10 Best Gyms in Sorrento Italy

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It might be a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working out or living a healthy lifestyle. We have compiled a list with 10 gyms in Sorrento Italy. These facilities include high-quality equipment, group classes, and even spas. These gyms are small and mainly family-owned in Sorrento Italy. Italian gyms don’t have prices posted online. You will need to check with the reception to find out.

10 Best Gyms in Sorrento Italy

It is an amazing place to visit. It is a beautiful place to visit. The food and cultural heritage are rich. You will find people who are friendly and helpful wherever you travel to Italy. This list will help you if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or if you are just looking for a Sorrento gym to use when you move there. Let’s dive into the list.

1. OpenClub Sorrento

Openclub is the first gym in Sorrento, Italy. It is located close to the Porto di Sorrento, so you can enjoy the beach after your workout. Aqua e Fitness society, which was established in 2010, manages Openclub. We’ll also be talking about their second gym. The gym appears very clean and well-equipped at first glance. After you pass through the reception, you will find several different rooms. You will find plenty of cardio and strength machines in the large gym area.

If you don’t want to purchase anything, you’ll find weights for free. Openclub also offers many group classes. You can do Zumba, spin, pilates or fit box. These classes are only offered in designated areas. Openclub also has a space dedicated to functional training. You’ll find all the tools you need such as dumbbells and elastics. Openclub also has a beautiful pool. Anyone who wants to learn water aerobics, hydrobike, water walking, and other activities can take courses.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 11pm; Tuesday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 11:00 pm; Saturday, 9 am to 12 noon; Sunday is closed

Openclub Sorrento location: Via Santa Maria della Pieta, 80067 Sorrento

2. Central Fitness Club

As the name implies, the Central Fitness Club is one the Sorrento Italy gyms. It is located in the middle of Sorrento. If you are just visiting Sorrento, it is close to the beach as well as hotels. It seems like a family-run business with friendly staff. Technogym is a popular brand for gym equipment at Central Fitness Club. Although the gym focuses mainly on group classes, you are welcome to work out in the weights.

You’ll find group classes such as pilates and gag/step. Gaga, for example, focuses on toning your legs, abdomen, and bum. These exercises will help you tone your legs and burn calories. The Central Fitness Club schedule is not always clear. You should be cautious when you visit and ensure it’s open on the days you want. Below are the opening hours.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 11pm, Tuesday through Thursday, 9am to 11pm, Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday 5pm to 8pm

Central Fitness Club location: Corso Italia, 254, 80067 Sorrento

3. OpenClub Piano di Sorrento

OpenClub Piano di Sorrento is part of the Aqua e Fitness SRL group. However, they are located in a different part of town. They are still not far from the beach and the first club, but they are a bit farther inside Sorrento, further away from Sorrento’s center. It is very similar in cost. There are approximately 60 machines of the most recent generation. According to their website, there is a variety of machines. Free weight line, isotonic and free cable machines.

The bodyweight training area has special flooring, benches, and dumbbell sets. You also have a functional area for CrossFit-type activities. You will find plenty of weights and bars. The group courses are also available. The Openclub offers almost the same types of courses. These courses include Zumba, joywalking, spinning, pump and kickboxing, as well as Crossfit training. It is a must to visit either of these gyms. This location is open later than the other, so if your preference is late training, it might be better.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 6 am to noon, Saturday, 6 am until 8:30 pm, Sunday, 9 am to noon, and then 6pm to 9pm.

Openclub Piano di Sorrento location: Corso Italiam 38m 80063 Piano di Sorrento

4. Studio Pilates Sorrento

This gym Sorrento Italy focuses on pilates, as the name implies. Studio Pilates Sorrento will show you how to do Pilates. This sport aims to strengthen the body and promote balance, awareness, and stability. Your breathing is the most important thing. Joseph Hubertus, your trainer, can help you with all of this and more. You’ll learn concentration, control and the center of gravity. He can also teach you fluidity, precision and breathing.

This isn’t your typical gym with weights and cardio machines, but Pilates can help you strengthen your core and make your workouts more effective. This is a great exercise for those who are recovering from injury or just looking for something lighter. Pilates can be difficult and requires concentration. Studio Pilates Sorrento is located just five minutes from Sant’ Agnello.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7 am to 9pm, Saturday, 7 am until 1 pm. Sunday is closed

Studio Pilates Sorrento location: Corso Italia, 40, 80065 Sant’ Agnello

5. Spa Ulysse

Although Spa Ulysse may not be a Sorrento-style gym, we believe it is an essential part of any recovery from the gym. You can combine your training with some relaxation at this spa, which is located near the Openclub Sorrento. The spa is located in Sorrento’s heart and specializes in both a massage center as well as an aesthetic center. This spa is a place for relaxation and well-being, but it also serves as a beauty centre. The spa features a hot tub, sauna, Turkish bath, cold water, ice buckets, and other amenities.

