15 Top Rooftop Bars In Rome

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This is the beautiful question: Which rooftop bar in Rome Italy is the best? You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for rooftop bars in Rome Italy. If you are looking for great cocktails, drinks and delicious food, with stunning views of the rooftops and domes of the Eternal City. There are many great restaurants and bars in Rome. But the rooftops are the best. Rome has the most stunning panoramas. It isn’t ruined by huge buildings or new blocks of architecture. Rome’s skyline is perfect and intact, leaving space for the incredible architecture of magnificent churches and monuments. The list below will highlight the top rooftop bars and restaurants in Rome. We also highlighted the rooftop bars at hotels in Rome, as most of these hotels are on the top of hotels.

Top rooftop bars in Rome Italy and hotels in Rome with rooftop bars

The following list of hotels with rooftop bars in Rome will help you find the best restaurants and best places to enjoy Aperitivo or sunset. Some of our favorites include the rooftop bar Rome Colosseum and great restaurants with views in Rome Italy. There are 3 things you must do in Rome when you visit the city.

The first is to visit monuments. Next, you can walk around the historic centre and find beautiful streets, squares, and museums. Second, you can try Roman cuisine, visit gelato shops and enjoy great Italian wines. The best Italian coffee must be a must-have in Rome. But, we also recommend the third must-do: the Eternal City skyline. You can enjoy breathtaking views from hills, parks and monuments, but the best place to do so is from rooftop bars in Rome Italy. For the best food experience, book a class if you are already in Rome.

1. Terrazza Borromini

Terrazza Borromini, our favourite rooftop bar in Rome, is our top choice for hotels with a rooftop bar. Terrazza Borromini overlooks Piazza Navona, and the campanile and dome of Sant’Agnese are both nearby. The bar is located in a 17th century building, on the hotel Eitch Borromini Palzzo Pamphilj.

Terrazza Borromini has a rooftop bar and a restaurant on the 4th floor. It’s centrally located in Rome’s most famous square. Here you’ll find elegance and quality, history and spirituality. You can also enjoy the best cocktails in Rome.

Terrazza Borromini is a rooftop bar in Rome Italy that’s well-known for its excellent aperitif cocktails and small, delicious aperitif meals. This rooftop bar is a must-see for its 360-degree views of Rome’s skyline and stunning sunsets. It is important to make reservations if you want to reserve a table at this popular spot.

2. Cielo Bar – Hotel de la Ville

Cielo Bar, Hotel de la Ville is another highlight of the best rooftop bars in Rome Italy. This high-end spot is located on the 7th floor. Hotel de la Ville, one of the top hotels in Rom, has a rooftop bar. We also reviewed it in our list of best luxury hotels in Rome.

Cielo Bar, located above the Spanish Steps offers a stunning view of Rome’s skyline and the St. Peter’s Basilica dome in Vatican City. This rooftop terrace is a must-see in Rome! Bar rooftop bar is open daily from noon to midnight. They offer a refreshing drink menu, including wines and delicious Aperitivo cocktails.

Cielo Bar offers a light lunch menu featuring small plates from Mosaic, the Michelin-starred in-house restaurant. This is a great spot to escape from the bustling Piazza di Spagna below. In the evening, you can also enjoy live music at 7-10 pm. Cielo Bar is a famous rooftop bar in Rome. If you are looking for luxurious surroundings with stunning views, this is the place to be!

3. Les Etoiles – Hotel Atlante Star

Les Etoiles is a top restaurant in Rome Italy that offers a great view. This place is definitely one of my favorite romantic restaurants in Rome. It’s located close to Vatican City and offers stunning views of the St Peter’s Basilica. Les Etoiles, a lush rooftop garden, can be found on the top of Hotel Atlante Star.

Although Les Etoiles may be a little off the beaten path, it’s still easy to find. However, it’s a true gem. On the top floor, you will find an indoor fine dining restaurant as well as an outdoor rooftop garden. If you make a reservation, be sure to mention where you are booking. You might end up at the fine dining restaurant.

You can enjoy cocktails, wines and drinks at the rooftop bar Les Etoiles. You can also visit Les Etoiles to enjoy a Sunday brunch, which offers a stunning view of the breathtaking panorama. It is a beautiful, elegant terrace with a great view and excellent service.

