10 Top Secret Restaurants in Rome

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It’s hard to resist a delicious Italian meal while exploring Rome and its beautiful architecture. It is difficult to recreate the authentic Italian dishes, making it one of the most popular choices for tourists. You will be able to enjoy the quality, color, freshness, and deliciousness of Italian cuisine. To find the best hidden restaurant in Rome, try a traditional Italian pasta or seafood dish, such as risotto. Rome is the ideal destination!

10 Best Secret Restaurants in Rome

The City of Seven Hills has thousands of restaurants. There are many options. Let’s move on from the famous and explore hidden gem Rome restaurants. It’s time to explore a number of small, cozy restaurants that will allow you to see the authentic Italian flavors of Rome. While you are exploring the Eternal City, don’t forget to try the best Roman cuisine. It’s time to discover some of Rome’s most unusual restaurants! For the best experience, book a class if you are already in Rome!

1. Pietro al Pantheon

Pietro al Pantheon, a secret restaurant in Rome near the Pantheon, is a fantastic choice. You will find an older style and a quiet, romantic experience with Jodaeo Roman cuisine at this place. There are also many dishes from the Central-Italian, Mediterranean, Romana and Romana regions. You will receive a flute of Prosecco as well as excellent hospitality once you are seated at the table. This is the best way to wait for your meal!

The Roman restaurant offers a variety of options, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. This restaurant stands out amongst tourist-trapped ones due to its authentic cuisine and stunning flavors. This friendly atmosphere is just a few steps away from the Pantheon, and it will provide an unforgettable experience. The portions are large and well-priced. What about visiting the Pantheon, followed by a glass of prosecco and traditional Italian food at one the most sought-after gems in Rome? This sounds like a perfect day.

2. Mimi e Coco

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Mimi e Coco will be your best option if you’re looking for a romantic and intimate setting to dine. This hidden gem of a restaurant in Rome is located near the Piazza Navona. It offers great Italian and Roman cuisines in vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free versions. The average cost of this lovely restaurant in Rome is 30 euros for generous portions.

The lasagna is amazing. We recommend tiramisu and cacao e pepe. Mimi e Coco is known for their hospitality. The staff are friendly and the service is efficient and quick. It has a rustic, simple but inviting atmosphere. The terrace is small but perfect for intimate dinners away from crowds. It’s time to discover one of Rome’s most secret restaurants!

3. Pasta e Vino Osteria

Pasta e Vino Osteria, a secret restaurant in Rome, is located near the Basilica di Santa Maria di Trastevere. Trastevere literally means “across the River”, which refers to where you need to go to avoid the floods of people in Rome’s centre. The menu includes recipes that date back to the 18th Century Romans. Its cuisine is influenced by Italian, Mediterranean, European and Central-Italian cultures.

Your pasta is made right in front your eyes. It’s great because you can create the pasta of your choice, even if you don’t find it to your liking. The restaurant is known for its pasta made with homemade sauces. However, they also offer eggplant parmesan with fresh basil. This secret restaurant’s heart is made up of organic ingredients such as eggs, flour, and flour.

They also grow their own vegetables. To honor ancient recipes, they use fresh, organic ingredients. Pasta e Vino Osteria is also committed to hospitality. Everybody who visits Pasta e Vino Osteria associates it with warmth and hospitality. This pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by the live piano that plays in the evenings. You will have a memorable experience at one of Rome’s best-kept restaurants, whether you are dining out for dinner or lunch.

4. Osteria Barberini

Osteria Barberini can be found in the heart of Rome, close to Piazza Barberini . Although the restaurant is known for its truffle-based dishes, you can also choose from many traditional dishes. People with special dietary needs can have vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.

They are known for their excellent food and fast service. The staff are friendly, efficient, and polite. There are two main sections to the menu: the traditional Roman cuisine and the specialties of the chef, the dishes with truffle. You must make reservations before you arrive. It is intimate and has jazz music playing in the background. Piazza Barberini, followed by the chef’s special at one of Rome’s hidden gems restaurants. We’re in!

5. Da Gino al Parlamento

Da Gino al Parlamento is located near the Column of Marcus Aurelius. It’s hidden in an ancient alley with a charming outdoor veranda. Another hidden restaurant in Rome is rooted in traditional Roman cuisine. The original opening was in 1963. Since then, the owner has been trying to pass on his recipes. Its menu changes constantly so that it can incorporate seasonal and fresh ingredients.

This hidden restaurant Rome, with 45 seats, is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant’s interior is decorated with frescoed ceilings and a fake pergola. It will transport you to a starry night over Rome’s rooftops. It is open from 13.00 to 15.00, and from 20.00 until 22.30. Reservations are strongly recommended.

