10 Best Gyms In Milan

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Our list includes a number of good gyms in Milan. This list can help you choose the right one, whether you’re staying in a hotel with no gym or you don’t know where to start. Based on their facilities, location, equipment, and other criteria, we have chosen the best gyms of Milan.

10 Best Gyms In Milan

It might seem strange that we don’t include prices in this list. It is because the Italians don’t display the price list on their website. While a few do, most expect you to call or go to reception to sign up.

Each gym has different types of equipment. Some gyms are designed for fitness enthusiasts while others offer sports such as pilates, kickboxing and functional training. We also include a few gyms with swimming pools. Let’s take a look at these gyms!

1. 7 City Club

The 7 City Club is one of the most important gyms in Milan. It is located in central Milan, close to the Duomo. It offers comfort and is designed with customers in mind. It is beautifully designed and feels luxurious. There are many options inside.

7 City Club Milan has a large fitness area with the most advanced equipment. There are many courses available, in case you feel uncomfortable lifting weights. After a swim in the pool, you can relax in the Turkish bath, sauna or thalasso tub. The gym has its own beauty room that offers therapeutic massages.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 7 – 10.30 pm, Sat – Sun, 7 – 7 pm

Location: Via Falcone, 5, 20123

2. Get Fit Express (Fit Mi Milan)

Get Fit Express, also known as Fit Mi Milan, is located between the Isola Area and Central Station Area. This is convenient for those who need to use public transport to get to the gym. You can use all the facilities if you subscribe. You get free WiFi, water/towel and a courtesy set.

A second area has cardio equipment, a fitness room with incredible machines, and free weights. There are 3 courses, a functional area, and a beauty centre. Both men and women can use saunas. There are many personal trainers available. They all have different training styles and can be hired to help you.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 7-10.30pm, Sat, 10am-7pm, Sunday, 9.30-2.30pm

Location: Palazzo Lombardia, Via Luigi Galvani, 23, 20124

3. Gold’s Gym

This one is for fitness enthusiasts. Gold’s Gym is a top-rated gym in Milan and around the globe. It was the first gym to open in Venice Beach, CA. Since then, it has been opened in almost 700 locations. This gym’s prices are clearly visible on the front page. This is not the case with the other gyms in Milan Italy.

Gold’s Gym has the most advanced machines and weights. These dumbbells and barbells can support 150 kg. You will find a large cardio area that can be used for different types of cardio machines. Your membership includes a Finnish sauna, located in the locker rooms. King of Machines, the top machines manufactured by Gym80.

But it’s not over. You can also train outside on a 200m2 area, similar to Venice Muscle Beach. Functional training is possible in a separate room. It is only natural that Gold’s Gym is based on bodybuilding. They have their own posing area. Additional amenities include a shop and personal training.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 7-11 pm, Sat-Sun, 9 am to 9pm

Location: Via Privata Benadir, 5, 20132

4. Anytime Fitness Centrale

Anytime Fitness is a great alternative to your hotelgym. It is the only 24-hour gym in Milan. They are located in a variety of areas around Milan. These gyms can also be found in Rome. The structure is the same everywhere. Only the size of the gyms might differ. To see it in action, you can request a complimentary entry. You will have access to the site 24/7 and security.

Strength training is possible with no cost weights. You can use anything from barbells to squat racks. Functional training is essential! Multi-machine cardio to meet everyone’s needs. You can also take advantage of training services. These services can include personal training, group training, or both. There are many options!

Location: Via Ruggero Boscovich, 14, 20124

5. Milan Cassala Gym

Milan Cassala Gym makes it on this list because it offers a swimming pool you should try. It is always a good idea to combine swimming with the gym. This gym is large and offers weight training, free weights, cardio machines, and a lot more. It covers over 2000m2. Technogym Touch Screens connect to the Free Italian Gyms App, which allows you to stream Netflix and Youtube as well as access social media.

