15 Most Famous Italian Influencers

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What are the top Italian influencers? We have a long list of the most influential Italian Instagram users, including those who are famous for their work in fashion, humor and motorbikes. We didn’t just focus on the basics. We also added Italian-based personalities to our list, as well as the best Italian fashion blogger and the best glam photographer. We are all friends with everyone on this list, and have been following them for many years. We could easily have added more than 30, but we wanted to keep the best selection. These people are active on social media and have a large following.

15 Most famous Italians – Best Italian influencers Today

We have prioritized Italian Instagram influencers because they are active on Instagram and highly popular. Some of the most prominent Italian influencers will be there, including Chiara Ferragni to Michele Morrone and Mariano di Vaio. Also, Buffon, Donatella Versace, and others. We will also be bringing in some of the most popular singers, Italian fashion influencesrs, actors and photographers, as well as designers, photographers, and many more! Let’s find out who the most influential Italian influencers are today!

1. Khaby Lame

75 Million Instagram Followers

Khaby was the man who elevated irony and sarcasm to a new level. Even though we have never heard of him, Khaby is considered to be one of the most influential Italians. He was able build his digital empire in just two years. Khaby is actually Khabane Lame and he’s only 22.

Khaby is an Italian male influencer, but he’s still following people like Zukerberg. Khaby was born in Senegal and has lived in Italy since he was a year old. We tend to focus on Instagram here, but we should mention that Khaby became the second most-followed TikToker worldwide in 2022, which, if I’m honest, is a huge feat from your home.

He signed a multiyear partnership agreement with Hugo Boss last year, and he was featured in their #BeYourOwnBoss campaign this spring in 2022. His most popular video combos, where he shows very simple and obvious ways to solve problems, are incredibly well-known. He became famous in just 2 years. You should follow him now if you haven’t already!

2. Chiara Ferragni

27 Million Instagram Followers

Chiara Ferrragni was the most well-known former Italian fashion blogger and beauty blogger at theblondesalad.com. She is now the most well-known fashion blogger and brand owner in Italy, along with many other incredible things she does! With a following of 27 million, she is one of the most recognizable and most loved fashion influencers around the globe.

Chiara is one of the most well-known Italians , and her brand is booming around the globe. Chiara Ferragni Brand is a great success in her career. She’s also a member of Tod’s, one of the most prestigious Italian shoe brands. They also launched the Ferragnez Series together with her family. It’s available on Amazon and is very similar to the Kardashians (at least my opinion).

Chiara, 33, is married to Fedez, an Italian rapper. She is the mother to two adorable children, Vittoria (and Leo). You can follow her on Instagram to see all aspects of her life. You have the fashion. But she also shows off her brand’s products and gives you insight into her everyday life.

She was also elected to the board of Tod’s, which is one of the most prestigious Italian shoe brands. Chiara is a favorite influencer because she is a successful entrepreneur and her family is very important to her. She is fun, inspirational, and kind. These are all qualities we love!

3. Gianluca Vacchi

22.2 Million Instagram Followers

Although Gianluca Vacchi did not start his Instagram success, he was very popular on TikTok and Instagram. Gianluca Vachi is third in our list of most influential Italians. He is from Bologna and is a businessman and artist.

He became a billionaire within a few years and was renowned for his charisma and style. After some time, he decided that he wanted to enjoy the things he had worked so he began becoming popular on social media. He also earned his reputation as a DJ in the music industry.

Millions and even millions of people follow the Gianluca lifestyle. He is a super fun, happy Gianluca, who seems to enjoy life and be loved by everyone around him. For example, you could see reels and TikTok videos of his housekeeping staff. It’s amazing, I think. Gianluca Vacchi lives with Sharon Fonseca and has a almost 2-year-old daughter.

4. Fedez

13.7 Million Instagram Followers

Fedez is a great influencer in Italy and one of our favourite celebrities. Federico Leonardo Lucia is his full name. He’s 33 years old now and the husband to Chiara Ferragni. Fedez, the most well-known Italian rapper, is also a big supporter of charity. He collected over 6 million euros to help a Milanese hospital recover from the pandemic. They do all this together.

Chiara and Fedez, top Italian Instagram influencers, have two children. They are the smartest, funniest, and most intelligent kids on social media (at least the Italian one). Fedez and Chiara’s son Leo is the perfect example of someone who can make you laugh, even when you don’t want to. You must be able to speak Italian.

Fedez is passionate about politics and corruption. He’s not involved in politics but is a vocal opponent of the negative aspects of the politics in Italy, corruption, and the government’s treatment LGBTQ. He is a collector of law suits and Platinum, among other things. You can see that the politicians against him enjoy taking him to court, even though he is only telling the truth. We can only say we respect Fedez, whom we believe to be one of the most influential male Italians.

