10 Best Vegan Restaurants In Milan Italy

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Milan’s uniqueness is that it doesn’t matter when or where you eat when you are hungry. You can be certain that you will find a nearby restaurant that serves the dish you desire, no matter where you are. You can find the perfect place to satisfy your cravings, whether it is sushi, Milanese cutlets, or just pizza in this metropolis. There are many choices, but there is also a lot of vegetarian options. This article will show you the top ten vegan restaurants in Milan. You love healthy food? Then you will be happy to know where vegan restaurants are located in Milan.

10 best vegan restaurants in Milan Italy – Eating vegan in Milan

Milan is a city known for its many culinary nuances. Milan will satisfy your every whim, no matter what food or wine you prefer. Let’s get into the details of the article. Here you will find all the information about the best vegan restaurants in Milan.

Vegetarian cuisine used to be something that was reserved for the elite. But, nowadays, even the best restaurants can’t ignore the vegan concept, which is becoming increasingly popular. It’s not a coincidence that people are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating Veg. Nutrition plays an important role in the vegan movement. Also, check out our list of vegetarian restaurants in Rome.

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Milan, considered an avant-garde and international city, could not also be a leader in healthy gastronomy. There is the Funny Veg Academy which was founded in 2000. We will soon discover the secret to Joia by Pietro Leemann, the only vegetarian restaurant in the city with a Michelin star. Milan is like getting to know the foundations of a person who is vegan.

1. Joia Restaurant, Milan

Joia is the first place to go for vegan food in Milan. Joia opened in 1989. It has been a vegetarian restaurant for over 30 years. We find the Milanese Pietro Leemann as the captain of the fleet. He is a creative chef who has been able combine tradition and experimentation.

It is difficult not to enjoy the pumpkin and cauliflower pate with a cascade full of fresh sprouts. The Panzanella is a combination of crunchy vegetables with the center of wasabi-scented cannellini bean, with the contrast of bright raspberries and the freshness of basil. The buckwheat Chapati with Chestnuts is also recommended. It will capture your taste buds and bring out the emotion in you.

Address: via Panfilo Castaldi 18, 20124, Milan MI

2. Capra e Cavoli Restaurant

Capra e Cavoli has a lovely atmosphere. It is a garden loft with many small lights that features flowers and plants. Open kitchen gives the restaurant an innovative and beautiful modern character. It is centrally located in Milan.

The restaurant offers traditional, varied dishes as well as special vegetarian and vegan options. The Right Box for Brunch is a speciality, featuring croissants with a beautiful bow and veggie pancakes. The menu also includes the veggie burger with black sesame and purple potatoes with vegan mayonnaise, and the non-risotto rice risotto, which is celeriac grains risotto, creamed with peas and topped with crispy parmesan wafer.

Address: via Pastrengo 18, 20129, Milan MI

3. Ghea Laboratorio Vegetariano

Ghea Laboratorio Vegetariano is described as “The restaurant where nature meets your table”. Ghea, which was featured in the TV episode on vegan food with Alessandro Borghese (Italian chef), is a well-known place in Milan for healthy dishes.

It is located in the peaceful Navigli area. The owners of Ghea have made it their mission to promote a lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment and nature. Ghea’s sustainable cooking is characterized by high quality and awareness of the effects food choices have on the body.

It was founded nine years ago by its young managers. Its unique feature is the use only of organic products from local origin. This preserves their freshness and avoids any animal ingredients. Let’s take a look at the menu. This restaurant offers seasonal dishes with an ever-changing menu. There are many delicacies on offer and the tastes are exceptional.

Address: via Valenza 5, 20144, Milan MI

4. Soulgreen Restaurant, Milan

Another place to eat vegan in Milan is Soulgreen! Soulgreen’s plant-based cuisine, which is suited to the lifestyles of Veg lovers, is elegant and well-suited for vegans.

Ghea is also a seasonal ingredient. The dishes are made by studying the gustatory balance. This allows the flavors, aromas, and colors to best express themselves. The visual aspect is also important, with floral decorations being a constant. Soulgreen Vegan Restaurant in Milan offers a relaxing break that will not only rejuvenate your body, but also your spirit.

Address: Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, 20124, Milano MI

5. NaBi Natura Biologica

NaBi Natura Biologica is a vegan bistro in Milan Italy. It’s one of the top restaurants serving vegan food. With the ultimate goal of making the dish delicious but not too greedy, the raw materials are selected with great care.

