15 Best Places to Stay In Sorrento

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Are you looking for your next vacation destination but not sure where to start? For many reasons, we recommend Sorrento. We have compiled a list of hotels to stay in Sorrento Italy, which is next to the Amalfi Coast.

15 Best Places to Stay In Sorrento

Sorrento is beautiful because of many factors, including the stunning views of the Gulf of Naples as well as Mount Vesuvio. It is worth visiting Sorrento’s historic center with its narrow streets and grand houses. We can help you decide where to stay in Sorrento and what to spend your money on.

For an unforgettable experience, visit the top hotels in Sorrento Italy. Grand Hotel Royal Sorrento and Grand Hotel De La Ville Sorrento offer great choices. You can’t go wrong staying at any one of these hotels, as they have private beaches and palm trees nearby. Let’s get started!

1. Grand Hotel Ambasciatori

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori is the ideal hotel to see Sorrento. The hotel is luxurious and located on the cliff overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The rooms are simple, elegant and stylish. A beautiful addition is the antique armchairs and chairs. Grand Hotel Ambasciatori has its own beach!

The hotel has a spa, a wellness center, and a bar where you can enjoy a few beers. The hotel’s own restaurant serves traditional Neapolitan and Italian dishes. You can walk everywhere from the hotel, as it is located in the center of the city. Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, a great choice if you are looking for a place to stay in Sorrento.

2. Grand Hotel Capodimonte

Are you new to Italy? Do not know where to go in Sorrento. Your perfect vacation spot has been found. The Grand Hotel Capodimonte features a swimming pool with a terrace that overlooks the Gulf of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and Mount Vesuvius. It has a patterned tiled floor and wooden furniture that gives it an elegant feel. You don’t even need to leave the hotel because it includes all the amenities.

Grand Hotel Capodimonte has a spa, wellness center, and a bar. You can also take cooking classes, have themed dinner nights or go on bike tours. These are worth looking into. Let’s take a look at the other top hotels in Sorrento Italy.

3. Grand Hotel de la Ville

What are the best places to stay in Sorrento? While Grand Hotel de la Ville Sorrento may not be the most budget-friendly hotel, it is quite affordable compared to other hotels on the list. It has a minimalist design with only a few accent colors. The hotel boasts stunning views from its rooftop terrace and a swimming pool with a view of the mountains and sea.

The historical center of Sorrento is easily accessible by foot. If you want to feel the sand beneath your feet, the Museo Correale can be found around the block. Let’s talk about food. Pizzeria da Franco, which is located in the hotel, can be used as a quick option for a quick meal. You will love exploring this hotel and taking in the stunning views.

4. Grand Hotel La Favorita

Grand Hotel La Favorita has been a favourite of many hotels in Sorrento Italy. Here’s why. The magnificent views of Mount Vesuvius can be seen from far. It is evident that the hotel’s design was made with the finest quality Italian craftsmanship. Each detail has been carefully considered. The restaurant is known for its Mediterranean cuisine.

The hotel is located in the center of Sorrento and offers many sights to see. The Cattedrale dei Santi is a beautiful Baroque Roman Catholic church. Villa Zagara Sorrento, the ideal wedding venue for your honeymoon is available. You can also use the hotel’s restaurant as a wedding venue.

5. Grand Hotel President

After reading about these hotels, I hope you’re not still looking for a place to stay in Sorrento. If you are still wondering, I will answer Grand Hotel Presidential. With its stunning 4-star hotel, this hotel is sure to be a star. Its patterned tiled floors and blue-green colors throughout the hotel make it feel like the best summer vacation. It is one of the most beautiful hotels in Sorrento Italy.

The hotel has its own swimming pool that offers views of the Gulf and Mountain from afar. It also has a restaurant serving delicious food. You still desire to dine out? You don’t have to go far, just head over the Ristorante Di Leva Le5 Sorelle. Grand Hotel President is located a little further from the centre, but still within walking range of museums and churches.

6. Bellevue Syrene

These hotels in Sorrento Italy keep getting better. Bellevue Syrene combines classic architecture with a modern design. It’s actually located in an 18th century villa that has been beautifully restored. The views from the Bay are breathtaking as it is located right next to it. The city center and the beach are both within 5 minutes.

Bellevue Syrene has its own spa and fitness center. The latter is available for an additional charge. The restaurant serves delicious food, and you can enjoy your breakfast or dinner looking out at the mountain. You can also head to La Villa bar for a few drinks with your friends.

7. Parco dei Principi

We have so far presented hotels with views of the Gulf or the mountain. Parco Dei Principi has the same view, but the beauty is that each hotel’s location and views are slightly different. Parco dei Principi has its own beach and is right next to a beach. Contemporary design is evident throughout the hotel, which features white and blue color accents.

Two restaurants serve Mediterranean and international cuisines at the hotel. You can also use the fitness center and canoeing, which is available at an additional cost, as well as pool/beach towels. Parco dei Principi offers beauty treatments in the hotel. This is enough to make it one of the top hotels in Sorrento, Italy.