This is only for adults. Children under 16 years old are not permitted. After you’ve enjoyed the sauna and pool, you can relax with a massage. Spa Ulysse offers relaxing massages for stress, including face and neck massages. It also offers aromatherapy, ayurvedic and candle therapies. There are approximately 20 types of massages. You can find everything from hair laser removal to manicures and pedicures. You might want to book this place if you are planning a Sorrento wedding or if you are considering living here.

Spa Ulysse hours: Monday to Friday 9 am-10 pm, Saturday 9am-8 pm, Sundy 11 am-7 pm

Spa Ulysse location: Via del Mare, 22, 80067

6. R. Evolution Gym

R. Evolution gym Sorrento Italy is a wellness, training and combat sports center. What are they able to offer? Let’s begin with the training area. The gym is small and has all the necessary equipment. You can use your own bodyweight, as there are many dumbbells. You also have plenty of space for fighting sports, aside from the machine room. You can find a smaller boxing ring and punching bags.

You can walk barefoot on the padded floor without fear. A separate room is available for group classes like Zumba or aerobics. R Evolution gym offers services for people recovering from injuries, or who just want to slow down their training. They also offer massages to those with special needs. The reception area has a variety of protein treats. This is a great place to train with lots of space.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10:30pm, Saturday, 9 am until 7:30pm, Sunday, 9 am to 1pm

R. R.

7. Palestra Futura

Palestra Futura, one of the Sorrento Italy gyms that is a little outside of Sorrento. They offer group classes and high-tech equipment. With a wide range of machines, the gym equipment is high-quality. There are still the basics like the pull-down or cable machines. A typical weight area is shown in front of mirrors equipped with benches. Palestra Futura offers cardio machines that help you burn calories.

As far as we know and as seen on Facebook, there are a few classes offered by the gym. You can learn salsa, karate and bodybuilding. You might call them to get more information. It is not common for gyms to disclose their prices in Italy so you will need to ask about that.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 10:30pm, Tuesday through Thursday, 3pm to 10pm; Saturday, 8:30am to 1pm, 3pm to 6:30pm, Sunday closed

Palestra Futura location: Via Corbo, 27, 80063 Piano di Sorrento

8. Central Fitness Club 2

You may be asking why you are visiting the Central Fitness Club 2 in Sorrento Italy. One was on the list but it is located in a different place. Both have the same layout. Central Fitness Club 2 offers many group classes. The same classes as the first. Pilates, Aero-tone, Total Body, Spin, and Fit Boxing are just a few examples. Another interesting option is the Survivor training system.

You will be trained like a Marine. The exercise is a combination of circuits and personal defense techniques. This exercise is suitable for all levels, even beginners. Total body classes are another great way to spice things up in your training. These classes are simple and use your body to tone and stretch. The gym is open during the day, but it’s accessible to everyone. You’ll also have lots of fun doing group exercises.

Hours of operation: These offices are open during the day but close for a few hours at night.

Central Fintess Club 2 location: Via Vescovado, 1, 80069

9. Palestra Palagio

Palestra Palagio is the next gym in Sorrento Italy. They are located in the Piano di Sorrento region and have quite the gym. Technogym has over 49 machines. You can also do deadlifts, squats and train with free weights in the gym. Palestra Palagio has functional training areas with TRX, free weights and resistance bands.

There’s also a separate space for spinning classes. Palestra Palagio can be a great spot if you need a physiotherapist, or osteopath. These trainers are also able to provide postural training and take on massages. If you have special needs, you will need to ask about this. It is a great gym to strengthen your muscles with many machines and weights. You should not miss this opportunity if you are already on the coast.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7 am to 10:30pm, Tuesday through Thursday, 9 am to 10pm, Saturday, 7 am until 10:30pm, Sunday is closed

Palestra Palagio location: Corso Italia, 339, 80063, Piano di Sorrento

10. TherapyFit

Now we are at the last facility, TherapyFit gym Sorrento Italy. If you ask me, this gym is very cool. There are many activities available. You can find cardio classes, yoga and kickboxing. The name implies that there is also physiotherapy available for those who have suffered an injury. Personal training is available if you want to work with a professional. TherapyFit also offers postural training.

TherapyFit can help you create a customized meal plan if you are serious about taking your fitness to the next level. There are many massages available and sometimes they even offer discounts. You can contact the reception to book consultations, or visit the gym to learn more.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9 am-10 pm, Saturday 9am-6 pm. Sunday is closed

TherapyFit location: Corso Italia, 89, 80065 Sant’ Agnello

Gyms in Sorrento Italy, Conclusion

Are you still looking for motivation to get to the gym? Although Sorrento is a small community, it has many facilities both inside and outside. Although they are family-owned, the gyms have great equipment. Spa Ulysse is the best choice if you are looking for a relaxing area. Otherwise, any one of the other gyms will work. Check out our list for gyms in Rome or Milan.

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