Top 5 beaches in Tuscany

Explore 5 Beautiful Beaches In Tuscany

Italy has 5% of the world’s Blue Flag beaches, and Tuscany has 19 of them. Blue Flag beaches have safe and clean swimming areas, as well as a healthy environment.


Versilia, which starts at the northern coast of Tuscany, in the north-western region of Lucca is one of Italy’s most popular summer destinations. It is a popular beach destination in Tuscany that attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Versilia boasts a stretch of blue-flag beaches that runs from Forte dei Marmi through Viareggio, all set against the backdrop of the Apuan Alpens. A long promenade is also available with high-end shops, bars, and restaurants.

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Versilia has many entertainment options for visitors. Enjoy a luxurious bathing experience with the family, or dance at the beach parties together. In the evening, take a walk on the promenade along with your partner, and then enjoy a romantic sunset dinner overlooking The Sea.

The children will also be pleased. The shallow waters make the white sandy Versilia beaches ideal for children. There are many green spaces and playgrounds to entertain the children.

There are many outdoor activities that can be done to make your holiday more sporty. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, and canoeing as well as football, table tennis, and hiking.

For centuries, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi have been popular Tuscany seaside escapes. The towns have beautiful beaches with fine sandy beaches, upscale resorts, and some of Europe’s most prestigious clubs. Viareggio also offers a few free spiaggia liberas, which are beaches that you can enjoy for no cost.

This town transforms into the ‘Capital of Carnival in Tuscany every February and March. Streets are filled with amazing masked parades, and the promenade is decked out with colorful, allegorical flots by well-known artists.

Versilia is a great place to enjoy the sun and be seen. Versilia is full of fun and lively people, from sporty kids to grooving party animals, to newlyweds to romantic couples, Versilia has it all.

The Best of Tuscany tour allows you to see more of Tuscany, including the beach parties. You will have the opportunity to see Florence, Cinque Terre, and the Tuscan countryside over four days with an expert guide and plenty of free time. You can book this 4-day adventure here.

Golfo di Baratti

The scenic Golfo Di Baratti is located further south of Livorno, on the northern side Maremma. This quiet, peaceful gulf is surrounded by pine-covered dunes and a beautiful crescent-shaped sandy beach that’s covered in typical Mediterranean scrub.

A fine strip made of sand divides the crystalline sea, which has a shallow bottom, and the lush green cape that overlooks the beach. The soil contains iron minerals, which gives the sand a reddish color.

This beach is pet-friendly and a great place to enjoy a peaceful, sunny vacation with your family or friends. For one of the most beautiful holiday rentals in Maremma, check out “Castello Leopoldo”.

Baratti offers more than just a beautiful beach. Just behind the green promontory is a secret rocky bay known as ‘Buca delle Fate. You can only reach it by foot via a pebbly path.

Baratti also houses one of the most important Etruscan Necropolises in Tuscany. It dates back to the ninth century B.C. To see the remarkable archaeological remains of Etruscan Age, make sure to visit ‘Populonia’s Center’

Make a quick and worthwhile detour to Elba Island before you continue south from Baratti. This island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago national park, which makes it an exotic and unique destination in Tuscany.

Elba’s beaches offer a variety of scenery and unspoiled natural wonders. Because of its rich seabed, Elba offers many different types of fish and is a great place to do outdoor activities such as diving and snorkeling.

Cavoli Beach

Cavoli is one of Elba’s most famous beaches. This beach is located on the south coast of Elba, approximately 4.5km from Marina di Campo.

This beach is a top contender for the best beaches in Tuscany because of its transparent waters and soft white sand. It is even more beautiful than the Caribbean. Cavoli beach is also capable of capturing Caribbean vibes. It’s the most popular beach in Italy.

The beach is lively and full of bars and hotels, and it becomes very popular with party-loving teenagers in summer. You can swim in the sheltered bay, and nearby are stunning grottos or caves that shimmer in a variety of colors.

This beach is a great place to feel ‘cool’ and party until the early hours of the morning.

Sansone Beach

Sansone Beach is another stunning beach in Tuscany. It’s also located on Elba Island. It is located on the northern side of the island, in Portoferraio. This beach has one of the most stunning stretches of coastline. Named after the mythical, ancient character ‘Samson,’ the beach was named.

The towering cliffs of Elba’s northern side are a highlight. Sansone Beach is located beneath some of the most striking rocky cliffs in the island. The shadow of these white rocks overlooks the crystal clear sea and creates a long stretch of brilliant white sand.

You can cliff dive into the natural swimming pool on the right, and kayak or canoe onto the sea stack on the left. This paradisiac beach is home to hundreds of colorful fish, making it an excellent place to snorkel and scuba dive.

The hotel has a restaurant as well as many lidos that are equipped for visitors. For a relaxing holiday in Elba, visit ‘Villa Le Palme.

Sansone is undoubtedly a wonderful place to spend your holidays. You can sunbathe, dive, snorkel, kayak, and explore undiscovered coves.

Castiglione della Pescaia

Continue on to Maremma and continue past Punta ala in the Province of Grosseto. You will reach Castiglione della Pescaia. This is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Tuscany.

The charming town is known for its beautiful beaches and warm, southern climate. The town’s skyline is dominated by a medieval fortress, which has historic homes arranged around a hilltop that overlooks the sea and a bustling harbor.

Rochette beach, which is nearby, has a beautiful coastline with pebbles as well as light sand. A grove of large maritime pine trees covers the long, sandy beach. You can take a stroll with your loved ones, or you can relax on the verdant trail.

Castiglione della Pescaia’s clear waters and high-quality services make it a great choice for families with kids. This beach in Tuscany also offers many amenities and activities that will keep everyone happy.

You can rent a sailboat for a cruise or take your children on a rented pedalo. You can surf, go snorkeling, diving, and swimming for an exciting holiday.

A top choice is to stay at the Le Rocchette beach resort. If you are willing to travel a little further from the beach, there are cheaper, quieter accommodation options in the surrounding countryside.

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