or Florence). So? Day trip. This is a wonderful option.

4. The Jubilee Year 2016: Everything You Need to Know about the Holy Year of Mercy

According to the Vatican, the Jubilee of Mercy attracted almost 4 million people. So it is not surprising that so many of your eyes turned to my huge Jubilee Year article. To give it more of a “on the ground” aspect, I added it after I had visited the Vatican. While some of the information may no longer be valid after the Jubilee Year, others can still be useful for general Vatican visits.


You might not have enough time to spend two weeks in Italy, or you may be traveling to another country. No matter what reason you might be reading my recommendations for spending one week with Italy. It was number 5 last year and is now number 3.

2. Itinerary to Italy: Two Perfect Weeks

It’s a great starting point and I would be shocked if it ever falls below the top 10. Two-weeks to Italy is for many the perfect amount of time, given the number of vacation days Americans get. This is also the first trip I took to Italy, so I am confident it will suit many others.


Shopaholics! I hope you find something amazing at one of these sales. Please let me know what you think in the comments. You’re also consistent, this article was number one last year!

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