This amazing feature is not only. You also have access to live and virtual classes. The subscription also includes access to pilates, functional and cycling training, MetCon, Kombat, yoga, and pilates. You also have access to the Olympic swimming pool and a spa with Turkish Baths. Aesthetic Centre with body/beauty treatments.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Fri 7 a.m. to 10.30 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sun 9 o’clock – 3 .pm.

Location: Viale Cassala, 22, 20143

6. David Lloyd Malaspina

David Lloyd is one such Milan gym that you can only access if your club membership allows. It also has a weight training area. Their gyms may not be as large as regular ones, but they are still big enough to keep you fit. There are two swimming pools: one is 25m outside and another is 50m Olympic-sized outdoor. There is also a pool for children that is only open during summer.

You’ll find a sauna and hammam in the spa section. You can find an outdoor tennis court, but there are also some that are covered in winter. Summer camps are offered for children. There are 110 classes each week, and plenty of activities for children to do while they’re working out.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 7-11 pm, Sat, 8.30 am to 11.30 pm, Sun, 8.30 am until 11 pm

Location: Via dello Sport, 1, 20068

7. Performante Fitness

If you are looking for a gym that will help you achieve your fitness goals, this is the place to go. All the equipment you need is available. They believe in setting goals, hitting them with targeted workouts, and living a healthy lifestyle beyond the gym. What can you expect inside? They have large reception areas and locker rooms for both men and women.

You will find a room for circuit or functional training in the gym. These include rigs and racks, gladiator walls, multi-pull up bars, benches, discs, battle ropes, all free weights, cardio machines, and bikes. Personal training can be done for one person or four people. You can also choose from circuit or functional training.

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 8-9 pm, Sat, 8-9 pm, Sun, closed

Location: Via Emilio Morosini, 32, 20135

8. Fit4Fight

Fit4Fight Milan is a gym that caters to people who are passionate about combat sports and calisthenics. We’re certain you’ll love one of the many sports offered by Fit4Fight. Start with functional training and cross-training. Continue with Calisthenics and pad training, kickboxing muay Thai, MMA and boxing.

You can also find grappling, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Kenpo Jutsu. Personal defense, heavy bag training as well as kickboxing for juniors and core training. There are two parts to the gym. The first is the gym’s fitness area, and the second the fight area. It’s easy to choose which one you want.

Hours of Operation: Visit their website to see their hours of operation. They may be closed on Sundays.

Location: Via Bisceglie, 74, 20152

9. La Wellness

La Wellness, another Milan gym with a pool, is also available. There are 400m2 of rooms available for group exercise, and there are over 140 weekly. There are also gymnastic activities in the Olympic swimming pool, including resistance training in water. La Wellness offers a relaxing area with sauna and Turkish bath as well as a chromotherapy pool.

They offer a variety of services, including a gym where you can train. A diet bar is available for hot and cold meals, salads, breakfast and dinner. A parking lot is available as well as a medical exam center. There are many services available, including a personal trainer and beauty treatments. La Wellness can help with all your needs.

Hours of Operation:Mon-Fri, 7-11 pm, Sat, 8-8 pm, Sun, 10-6 pm

Location: Via Tagliamento, 19, 20139

10. OPI Gym

Milan needed another boxing area. OPI Gym is a top-rated gym in Milan for those who love boxing. Their prices are included on their website, which is a bonus! Let’s find out what kind of training they offer.

Boxing is still an option, but you can also do functional workouts, pilates and educational boxing below 18. Anyone who wants to learn self-defense. Boxing classes for children under 13 years old.

Hours of Operation: Mon to Fri 9:30 am to 11pm, Sat 10am to 3:30 pm, Sun closed

Location: Corso di Porta romana, 116/a, 20122

Gyms in Milan Italy – Conclusion

This concludes our list with gyms in Milan Italy. These gyms are great for anyone looking to train or simply enjoy a swim in Milan. Many gyms offer free trial opportunities. This is especially helpful if you’re just passing through Milan. You can also narrow down your choices by choosing the gym that you love most with no cost entry.

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