15 Best Italian Shoe Brands

15 Best Italian Shoe Brands – Shoes Made in Italy

What are the top Italian shoemakers? Beautiful shoes are the hallmark of great shoes for women and men. High-end shoes will not only enhance your appearance but also add value to your budget. The quality of luxury Italian shoe brands is unbeatable. There are hundreds of Italian luxury shoe brands, but let’s not go into detail.

We’re confident that once you reach the end of this Italy shoe list, you’ll have found the right brand for you. You can also read our articles on the top Italian swimwear brands and lingerie companies or the best makeup brands of Italy. Let’s now look at the list of Italian shoe brands!

1. Ace Marks

Let’s talk about Italian dress shoes for men. Ace Marks is the king of Italian boots, lace-ups, and Oxfords cap-toe dress shoes. The spice is not only the design but also the color and how they use leather to create different effects. Ace Marks is one of the most recognizable shoe brands for men.

Ace Marks shoes are handmade to perfection with world-class materials. They are the 4th generation in a family of famous Italian artisans. Ace Marks is a testament to the fact that quality is everything, as their Made in Italy label demonstrates. Each full-grain calfskin leather they use is hand-selected. To promote comfort all day, they also use memory foam cushioned sole molds.

Ace Marks shoes last a lifetime. This is evident in the shoes’ quality. Each pair is hand-dyed and burnished by master craftsmen. It is a time-consuming process that can take hours but gives the depth and richness of the shoe. Ace Marks does not allow two pairs of shoes to be identical.

2. Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli is the center of the best Italian shoes, with their stunning footwear for both women and men. Bruno Magli is a top-rated Italian brand of dress shoes. The key to their success lies in the design and quality. In 1936, the Italian brand of designer shoes was founded in Bologna Italy.

Bruno Magli has been a top-rated Italian shoe brand for almost 100 years. Most of the other brands that exist today were established decades later. Bruno Magli was worn by some of the most famous women, including Sophia Loren, Christina Onassis and Princess Margaret of England, among others.

This made the Italian shoe brand known around the globe. It is a great shoe for men, with its elegant style and high quality. It’s a wonderful option for those looking for timeless, high-quality Italian shoes for men. Bruno Magli also offers a wide selection of accessories and bags of high quality!

3. Bontoni

Bontoni is the name to trust when it comes to Italian shoes for men. This is true for all those who are looking for excellent Italian dress shoes. Guido Gazzani, the founder of Bontoni began the brand’s journey from his basement. He began to make shoes for wealthy people by 1958.

Guido’s passion to create these shoes was not a career, but a way of living. It is the same for many talented and passionate artisans. The small group of artisans that grew from this began to create pieces of excellence. Bontoni is an Italian brand you should look out for when you are looking for artisan shoes. Many of their Oxfords are stunning.

4. Cesare Paciotti

Cesare Paciotti was founded by Giuseppe Paciotti and Cecilia Paciotti, two Italian shoe designers. It is the second Italian brand on our list. The brand Cesare was named after their son, who is still the CEO of the company. Cesare Paciotti’s designs are bold, creative, and tasteful. This is why they are considered one of the top Italian dress shoe brands.

In the first ten years of its foundation, the Cesare Paciotti Maison was famous. Beautiful shoes for men and women made in Italy. The most famous creation? One of the most well-known types of Italian shoes is the Stiletto. Cesare Paciotti has a wide range of beautiful loafers, boots, and sneakers. They also have a clothing collection for both men and women. However, they don’t sell many shoes for women in their online shop when it comes to dressing footwear.

5. Ermenegildo Zegna

In 1910, Ermenegildo Zegna was founded as a brand in Piemonte. Ermenegildo ZEGNA is a top-rated Italian shoe brand, especially when it comes to leather footwear. You want the best leather shoes made in Italy. This means you need to ensure you choose the right fit, design, and quality. Ermenegildo Zinga is a master when it comes to Italian dress shoes!

This brand specializes in menswear, accessories, and shoes for men. Gentlemen, keep this brand in mind. Because they have some amazing designs in lace-ups and Oxford shoes, we must call Ermenegildo Zegna. It’s beautiful enough that even women would wear it, so you have to listen!

6. Fratelli Rossetti

Fratelli Rossetti is a great place to find Italian shoe designers. Fratelli Rossetti, one of our top-rated Italian shoe brands, is a highlight for men’s shoes and leather shoes. Renzo Rosetti and his spouse founded the luxury shoe brand in Milan in 1953. The brand is now run by their three sons, Diego Rosetti, Dario, and Luca, who are called “fratelli”.

Diego took over Fratelli Rossetti in 1978. This Italian shoe brand was the first to open a Madison Avenue store in Manhattan. Fratelli Rossetti offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, bags, and clothing for both men and women. No matter what category you choose, you’ll find stunning designs, quality, and elegance in every product. Their personal favorite: Designer loafers are huge!

7. Giovanito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi is an Italian shoe designer that doesn’t follow the traditional line but creates fashionable and trending luxury Italian shoes for men and women. Gianvito Rossi’s story is just as captivating as any other Italian shoe brand.

Gianvito’s dad, a shoemaker, started it all during WW2. He made sandals in the winter and sold them on the coast of Rimini. Gianvito was taught the skills and techniques of high-quality shoemaking by his father. Gianvito, an Italian shoemaker, opened a factory in 1951.

This was the intellectual base for Gianvito Rossi, who, after 25 years working with his father, started his own line of luxury shoes in 2006. One of the most renowned luxury Italian shoe brands today has a wide range of shoes. They include loafers, slippers and boots, as well as loafers, slippers and lace-ons. There are also sneakers, which are more casual and comfortable, as well as small leather goods and other interesting accessories for both men and women.