6. Sapori D’Ischia

Sapori D’lschia, a romantic restaurant featuring live piano music is for you. This family-owned gem restaurant in Rome offers a variety of cuisines, including Ischitan, Neapolitan, and Mediterranean. The high-quality fresh produce used in their seafood dishes makes them excellent. Desserts must include Fragoline di Bosco con Panna and Tiramisu. Ask for the specials if you’re unsure what to order.

A glass of House-wine is a must for an authentic Italian experience. It’s the perfect match! It is a perfect match! The friendly and efficient service is what you will find around the corner. It’s a great way to end a day exploring the capital. You won’t find a better restaurant than one in Rome.

7. Trattoria Re di Roma

Trattoria Re di Roma is situated close to the Arcibasilica di San Giovanni in Laterano. The secret Rome restaurant with its authentic and refined flavors has one mission. It is to share the aromas and emotions that we all shared while sharing dinner with our families. It’s not surprising that this traditional Italian restaurant focuses on Central Italian cuisine.

The saltimbocca and beef strips served with house wine are excellent. We love tiramisu and cheesecake for dessert. Although the prices are higher than the average for the food, the quality and portion sizes make it worth it. You can find a place for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free at Trattoria re di Roma, one of Rome’s best hidden restaurants.

8. Enoteca Trastevere

Enoteca Trastavere, one of Rome’s hidden gems, is right next to Basilica di Santa Maria. It was originally a small resale store that sold limited groceries during World War II. It grew into a family-owned restaurant. The local restaurant is a good representation of the traditional Roman cuisine and has a wide range of vegan dishes. Fresh ingredients, such as fresh mozzarella, are delivered every day.

We recommend that you check out their pizza . Their pizza is delicious, and the price ranges from EUR8-12. The menu selection is excellent, and the prices are reasonable. Enoteca Trastavere has a more refined ambiance. Although the terrace is the same as the traditional Italian one, the interior is elegant and stylish, with unique wine bottles as decorations. This secret restaurant Rome offers a relaxing atmosphere with live music.

9. Trattoria Monti

Trattoria Monti can be found less than half a kilometer from Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. This secret restaurant Rome’s cuisine is inspired by the Le Marche region. It offers vegetarian-friendly and gluten free options. The dishes blend tradition and modernity perfectly. You will be able to eat a lot of food, and you can save space by eating the delicious desserts. The pear tart is our favorite.

Try their house wine to pair with your meal. You can also find other options on the menu if you don’t like their house wine. There are 12 tables at this hidden restaurant in Rome, perfect for private dinners. I repeat, 12 tables. Book ahead to ensure a Roman experience. This is not a place you can just pop in and enjoy. The restaurant is closed between the hours of 1 and 2:45 pm and 8 to 10:45 pm. To avoid disappointment, plan accordingly!

10. Sora Lella

Sora Lella is a hidden gem restaurant in Rome that the Italians love. Although not well-known to tourists, it is a great place to explore the Eternal City’s hidden corners. This secret restaurant is located near Ghetto Ebraico. You will be treated as if you were family. Management and staff take pride in the traditional hospitality recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Their cooking is “sincere”, they claim, and it recovers dishes that have been forgotten by fashions that many young people don’t even know about. They have delicious appetizers, including Fiore di Zucca and suppli’. Cacio e Pepe, however, is a popular choice. You can also choose from a variety of gluten-free pastas. They also have vegan options.

This hidden restaurant in Rome’s heart is simple, cozy, and inviting. The interior of this hidden restaurant in Rome will transport you to the memories you had while sharing dinner with your family. While some may argue that the prices of some of the dishes are too high, we believe they still reflect the quality and taste of Lella’s recipes. Sora Lella is one of Rome’s best restaurants.

10 best secret restaurants: Rome edition

The list of secret restaurants in Rome is complete. It can be difficult to choose from thousands of options. It is important to consider the location, menu, price, and traffic. Many locals have become tourist-trapped. This list contains hidden gems in Rome that will allow you to taste authentic Italian cuisine. According to Sora Lella, fashion can make it easy to forget about the simple, delicious dishes.

You will find the authentic flavor of the Eternal City when you get lost in it. You can choose from a large-sized meal or a simple dessert. It is a unique experience to be treated as a guest in Italy. Then, you are part of an extended family. Friendly and unfamiliar staff are the norm. Ask for the specials if you’re not sure what to order. They are always happy to assist. For an unforgettable experience in Rome, enjoy intimate and cozy settings with great music and delicious food. Are you willing to discover these hidden gems in Rome?

There are many restaurants to try in Rome. We also have restaurants close to the Trevi Fountain and in Trastevere. You can also find places to eat gluten-free and vegan food. We have articles about Neopolitan cuisine, Puglia cuisine, and Italian pastries.

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