5. Valentino Rossi

13.3 Million Instagram Followers

Everybody around the globe, whether they are watching MotoGP or not, knows who Valentino Rossi really is. It’s not about male social media influencers in Italy, but rather a driver who has made his name as one of the most prominent Italians today through his extraordinary talent in motorcycle racing. Valentino was born in 1979 and had an impressive and remarkable career in motorcycle racing.

He is a nine-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing world champion and has been winning these championships with Yamaha and Honda. It’s no surprise that Valentino has been called the greatest racer in history. We know of no other racer who has completed more than 400 Grands Prix. That is quite an accomplishment.

A bad accident caused him to return to racing with a broken leg. There was also the sad accident of Simoncelli, but he still has an amazing career. Because he is so closely associated with MotoGP, his name is well-known. After finishing his season in 2021, he was inducted into the MotoGP Hall Of Fame as an official legend.

6. Michele Morrone

13.1 Million Instagram Followers

This article was published just 2 days before Michele Morrone’s movie, 365 Days’ second part. Given that the actor has gone from a few followers up to 13 million within a very short time after 365 Days was released on Netflix, I think he will quickly pass Fedez Rossi and Valentino Rossi, so we won’t keep him at the 6th spot for too long.

If you are looking for an Italian male influencer, Michele Morrone is the one to look at. Michele Morrone is a well-known Italian celebrity, thanks to his success with the movie and the songs that came out simultaneously.

Actor, model, singer, and 32-year-old actor Aurumroma also owns a fashion and swimwear label. He had previously appeared in several Italian movies, but he didn’t get the deserved attention and fame. It doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t happen. Michele was married for several years, and he has two adorable sons.

7. Gianluigi Buffon

10.1 Instagram Followers

Gianluigi Buuffon is the goalkeeper of the Italian national football team. You don’t have to watch Italian football. But you can’t deny that you could’ve seen Gianluigi Buffon many times over the years as the goalkeeper for the national football team of Italy. Buffon was born in 1978 and is a legend in Italian football.

Buffon is a top Italian influencer, especially for football fans. Buffon, who has 176 international caps, is the 7th most-capped Italian footballer and 3rd in Europe’s history. While we won’t be able to list all of his accomplishments, we will highlight one. Pele named Buffon in the FIFA 100 List of the World’s Greatest Football Players.

You last saw him on international ground was at the UEFA Euro 2020 championship. It ended with a very tense final 30 minutes between England and Italy. Gianluigi Buffon is the biggest thank you. Italy won the UEFA 2021 in London. This was a win that the country and team needed after 2 years of pandemics.

8. Donatella Versace

8.1 Million Instagram Followers

Donatella Versace, like many others on this list, also achieved success without the use of social media. She became well-known on social media for what she did outside of the digital realm. We are not one of the many lists that ignores fashion designers. Donatella is an inspiration to us. She shines a light on women who aren’t confident enough to persevere through any challenges.

We can’t simply say she is an Italian fashion influencer when we talk about her. She’s so much more than that. We can say that she is the queen fashion. This is because we love her style, power, energy and all that she has done in her life. Versace was born with his brother Gianni who was assassinated in 1997. Many would argue that Gianni is the true icon of Versace.

We’ve discovered that Donatella was the true icon of the fashion label. She is still the icon of Italian fashion brands up to today. After her brother’s death she decided not to make the company public and took over the brand. Versace gained the international fame it deserves. We can confirm that she is a queen. Donatella Versace is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Italians. Fashion designer, a woman who changes the fashion world each year.

9. Mariano di Vaio

6.6 Million Instagram Followers

Mariano di Vaio is hands down the best Italian Instagram influencer and top male fashion influencer. Mariano, who is 33 years old, is also an actor, fashion designer and entrepreneur. He has been the face for some of the most recognizable brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss.

Mariano published a book and launched his own jewelry, shoes and eyewear lines. Finally, he founded his own brand, NOHOW. While he studied acting at New York Film Academy, he started his modeling career. We’ve been following him since 2005. The reason? He’s multi-level entrepreneurs. As you can see, almost everyone in this list has their own brands and dozens more projects.

Mariano di Vaio has been married to Eleonora Brunocci di Vaio for over 10 years. They have 4 children, with the youngest at 6 years. The couple has three boys and the youngest little girl is just a few months. We love to follow him because it is absolutely beautiful to witness the power and love that Italian families have. They are a beautiful family. Pippi, their youngest child, is also the cutest and most funny little man you will find on social media.

10. Valentina Ferragni

4.3 Million Instagram Followers

You’re probably putting the picture together slowly, if you read the Chiara Ferrragni section. We also mentioned the Ferragnez series… Valentina is Chiara’s younger sibling. She is a significant fashion influencer in Italy today and is almost 30. Valetina is a key influencer in the Italian Instagram female category.

During her career she worked with many high-end fashion and beauty companies. She also started her own jewelry brand and line. Valentina Ferragni Studio is a success story for blonde beauty. Her stunning pieces, even though I have them, are selling like sugar and starting to appear in more shops like Rinascente.