4. Singer Palace Hotel

This list includes many hotels in Rome that have a rooftop bar. Another one is the Singer Palace Hotel. This restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Rome Italy. The place is located in an historic building with two rooftop settings. Singer Palace Hotel is located in Rome’s heart by Via del Corso. It is near the Pantheon and the Trevi fountain.

The Singer Palace Hotel has a rooftop bar named Jim’s Bar and a restaurant called The Terraces. Both have a luxurious, elegant setting, particularly the restaurant. You can visit the restaurant or bar anytime of day, so you can go for lunch, dinner, Aperitifo or after-dinner cocktails. The stunning views of Rome’s historic centre and the spectacular sunsets are just a few of the many things you can enjoy.

5. Tiziano Terrace – Monti Palace Hotel

There are so many rooftops in Rome that we can’t count, and they wouldn’t fit into one article. But Tiziano Terrace is one of the top rooftop bars in Rome Italy. This rooftop terrace offers a stunning view of Rome. The Tiziano Terrace is located in Monti, a neighborhood just 10 minutes from the Colosseum.

Tiziano Terrace can be found on the 5th Floor of the Monti Palace Hotel. The indoor lounge has tall windows. There is also an outdoor terrace with tables and bar stools. This is actually a bar & bistro, which is open every night until late for you to enjoy great Italian wines, signature cocktails, and Mediterranean-inspired bites on the side. You can have breakfast on the rooftop terrace if you are staying in the hotel.

6. Minerva Rooftop Garden

Minerva Rooftop Garden is the top choice for a rooftop bar in Rome Italy with historic monuments. Minerva Rooftop Garden is a romantic restaurant with a stunning view in Rome. This classic rooftop bar is located near the Pantheon in Rome.

It is located on the top of Grand Hotel de la Minerve and has a luxurious setting with reasonable prices. It is worth it for the delicious food and drinks. Minerva Rooftop Garden serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sundays, you can enjoy classic Italian dishes and a brunch menu.

7. La Terrazza del Cesari

La Terrazza del Cesari, a rooftop bar with elegant design in Rome’s heart, is another option. It isn’t a well-known place so it can be called a hidden treasure. This rooftop bar offers spectacular views of Rome’s rooftops and Sant Ignazio In Loyola Church. It is the only rooftop bar in Rome.

La Terrazza del Cesari is located on the 9Hotel Cesari boutique hotels. It’s open daily from noon to midnight. You can enjoy signature cocktails created by top bartenders. If you don’t want to drink cocktails, you can choose from some of the finest Italian wines. You can also order delicious bites as a side. Roman Pinsa is a healthier alternative to regular pizza. This place is great for a stop-in with friends.

8. Feria at Lanifico

Feria at Lanifico has it all! You’ll find great vibes, vibrant nightlife, youth, loud music and lots of fun. Feria at Lanifico is a bit far from the center of the city so a taxi might be necessary. However, it’s well worth it. Feria at Lanifico Riviera themed. If you’ve ever been to Spain, you know how much fun it can be.

This is what Feria at Lanifico offers every night during summer. There are great cocktails, barbecue and Roman cuisine, as well as DJs that provide the perfect atmosphere. It isn’t a touristy spot, so it would be great for locals, especially if you are visiting Rome with your friends. The entry fee is also free.

9. 47 Circus Roof Garden – 47 Hotel

47 Circus Roof Garden, a stunning hotel in Rome that offers a rooftop bar and breathtaking views is one of our top picks! A charming rooftop bar/restaurant and a restaurant await you at 47 Boutique Hotel. Enjoy a stunning view of Rome’s ancient areas from this stylish and charming location. The rooftop restaurant at 47 Boutique Hotel offers Mediterranean cuisine by Gabriele Enrico.

The restaurant offers stunning views for lunch and dinner. You can also visit 47 Circus Roof Garden for Aperitivo after dinner. Enjoy signature cocktails, bites and the finest gins from around the globe for the best cocktails. It’s worth visiting for its Mediterranean vibe and ancient Roman views.

10. The Court – Palazzo Manfredi

The Court at Palazzo Manfredi is the best rooftop bar in Rome Italy. Although it’s not the one we should actually be putting on the list, the stunning view makes it the top choice for rooftop bars in Rome Colosseum. The Court has a stunning view over Rome Colosseum with the Altare della Patria in the background.

The Court, located in the heart of the historic district, is an outdoor bar with stunning cocktails, great vibes and elegance. You can book upstairs at Aroma restaurant, which overlooks the Colosseum. However, if you are looking for Aperitivo, or a post-dinner cocktail, the Court is the right place. This was a bucket list item that we have been wanting to do for many years. It was a wonderful experience.