8. Giuseppe Zanotti

It’s now time to discuss some of the most striking luxury Italian shoe brands! Giuseppe Zanotti has the best of both Italian and Italian dress shoes. He is not only a pioneer of the high heel, but he also blends elegance and comfort in ways that are beyond our imagination.

You can find statement pieces for your look in both the Giuseppe Zanotti high-heel collection and the lace-on shoe men. Zanotti shoes, whether you prefer simplicity or couture, are one of the most popular Italian shoe brands. They have some amazing pieces that will blow everyone away.

Giuseppe Zanotti Italian design shoe brand offers a personal opinion. It’s reminiscent of Louboutin, but with more spice. There are a variety of shoes for women, including loafers and bold and striking sneakers. You also have the option of different styles of boots, loafers, and loafers for men. Zanotti is a luxury shoe brand that also sells accessories and bags.

9. Meccariello

Meccariello, another Italian shoe brand that is a great choice for those looking for Italian dress shoes for men, is another highlight. In 1950, the family shoemaking business was established in a small town near Benevento. Many households participated in different stages of shoemaking. This was an outworking-based system in which different parts of shoes could be made by different people. It’s quite interesting, right?

Antonio Meccariello’s parents opened a small factory to produce the uppers for lace-up shoes. They were quickly admired for their precision and were soon hired by French designers to create their shoe uppers. Antonio has also studied shoe and leather making in Milan. After further studies, he started his own workshop.

The collaboration saw the Meccariello shoes being brought to ready-to-wear under another brand. This was the beginning of the real evolution of the brand. You can now order the shoes and get in touch with Meccariello for customer pairs. Fine leather shoes handcrafted with the finest quality and precision.

10. Melluso

Italian shoes for women, they say, then we say Melluso! Melluso is the best choice for footwear for women. It’s one of the top Italian shoemakers that deserves to be included in the list of best shoes made in Italy. The international success of the Italian luxury shoe market has been helped by the Melluso brand.

Melluso is also a top-rated Italian leather shoe brand. Melluso, a 1945-born brand, offers elegant models that combine traditional and modern lines. Melluso also offers timeless, elegant pieces such as loafers, sandals, and high-heels. Melluso has pieces that are suitable for all ages, from young to old.

11. Prada

Prada will be the number one luxury Italian shoe brand for many. Prada is not only one of the most prestigious Italian fashion brands but also one of Italy’s best shoemakers when it comes to Italian leather shoes. It’s clear that Prada is a major player in Italian designer shoes. Clothing is of course equally important and well-known, but all things started with Italian leather, bags, and shoes.

Prada is a well-known shoe brand. It ranks among the top Italian dress shoe brands due to its unique flair. Miuccia Parada’s designs and creations since 1977 have been renowned for their beauty and irreverence. Prada is a top-quality Italian brand that makes dress shoes. The Prada shoe is chic, simple, but elegant. It also has unbeatable quality!

12. Salvatore Ferragamo is a jewel among the top Italian shoe brands

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are a great option for stylish Made in Italy shoes. Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian designer shoe brand for women and men, is a true gem.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s fame began in Naples, Italy. The designer then moved to the United States and opened the Hollywood Boot Shop in 1923. Salvatore Ferragamo was a pioneer in luxury Italian footwear for men and women. He is also known for creating platforms, or wedges, which are now very popular.

His design was a hit and he began collaborating with Hollywood, which made his name famous all over the globe. Salvatore Ferragamo, an incredible, Italian leather shoe brand, is known for creating timeless, elegant and creative pieces that will make you fall in love. Salvatore Ferragamo also offers accessories and small leather goods.

13. Santoni

Santoni is the name to trust when it comes to Italian boots. Santoni is a royal when it comes to Italian leather shoes. It’s not surprising that Santoni is a top-rated brand for italian leather shoes for men. Their timeless design and unbeatable quality are unmatched. Santoni was established in 1975. It has established itself as a luxury brand with its classic lines and high quality leather.

This brand is a great choice if you are looking for shoes to wear in the office. Santoni is a top-rated Italian shoe brand when it comes to elegant, dress shoes. This is what we meant when we first started talking about shoes made in Italy and their quality. A brand of designer shoes from Italy that sells boots, loafers and lace-ups as well as sandals, slip-ons and high heels. They also offer accessories such belts, bags, small leather goods, and other items like belts.

14. Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi isn’t one of the Italian boot brands that you should be looking for, since it’s not. It is, however, one of the most important high-end shoe brands for women. We are nearing the end of our Italian she brand list but we have to highlight Sergio Rossi, the man who is the king of men’s loafers. A 70-year-old Italian she brand that provides the finest luxury Italian shoes.

The high heels for women are absolutely stunning and they have pieces that can be worn for all occasions and events. There are many styles to choose from, including elegant and stylish office shoes with low heels and the perfect pair of high heels to match your cocktail dress. Sergio Rossi is also a great place to shop for slingbacks and sandals. They have the most up-to-date trends and platforms. Their store is a great place to shop for designer Italian shoes!

15. Tod’s

Let’s take a look at some of the best luxury Italian shoe brands. Tod’s is one of the most renowned Italian shoe brands. However, it is often mistaken for being American or British. The best Italian shoes for women and men, Tod’s loafers are the reason behind their fame. The brand is a creative and elegant one that was founded in the beautiful Marche region of Italy. It has slowly risen to the top.

Today, Tod’s Group is the owner of several brands, including Roger Vivier, Tod’s, Hogan, and Fay. Chiara Ferragni just joined Tod’s board in 2021. This helped the brand to sell so quickly that they have recouped all of its losses during the pandemic. Their beautiful loafers are a winner when it comes to stylish, elegant, and comfortable Italian shoes for women. Tod’s Italian designer shoe brand is one you should keep an eye on.

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