15 Amazing Magical Places to Visit in Italy

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Italy is full of magical spots that you can discover when you travel there. You’re sure to find the most beautiful places anywhere you go in Italy. Find the most beautiful fairytale locations in Italy.

I love Italy. I moved to Rome nearly a year ago. I love exploring the romantic destinations around the city. I have been fortunate to discover hidden castles in Italy and necropoleis. It’s now that I have the ball passed and you can discover all the most beautiful fairytale places I’ve ever been able to find.

15 of the Most Magical and Fascinating Places in Italy

Are you up for 15 fairytale locations you have never seen? We’ll be traveling together to the magical hot springs Saturnia Italy and Lake Como as well as other amazing locations close to Rome. You’re ready to go! These are the top locations in Italy.

1. Fairytale Island Lake Como Italy: Isola di Loreto

Hidden in the middle of the world is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. The fairytale island Lake Como Italy, also known as Loreto Island, is located in Lake Iseo. Brescia is a magical and fun day trip that you should make if you haven’t been before.

It is private property today. The fairytale island Lake Como Italy, is closed for visitors. The history of Loreto Island dates back to the Medieval Times, when the Romans used the Island for trading and fishing. In the 15th century, it was even home to a nunnery. Occasionally, the owners host events and occasions such as concerts on Loreto Island. Dreamy! Are you ready to discover more amazing destinations in Italy?

2. Alberobello in Apulia

Alberobello is a magical destination in Italy that you can search for by typing “magical destinations to travel Italy” into Google. It was in the Apulia area that I first visited Italy. It is because of this that I find the warmth and hospitality of the South very appealing.

Alberobello, one of the most famous fairytale destinations in Italy is known for its Trulli that are scattered around the village. Trulli are made of dry stones and painted white. You will be amazed at the amazing effect of the sun reflected on the houses, whether you are traveling alone or with your spouse. It is a beautiful place to visit in Italy. Instagram photos are allowed and highly recommended.

3. Popular Italian Destinations: Abbazia di San Galgano

Photo: ViaggiMust

My feeling is that the most beautiful places in Italy are those that include a religious structure, such as a convent or abbey, or even a monastery. The Abbazia Di San Galgano, Tuscany, is an excellent example of the spirituality that architecture can bring. It is most famous for its unique structure, without roof, and the legend of the sword in stone.

Given its roofless architecture, one might wonder if the abbey can be visited for free. The tickets are quite affordable, so get in on the action. It’s an incredible experience to explore this wonderful part of Italian history.

4. Necropolis di Cerveteri

I have been to Cerveteri’s Etruscan Necropolis. I was not only aware of human history, but also impressed. It is an Italian necropolis, Necropoli della Banditaccia. However, it could be one the most romantic and magical places to honeymoon in Italy. Why? Its ineffable grandeur and quietness.

You can either hire a guide to help you navigate the vast necropolis or you can just wander along the trails by yourself. It is a place of peace and silence that makes you wonder about the origins and story of humanity. Caere, an Etruscan city, used this space to bury their dead long before the Roman Empire. It is amazing to see how long it has taken us to arrive in the modern age and walk the roads of our modern era.

5. Villa d’Este, Tivoli

Villa d’Este in Italy is one of my favorite places. I’ve previously written about stunning villas in Lazio around Rome, and included this Tivoli villa. The centuries-old villas in Tivoli are a must-see if you love magic places. This villa in Tivoli is one of Italy’s most magical places, thanks to its many fountains and stunning views.

Villa d’Este, a true symbol of the Italian Renaissance is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is easy to see why. There are many sculptures and water play scattered throughout the villa. If you’re in Rome, the park makes for a lovely romantic date. The Villa d’Este still retains all the charm and beauty of the 16th Century. Check out our list to find the best places to eat in Tivoli if you’re already there!

6. Amazing Places in Italy: Monastery San Benedetto, Subiaco

Subiaco’s Monastery of San Benedetto is a popular Italian destination, even for Italians. Tivoli isn’t the only place you should remember when you are visiting Italy near Rome for a weekend. It is unique because the Monastery of San Benedetto was carved completely into the mountain rock.

For those who love architecture and art, it’s one the most beautiful places on the planet. Art? You can see frescoes that were painted decades ago. This holy place was Saint Benedict’s home for three years. That’s why it got its name. Although it might seem like it is far from Rome, the Monastery of San Benedetto can be found just one hour away.

7. Gardens of Bomarzo, Viterbo

One of the most beautiful places in Italy is the Gardens of Bomarzo, also known as the Sacro Bosco and the Park of the Monsters. It is located in the middle of nature but not far from Viterbo. They are one of the most beautiful places on Earth. These gardens are full of giant sculptures of giants and monsters that will make you question the meaning of art.

Pier Francesco Orsini was the artist responsible for the sculptures that transformed Bomarzo into a magical destination in Italy. These gardens are a testament to the fact that patience and time are rewarded. They were built over three decades. It is a joy to see all the different types and styles of sculptures. Let’s visit some other magical locations in Italy. These are some of the most beautiful destinations in Italy.

