10 Must-Try Puglian Pastries and Dishes

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The best food from Puglia is the food I ate. Italian food is some of my favorite in the world. I have lived in Italy for almost a year. Each region has its own specialties, from food festivals in Puglia to the most popular dishes in Naples such as the Pizza Napoletana. It’s a wonderful country with delicious dishes.

Today, however, I’d like to share what you can eat in Puglia. My soul was stuffed the first time I visited Puglia. It’s a wonderful idea to share some of my favorite Puglia specialty dishes with you. This is how you’ll know that living a meaningful life is worthwhile. No joke!

Puglia Food: The 10 Best Pastries and Dishes in Puglia

Here are some Puglia dishes you should try in Italy. Puglia’s traditional food has been influenced by history. The region is very fond on tradition, cooking rules and using freshest produce.

It’s not surprising that Apulia cuisine is so well-known all over the globe. There’s so much to explore, so many to eat, and so much you can fall in love with, from the delicious orecchiette that is made by mothers to street food like panzerotti.

1. Panzerotti – Street Food Puglia

Panzerotto is one of the most popular Puglia foods. Panzerotti are small pockets of dough, which Pugliesi fills up with many different recipes. Panzerotto is most well-known for its famous Puglia mozzarella and tomato. Delicious, easy, and deep-fried with happiness

This Puglia favorite food can be compared to another Italian food. I would say that it is a popular street food, similar to supply in Rome or arancini. The panzerotto is, however, better. When someone mentions melty mozzarella in a dish I get mad. You’ll be able to understand “heaven on Earth” by tasting your panzerotto alone or with a sauce.

2. Orecchiette is a traditional food from Puglia

The orecchiette is one of the most well-known Apulia food types. Firsthand, I have seen Puglian women make the orecchiette with patience for their families. This is a pasta that can be made all year round, but it takes a lot of time.

It is noticeable that the preparation of Puglia dishes takes longer than those in Italy. It also shows how much tradition is still ingrained in the region. It is vital for Apulia not to lose its Italian identity. This is something that is very honorable.

Orecchiette is a traditional Italian dish that tastes just like it. This pasta can be enjoyed with homemade tomato sauce, pesto or broccoli rabe.

3. Puglia Desserts: Pasticciotto

Pasticciotto is one of my favorite Puglia food dishes. You didn’t think Puglia food would be all about savory and no dessert, did they? Pasticciotto, a heavy-crust pastry, is filled with pastry cream, sometimes fruit, or chocolate.

Fun fact: The people of Puglia used lard to make their crust more melty-mellow in the mouth. This tradition has been lost slightly over the two centuries that pasticciotto has existed. This Puglia favourite is now made with butter, but the cream is still a popular choice. Cream that is thick and sticky has never been tasted before.

Pasticciotti can be found all over Puglia but are more well-known in Lecce. Pasticciotto Leccese is a must-try dish in the city.

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4. Apulia Food: Taralli

Taralli are a favorite Puglia dish. A snack is always handy when you visit all the wonderful cities full of traditional Trulli houses. A pack of taralli is the easiest Apulia street food I have found. These are also sold in specialty shops in other countries. Apulia food is better… in Apulia.

Taralli, a bread specialty, are crispy biscuits that have been baked into a crisp. To make them traditional, add tomatoes, olive Oil and oregano. This makes it the perfect Italian snack that you can enjoy anytime of the day or night.

5. Traditional food in Puglia: Bombette

Bombette is one of Apulia’s most popular street food options. Their most well-known name is “Bombette di Alberobello”. Apulia food from Apulia is something you should try if you haven’t.

With its white Trulli houses, the city is one the most beautiful and recognizable in Puglia. Bombette can be found at Puglia’s food festivals and in traditional restaurants. These are small pockets or rolls of seasoned meat, caciocavallo (another Puglian specialty) and barbecue roasted on wooden skewers. This is one of the most delicious foods, and it deserves no second thought.

6. Puglia Desserts: Cartellate

You don’t have to know where to find Puglia desserts if you don’t know what. Cartellita is one of the most popular Puglia food specialties. It’s heavily influenced by Arab influences.

Chebakia is a famous Moroccan dessert that you’ll recognize. For one, I am fascinated by how Apulia food has changed over the years and what influences it has experienced.

A typical Gargano dessert is the cartellate. This is a deep-fried dessert that looks like a rose, and it’s served with honey or vincotto, a special grape wine. Cartellate was once reserved for Christmas. However, you can still find Cartellate topped with hazelnuts or almonds.

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7. Puglia Food Specialties: Burrata

What are the best places to eat in Puglia You can’t miss out on the famous burrata if you don’t try it at least once.

Food is what I consider the first step in understanding the culture and traditions of a country. It is because of this that I love Apuglia cuisine. I will definitely try the Napoletana pizza when I visit Naples. I will try the suppli when I visit Rome.

Another taste is offered by the mozzarella and burrata from Puglia. It is a taste unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s the creaminess, the sensation of being alive, when you combine that milkiness and the freshness from tomatoes… I can’t wait to try the mozzarella and burrata with olive oil-topped bread. Pure happiness.

8. Puglia Desserts: Pettole

There are certain desserts you should try when visiting Apulia. Pettole is one of the most well-known Puglia desserts. Pettole are small balls of fried dough you can either eat in a savory or sweet version.

It’s possible to have them as street food Puglia. When the fried balls have been removed from the pan, you will dip the pettole in a bowl of tomato sauce with cheese. They’re the perfect snack companion, all hot and melted with cheese.

9. Street Food Puglia: Tiella

The famous Tiella is a common sight at Puglia’s food festivals. It would be impossible to mention Apulia street foods without mentioning seafood. Puglia is located at the end of Italy’s heel so the seafood there can be as fresh as possible. Tiella is an Italian version of Spanish paella.

It’s a famous street food in Puglia. However, the ingredients used to make it are usually traditional and only available in Puglia. Tiella can be made with rice, mussels and octopus as well as potatoes.

The street food version of the tiella comes in a bread pocket. It reminds me a little of the Trapizzino from Rome. Tiella is a unique dish that can be found in Puglia. You’ll love it more if you have the opportunity to enjoy it at a family’s table.

10. Altamura bread is a traditional food from Puglia

Only the finest breads and sauces can make some of the most popular dishes. Altamura bread, named after the city where it was made, is one of the most famous breads in the entire world.

Altamura bread is protected by designations of origin and has been DOP-certified since 2003. Altamura bread is not available in every city. You can be sure that you will enjoy a bit of Italian history and tradition when you visit Puglia.

Apulia Food: The 10 Best Pastries and Dishes to Try in Puglia

There aren’t any Puglia specialties I don’t love. Puglia’s food festivals offer both the best Italian cuisine and some of the most delicious Apulia street food treats.

The tradition and cuisine of Puglia captivated me from the moment I first visited the area. The history that the people of Puglia keep is the most important thing. There are many areas in Italy that are rich in both food and generosity. Rome, Naples and Milan all have their own personalities.

What about trying some of the most delicious and heartwarming Italian pastries. You will surely find new favorites there.

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