11. Posh Terrace – Palazzo Naiadi

Posh Terrace is the place to be if you are looking for a rooftop bar and restaurant with an infinity pool. Posh Terrace is a great spot for people looking for hotels in Rome that have a rooftop bar. It’s located at the top of Anantara Palazzo Naiadi which is one of Rome’s most luxurious and luxurious hotels.

Anyone looking for an exclusive experience should look into a rooftop pool in Rome or a fancy rooftop terrace at the top of a luxurious hotel. The Posh Terrace offers signature cocktails and drinks, while the Posh Rooftop Restaurant serves delicious food. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a luxurious experience. Palazzo Naiadi is an historic building located on Piazza della Repubblica.

12. Mun Rooftop Cocktail Bar DoubleTree By Hilton Rome Monti

Mun Rooftop Cocktail bar is another important spot for rooftop bars in Rome Italy. Although it isn’t as expensive as Posh Terrace, this bar is still a great choice for those looking for the best rooftop bars in Rome Italy. The Mun Rooftop Cocktail bar is located on the 8th Floor of DoubleTree Hotel.

The Mun Rooftop Cocktail Bar has stunning views, great cocktails and a modern vibe. Modern rooftop bar offering aperitifs, light meals, and elegant cocktails. The rooftop bar is located close to Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, and Roma Termini. You can find comfortable lounge chairs, sofas, and dining tables as well as barstools. This is a great place to visit in the evenings and for lunch on weekends.

13. Mirabelle – Hotel Splendide Royal

Mirabelle is a top-rated restaurant in Rome Italy that offers a panoramic view. It’s located in Hotel Splendide Royal. This hotel also houses the Adele Mixology Loung, which follows this spot on the list. Mirabelle is a great choice if you are looking for romantic restaurants with a view in Rome. Mirabelle is a restaurant that will make your eyes as well as your stomach happy. The decor is elegant and beautiful, the food is excellent, and the view is breathtaking.

Mirabelle restaurant offers fine cuisine and gastronomic delights from Chef Stefano Marzetti. This exclusive restaurant offers impeccable service and the most stunning view of Rome’s historic center. Mirabelle is a city-famous garden restaurant. It’s ideal for special occasions and if you just want to be fancy while on vacation.

14. Adele Mixology Lounge

There are many great rooftop bars in Rome Italy. We couldn’t pick one. Adele Mixology Lounge is another favorite. This lounge offers stunning views of the Eternal City from a panoramic position. Adele Mixology Lounge can be found on the 8th Floor of Hotel SPlendide Royal. This hotel is also on our list for the top luxury hotels in Rome.

Hotel Splendide Royal was an old monastery. It has been transformed into a luxurious hotel. The rooftop is home to Adele Mixology Lounge, which boasts a 360-degree panoramic view of the city skyline. Enjoy the exquisite cocktails, premium beverages, and chef’s delights here. Adele Mixology Lounge is open from sunset to late at evening. It’s an elegant, yet casual place where you can enjoy the stunning sunset over Rome.

15. Rooftop Spritzeria Monti

We must mention the famous Spritzeria Montei to end our list with hotels in Rome that have rooftop bars. Although we placed this place last on our list, that does not necessarily mean it is the best. All other locations were placed randomly, except for the first place on the list of rooftop bars to be found in Rome. Rooftop Spritzeria Monti, located on the top of Condominio Monti Boutique hotel, is now only 5 minutes from Rome’s Colosseum.

This chic rooftop bar offers great cocktails, a lively environment, contemporary design, and captivating background music. The Spritz is the most requested drink here, as its name implies. You can also enjoy a variety of food options, including a wide range of drinks. You can choose from aperitif plates or cold cuts, cheese, snacks, and even vegetarian options.

The list of the 15 best rooftop bars in Rome Italy is complete.

Now that you’ve found the best rooftop bar in Rome Italy and all the hotels with a rooftop bar in Rome, it’s time for you to have fun! Enjoy the beauty of Rome’s Eternal City by walking along its streets. After a day of art and history, head up to a rooftop bar in Rome Italy for an Apritivo and a view of Rome before you go. You’ll find great options for restaurants in Rome Italy that have a view as well as romantic restaurants with a stunning view of Rome. You won’t regret it, I swear!

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