8. Magical Places in Italy: Villa Adriana in Tivoli

I have written previously about Villa Adriana, Hadrian’s Villa– in Tivoli and called it one of the most magical places to travel in Italy. It was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, just like the Villa d’Este. This villa is quite different from the Villa d’Este. It dates back between 118 & 138 A.D.

You can see all the differences when you arrive at the villa and take in the stunning ruins of an Ancient Roman Villa. The Villa Adriana is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Italy. It has thermal baths, gardens and arches.

9. Fairytale Destinations: Matera, Basilicata

Matera in Basilicata, Italy is a beautiful place to honeymoon. Because of its appearance in movies like No time to Die, the last James Bond movie and the otherworldly Passion of the Christ, it is a well-known city.

Matera is a must-see in 15 fairytale destinations. Matera is the perfect postcard destination for history and architecture lovers. The city of stone is a dream destination if you love nature and beautiful landscapes.

10. Giardino di Ninfa

It’s close to Rome, and the Giardino di Ninfa can be described as one of the most magical, fascinating places on Earth. Ninfa was once a lively medieval town. After it was abandoned and made an Italian ghost city, the gardens were transformed into some of the most beautiful English garden designs. If you’re a romantic person who takes life as it is, it’s one the most beautiful places in Italy.

The Giardino di Ninfa is a unique place to visit in Italy because of its lush greenery and floral background. This kind of place is a treasure trove of history and beauty that I love.

11. Pompeii

It might seem strange to choose Pompeii as a fairytale destination for honeymoons. I have been to Pompeii twice and it was a wonderful place. I can only imagine the joy it would bring couples who choose it for their honeymoon.

It’s worth spending the weekend in Italy to spend a day in Pompeii, before heading towards Amalfi Coast and grabbing a bite at one of the top restaurants in Naples. You can explore the whole ancient city of Pompeii, including its thermal baths, theatres, forums, and bakeries.

It is a beautiful city that feels like it has never end. The entry fee to the city is well worth the price. To be fair, I have stated many times that I would still travel to Pompeii, even if it cost twice as much. Pompeii is a great place to go if you are looking for something special!

12. Amazing Places in Italy: Villa Demidoff, Appennine Collossus close to Florence

Because of my love for Renaissance-style architecture and arts, the Villa di Pratolino was one of my 15 favorite fairytale destinations. Florence is a popular Italian destination, or is it? What about the rest of Florence? It is very empty and you will need to take a bus in order to get to Villa di Pratolino, also known as Villa Demidoff.

Francesco de’Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, used the villa as a residence. He had it built for his mistress in the 16th century. The garden’s Mannerist aesthetic style is similar to that of the Gardens of Bomarzo.

You can’t miss the Appennine Colossus when you visit Villa di Pratolino. The giant sculpture, which stands 10 meters high and is carved into the mountain rock of the mountains, has been in existence for over five centuries. Since 2003, the entire villa has been designated a World Heritage Site.

13. Fairytale Hot Spring Saturnia Italy

For both Italians and foreigners, the famous hot springs Saturnia Italy is a popular Italian tourist destination. The hot springs are located in the South of Tuscany and have been relaxing and healing people for over 3.000 years. Imagine a day spent outdoors in one the most romantic fairytale locations in Italy.

Although the whole area is Instagram-worthy, I recommend that you leave your phones at home and get out of your head when you visit. Even non-nature lovers will be impressed by the waterfall Cascate del Mulino. The thermal waters at 37.5degC are sure to make you feel both exhausted and satisfied at night.

14. Calcata

Calcata is a day trip from Rome that’s one of the best. It’s also a great city to visit magical places. The medieval village is perched on a volcanic cliff and feels about to collapse at any moment. Calcata, in the North of Rome, was my first visit. It gave me a lot of energy.

It is a town known for its fairy tales, stories of witchcraft, and artistic talent. The foundations were thought to be crumbling and most of the residents were forced to flee in the 1950s and 1960s. This is why it could be considered a ghost city.

It is quiet and mysterious, with the ruins of a church and a castle. You can really feel like you are in a medieval city that many have visited over the years. It is my top choice in Italy, and you will understand why when you visit.

15. Verona

Verona is one the most beautiful places in Italy I have never heard of from Italians. Verona is located in the Veneto region. It has been a romantic spot in my eyes ever since Romeo & Juliet. Verona’s famous Arena is a must-see. But I like to relax by the river and fountains – it’s romantic all the time.

Verona’s historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It makes for a perfect backdrop for a romantic weekend in Italy. Verona, the city of lovers, is well-known thanks to Shakespeare’s tragedy. Also, check out our post on the top things to do in Verona.

15 of the Most Magical and Fascinating Places in Italy

These are fifteen of the most beautiful places to travel in Italy. We’ve proved it again with our cities, gardens, and ruins. Think big when planning a trip to Italy’s most popular destinations, such as Rome and Milan. I enjoy the details, such as the best hidden hiking spots in Rome and the most magical medieval cities in Italy.

To me, it doesn’t make any sense not to follow the well-worn path. I am eager to explore new and beautiful places around the globe. Isn’t that the best way to learn, to push yourself beyond your comfort zone? You’ll feel like me if you look at these amazing day trip from Rome. There are many beautiful places in Italy you will be drawn to.

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