8. Il Roseto

How to live your best life in Sorrento while on a tight budget? Il Roseto is one of the most beautiful and affordable hotels in Sorrento Italy. Although the hotel is located a little further away from the centre, it is not in walking distance to the beach at 650 meters. Il Roseto also has a private pool if you don’t wish to walk to the beach.

Il Roseto offers the best Caprese salad and the best Mozarella di Bufala. You can also enjoy it in the garden alongside orange and lemon trees. Although simple in design, the rooms have a contemporary feel. Il Roseto offers massages for an additional fee.

9. Hotel Cristina

Next on our list of top hotels in Sorrento Italy is Hotel Cristina. The hotel overlooks the Bay of Naples. It is not. Although the hotel is a little further from the city centre, it offers a complimentary shuttle bus service to the center. This is an incredible service! The hotel’s overall appearance is lovely.

Some rooms at Hotel Cristina have sea views. Wood furniture is an accent in every room. There is a restaurant and facilities for bowling, diving, and hiking. It’s a short walk to the beach, so it’s well worth the effort.

10. Romantic Relais Sorrento

Do you still have questions about where to stay in Sorrento? Another hotel in Sorrento Italy that is affordable is the one below. Romantic Relais Sorrento is in a great location. It’s just a short walk from the Grand Hotel Riviera and the beach. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t care too much about luxury hotels.

The hotel’s rooms are simple and have a high rating from booking.com. It also has high ratings for cleanliness. Romantic Relais Sorrento doesn’t have a restaurant but there are two nearby: Pizzeria da Franco and Satiri E Ninfe. This hotel is a great choice among the top hotels in Sorrento.

11. Grand Hotel Royal

These beautiful hotels in Sorrento Italy make me want to go right now. The Grand Hotel Royal Sorrento is located near the beach and has its own beach. It also boasts a private garden with palm trees. Enjoy panoramic views of Vesuvius, the Bay and more. The rooms are decorated with antique furniture and look amazing.

The Grand Hotel Royal Sorrento restaurant has delicious food. Other amenities include a well-equipped fitness center, spa, wellness, and table tennis. Piazza Lauro is within walking distance, as well as Museo Correale. You can easily discover everything in Sorrento by foot, since it’s located in the center of town.

12. Palazzo Marziale

Palazzo Marziale second on our list of restored hotels in Sorrento Italy. The 15th-century palace-like building feels luxurious and elegant when you enter. It is elegant and luxurious. While some rooms are brightly colored, others are more muted. Palazzo Marziale provides room service, and the restaurant serves delicious meals.

They offer walking tours as well as cooking classes. It is located in the city’s center, close to the beach and other attractions. The Villa Comunale Park is close by, and Marameo Beach is the nearest beach. This hotel’s design will charm anyone who is fascinated by architecture.

13. Grand Hotel Riviera

This 4-star hotel in Sorrento Italy is the last of the 3 remaining hotels. Grand Hotel Riviera can be found close to the center but not far from the beach. These rooms are decorated with elegant tiles and a beautiful blue color. They offer a peaceful view of the sunset and the sea from the floors.

You’ll feel like your on a tropical island with its private pool and palm trees. This is a great location for a wedding and much cheaper than a venue in Positano. Beautiful sunsets make any event special.

Grand Hotel Riviera’s bar, which is American-style with a piano inside, is something special. The restaurant serves international cuisine. You can also enjoy the stunning views from the lounge. Grand Hotel Riviera has its own beach, offering Hiking and Snorkelling.

14. Hotel Plaza

Hotel Plaza can be used for events and gatherings because it is high on the ground and features a furnished deck with a pool. Many rooms have a view of the sea from their balconies. The hotel’s restaurant offers a full-course meal.

Hotel Plaza has its own gym and even a nearby tennis court! Piazza Tasso, Il Vallone Dei Mulini and the Sorrento Park are two of the most popular sights nearby. You can also find Zi Ntonio or Ristorante Pizzeria Tasso if you want to explore more restaurants.

15. Hotel Michelangelo

Were we able to leave the best behind? We have included all the top hotels in Sorrento Italy, but this is our final choice. Hotel Michelangelo Sorrento has 121 rooms and is only a few stories high. The hotel has its own swimming pool, and the terrace offers a view of the sea. Two restaurants are also available at Hotel Michelangelo.

You can also use the solarium for hiking or take cooking classes if you want to learn how to make Italian noodles. Each room has a balcony from which you can take in the beautiful views. Not all rooms have a view of the sea.

Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy

Our list of the best hotels in Sorrento includes the Grand Hotel de la Ville Sorrento, Hotel Michelangelo Sorrento, and Grand Hotel de la Ville Sorrento. It was a great experience writing about these hotels and learning about their facilities and activities. After reading this article, you don’t need to worry about where to stay at Sorrento. If you have been to any of these, please let us know.

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