Your Insider’s Guide to Torino, Italy

Beautiful Torino, Italy with a view over Mole

Torino, Italy is one of the largest cities in the country. It’s amazing that tourists still find it so far off the beaten path because of its size and many attractions.

The capital of the Piedmont region boasts chic piazzas and Baroque architecture, palaces and castles. It’s also home to the Savoia family which ruled Italy for many centuries. Torino was the Republic’s first capital at its founding. Later years saw Torino emerge as a significant hub for Italian business. In 1899, Fiat, an Italian car manufacturer, was established in Torino. It is still a key industrial player in the city.

Are you curious about the best things to do in Torino as a tourist? These are our top picks!

Museos and palaces in Torino (Italie)

Palazzo Reale. Photo by Fulvio, Flickr

It’s strange, but it is true: Torino is home to the world’s highest museum. It’s because of the Mole Antonelliana, the tower that has become the symbol for the city. The landmark was originally built to house a synagogue. It now houses the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum), which documents the history of international cinema. For breathtaking views, take the elevator up to the top floor. But beware of the local legend that says students who go to the top for the views will not graduate.

We love the large Museo Egizio, the Museo dell’Automobile and the Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano.

You want to experience the lavish lifestyle of royalty. Piazza castello is the place to be. Here you will find the opulent Palazzo Reale(Royal Palace), and the Palazzo Madama. This beautiful museum of art was once home to both the queens and the first senate in the Italian kingdom.

Torino’s most beautiful parks

View of the Po River, Turin’s Parco del Valentino

The best way to discover Torino is to bike. You can ride down the streets, many of which are pedestrian-only, and then head to the magnificent parks.

Parco del Valentino – This is a wonderful spot to spend an afternoon. You can relax by the Po River overlooking a castle or medieval village. The Giardini Reali (Royal Gardens), which were designed by the same architect that created Versailles’ gardens, and the hilltop gardens on the Superga basilica have stunning views of the city.

Torino: Eat and drink

Eataly, Torino. Photo by Italo Treno (Flickr)

Torino is home to many gourmet experiences, as well as museums, castles, and parks. Many shops and restaurants in Turin are inspired by Slow Food, which originated in the region and offers fresh produce and products from local vendors. You can also find the original Eataly, a gourmet market, which is now available in Rome, Bologna and New York City.

Local specialties such as gianduja (chocolate with hazelnut paste) or grissini (“thin, crispy breadsticks”) are available in Torino. Aperitivo is a key part of every evening in Turin. We recommend heading to Quadrilatero romano for a pre-dinner cocktail. What you need to know about aperitivo Italy ).

The Shroud of Turin

Duomo di Turin, Italy

Many tourists flock to Torino to see the mysterious Shroud of Torino, which is believed to contain the image of Jesus’ face and body. It can be found in the Duomo di San Giovannithe main cathedral at Torino. The shroud in the church is a replica of the relic. The delicate original is seldom displayed. ).

Sport in Torino

Torino’s Olympic Village. Marco Scala photo

Torino is a great place for sports lovers! Torino hosted 2006 Winter Olympics. Its renovated stadium and colorful Olympic Village are historical landmarks that can be used as apartments or offices. It is home to the internationally renowned Juventus Football Club with its modern stadium just outside the city centre.

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