It’s not surprising, because Valentina Ferragni Studio’s V-form jewelry collection is truly stunning! Her personal life is quite interesting. She’s been married to Luca Vezil since a long time. Their little family can’t forget Pablo, their dog who loves to get biscuits from the flower shop staff down their street.

11. Chiara Biasi

3.4 Million Instagram Followers

Chiara Biasi, another Italian fashion influencer, is here. The Milan-based Italian fashion blogger is part of the group that includes Veronica Ferrero and Chiara Ferragni. Chiara Biasi began her career as one the most influential social media influencers in Italy on YouTube.

YouTube success led to her starting a blog at 20. Chiara now shares more than just fashion. She also shares other topics through her channels, such as food, travel photos, daily routines, and fashion shoots. She also designed her clothing line and collaborated with De Rigo Vision to create a popular collection of sunglasses.

12. Eleonora Brunacci di Vaio

1.4 Million Instagram Followers

We’ve already spoken of Eleonora Brunacci Di Vaio and Mariano, her husband. Eleonora and Mariano live in Perugia. I have been following Eleonora since 2016, when she was pregnant by Leone. She’s also a successful Instagram influencer and works with her husband to create their brand, NOHOW.

Eleonora is one of the most sweet people we met on social media. This lovely and charming lady, who is always kind and thoughtful, is one of the most influential Italian influencers you can follow. She’s a mother of four and has a great social media presence, as well as a steady job and a beautiful life. Although having 4 children is not an easy job, it’s no joke. She’s also incredibly happy and beautiful every day.

We are following Eleonora Brunacci Di Vaio because she and Mariano show us their daily lives, their kids’ lives, and their new house project. She is an amazing inspiration for moms and moms to become, as well as all women who have ever dreamed of having a big, loving, loving family.

13. Veronica Ferraro

1.4 Million Instagram Followers

Veronica Ferraro is an Italian fashion influencer. She is a remarkable Italian fashion influencer who first appeared on social media in 2009. She is also a close friend of Chiara Ferragni. She began her journey with her fashion blog, The Fashion Fruit.

Veronica was a model and a beauty and fitness guru. Although I only started following her about six months ago, I can’t really speak for her. What I noticed is that behind the beauty, you will find a sweet, kind person. This is why I continued to follow her on Instagram.

Veronica is a top Italian social media influencer. However, she launched her clothing line Not After Ten just a few months ago. What I can say is that I am excited to see how her career develops and what she comes up with next. Veronica is a Milano-based influencer.

14. Giulia Valentina

941 000 Instagram followers

Giulia Valentina, our favorite dog-owner Instagram influencer is a true legend. I have been following her since 2020. Giulia Valentina, an Italian influencer who shares information in English, is a great one to follow. However, it’s a good idea to know Italian to enjoy her stories. It’s no surprise that the most successful Instagram influencers in Italy are strong, feminist women who don’t care about other people’s opinions.

She is certainly one of these women. We love her ironic style and how she views the world. Giulia Valentina, 32, is from Turin. However, she is based in Milan. She’s home to 90% of the Italian influencers, and the elite. We follow her because she loves dogs, and especially her chihuahuas.

Chew and Chew are her two iconic chihuahuas. The white chihuahua, Chew, is a well-known name in Italy. Valentina’s interpretation of their lives and the way they live around them is hilarious. We love her account and we follow it closely.

15. Nima Benati

7620.000 Instagram followers

Nima Benati is the queen of glam. She’s one of the most influential glam photographers in Italy. Nima was a fashion photographer for Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent. She was a photographer for Vanity Fair and an influencer for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Nima, one of the most famous Italian influencers is still below one million. Many Italians don’t even know her. We hope she will achieve great things because this talent is rare. She is now thirty years old. Nima posts her daily life on Instagram with lots of glamour pictures and iconic shots that remind of classic Hollywood movies.

Her work is also shared frequently, which alone makes her a great reason to follow one of the most influential photographers in Italy. She is very open about feminism and will speak her mind if she feels it’s wrong or if she’s being judged for her freedom to live her life however she likes. This is why I follow her as an influencer. It’s not feminism. I call it equality.

The 15 most famous Italians

You’ll have realized by now who the influencers are. I write more about them with admiration than I do. As an entrepreneur with my own goals and projects, I naturally look up to people who inspire me in business, life, and the kind of life I want. These are the true influencers. I’m able to be inspired by one person in all areas. There were many of them on this list!

We couldn’t include many other Italian fashion influencers because we prefer sharing more information about one person to packing this article with 30+ names. Then you go without any knowledge about any of them. It’s not a book …? We have listed the top Italian Instagram influencers and those who are based there.

We have included the most influential people in Italy who are well-known for their social media activities, as well as being prominent figures in society and business. We wouldn’t have missed names like Giorgio Armani or Andrea Bocelli if we had done our own list. But no worries! These are the most famous Italian fashion designers’ articles and the most popular Italian singers post. These are also worth checking out!

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