This place is unique because it changes the menu every evening. It becomes more vegan-friendly as the evening progresses. Kamut, soy milk and oatmeal are available for breakfast. Lunch is a vegetarian platter with velvety, seasoned veggies and cereals like amaranth or quinoa. The real star is in the evening, when NaBi transforms into a fully-fledged vegan burger joint with customizable sandwiches to suit your tastes.

You can mix different ingredients with gluten-free focaccia or veggie sauces such as beetroot mustard. The Veg Burger with vegetable mayonnaise, and the delicious veggie cheesecakes are worth mentioning.

Address: via Cadore 41, 20135, Milan MI

6. La Sana Gola

This is the place to go if you are looking for vegan food in Milan. La Sana Gola is worth mentioning because it’s a cooking class in which a macrobio-vegan was created to raise awareness about healthy eating in Italy.

This place was created from the idea of an American nutritionist biologist. It offers miso soups and natural sweets. On two Sundays per month, you can also enjoy the vegan brunch buffet featuring homemade products.

Address: via Carlo Farini 70, 20159, Milan MI

7. Altatto Bistro, Milan

Another place to eat vegan in Milan is this! Here’s another suggestion to continue our list of top vegan restaurants in Milan, Italy. Altatto is a gourmet experience that combines food and the senses, for those looking for a top-quality vegan culinary proposition.

This gastronomic experience is based on a love of the land. It ends with a variety of flavors, textures, and colors to be found inside. It is a favorite of many well-known clients and a luxury brand.

Altatto is a bistro that is run by a young team (the average age of the staff is 30 years). This art was refined with Pietro Leemann at Joia, a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Address: via Comune Antico 15, 20125, Milan MI

8. Flower Burger

Flower Burger is a great choice for Instagrammers. It was the first vegan burger restaurant to open in Milan in 2015. It is a popular international chain, which is well-known for its vibrant colors and explosive flavors.

The welcoming and clubbing environment, paired with the bright walls, creates an “Flower Children” atmosphere as soon as you enter the restaurant. This restaurant’s main attraction? Its burgers are so vibrant that they can be mistaken for works of art. You can then taste the purple bread made with black carrot and the yellow one with the turmeric dough. The cherry’s extract makes the pink very vibrant.

Edamame and potatoes scented with paprika are very popular among Asians. We are constantly looking for new colors and the ingredients are updated in order to provide exceptional customer service.

Address: via Tortona 12, 20144, Milano MI

9. Demetra Vegan Food

Another place to eat vegan in Milan is Demetra Vegan Food. Porta Venezia is just a stones throw away from Demetra Vegan Food, a vegan bistro. This little gem is a must-see for health connoisseurs! There are many gluten-free options available. The excellent price-quality ratio makes this a very attractive veggie restaurant.

The seasonal offer can change the ingredients. The vegetable and buckwheat soup, rice dumplings and coconut cheesecake are all available. The dish can be made to your liking at dinner. Customers have the option of choosing from the available courses. This delightful spot also pays attention to recycling and biodegradable materials.

Address: via Giulio Uberti 3, 20129, Milan MI

10. Radicetonda

Radicetonda is a popular vegan restaurant in Milan Italy. It combines innovative and delicious food. Natural cuisine is made from organic and biodynamic farm materials.

Our ultimate goal is to make plant-based food and wine more appealing, so we aim to eliminate traditional food and wine. Radicetonda’s two key words are freshness and fragrance. The delicious juices are definitely worth sampling!

Address: via Lazzaro Spallanzani 16, 20129, Milan MI

Milan’s 10 Best Vegan Restaurants – Eat Vegan in Milan

It’s not enough to list the top ten restaurants in Milan, Italy. We also need to be aware of the small vegetable realities that are so fascinating to us: thus, we remember Veg-Mi Trike. This street food is managed by a bike kitchen or a moving truck and is very popular in the area.

The Schiscetteria means “a small place but a big heart”, or more accurately, a small vegetable shop like the old shops. It has been transformed into an area that is a gathering place.

Solo Crudo’s location under the Torre Diamante (Diamontone in Milan Repubblica) is distinctive. It has a unique raw food philosophy that combines raw food (ingredients suggested below 42 degrees Celsius) and gentle cooking (to preserve food’s properties) to create dishes that are both visually appealing and very tasty. We must also mention Walden Milano. It was a sophisticated literary café that was transformed into a bistro where cultural events are presented.

It is said that Milan’s sky is always grey, but when you get to know it, you will discover so many surprises and specialties that you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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