8 Party Venues That Are Better Than The Sistine Chapel

Imagine being able to visit the Colosseum by yourself, or staying in the royal suite at an ancient castle. There are many amazing places in Italy. But what if you could see them all? How about hosting a concert at the Sistine Chapel. Pope Francis recently agreed to let the Sistine Chapel to Porsche to host an exclusive Rome tour event.

Porsche’s tour itinerary costs more than 4,000 Euros per person and includes a concert at the Sistine Chapel for up 40 people. A rental fee will be paid to charity. We were inspired to think about other locations that are available for rent in Italy. After some research, we came up with the perfect locations for parties.

You can have the Sistine Chapel to yourself on the VIP Vatican Key Master’s Tour. This once-in-a lifetime experience will take you to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. You’ll be accompanied by an expert guide. It doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars!

La Scala in Milan

Rent La Scala’s production centre and put yourself in their shoes. Photo by Lelli and Masotti

We wouldn’t mind hosting a Christmas party at Milan’s famous Scala Theater. What could be more classy? Rent La Scala’s production centre, The Ansaldo Workshops. Here, every piece featured on stage (scenery and costumes backdrop) is created. Your guests will be able to visit the largest theater workshop in the world, where costume designers, set designers, and a multitude of other artists collaborate to create La Scala performances. We’d probably spend all of our time singing Christmas songs opera-style acapella.

The Accademia, the Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti & Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

Florence’s Piazza Della Repubblica is decorated for Christmas! Photo by Alice Barigelli

After filling out a form and getting approved by the Museum’s Official Supervisor, you can rent most museums in Florence under the Polo Museale Fiorentino organisation. This includes the Uffizi Gallery and the courtyard of Palazzo Pitti. To find the best museum for your Italian Christmas Party, check out the price list. You can rent the Boboli Gardens to string Christmas lights on every tree and bush. You can invite the most famous and chicest to clink drinks in front of David at the Accademia. We prefer a private evening in the Uffizi Gallery. Enjoy Christmas Eve in the true “Night at the Museum” style. Get front row seats to some of the most valuable art in the world. There are no crowds, lines or rushes!

St. St.

Take a look inside the Venetian Cathedral. Photo by Dimitry A.

Although a church is not the best choice for a party venue, you can rent the Basilica in Venice to host your own photo op, tour, or Christmas mass. If you’re willing and able to share, you can take Walks of Italy’s private tour of St. Mark’s Basilica. The tour is available twice per week during high season. It starts after hours and gives participants a chance to see the beautiful basilica and take in the 43,000-square-foot mosaics.

The St. Regis Hotel Rome

You can have your own luxury hotel right from the train station and within walking distance of top Rome attractions. Photo by Herry Lawford

The Le Grand Hotel is the name of the hotel. You’ll recognize it when you see rows upon rows of Ferrari’s parked in front. The opulent hotel at Via Vittorio E. Orlando 3 was featured in The Talented Mr. Ripley and The English Patient. It features a carefully curated collection, antiques, a historic lift, and Murano chandeliers. The Ritz Ballroom is what draws us the most to its incredible Christmas party. You will feel like the belle of a ball as you dance under the magnificent chandeliers in the ballroom with 450 of your closest friends. For 8 hours of beauty sleep, you can choose from 138 or 23 guest rooms. You could pay for the entire hotel or just the night, but we want to make sure you have the whole hotel, ballroom, spa and Bentley driving experience.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

This could be your backyard! Photo by Nicola

It is located north of Naples and one of our favorite day trip from Naples. Caserta in Italy is Italy’s answer for Versaille. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has over 1,200 rooms. There are also XX acres of English-style gardens. The palace isn’t new to renters. It’s been rented for many films including Star Wars Episode 1 and Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Mission Impossible III and as the Vatican, Angels and Demons. The film was adapted from Dan Brown’s best-selling novel. Why not rent the palace for Christmas? You could be the king of the ball! We would hire the best D.J. We’d hire the best D.J. to turn up the energy in the ballroom, bringing the 18th-century palace into today’s 21st century. You can choose the perfect room later and have the best night of sleep.

Although the Sistine Chapel is unlikely to be rented out for intimate events, and an entire five-star hotel won’t be available anytime soon, it’s possible to dream! We might be able to rent the Sistine Chapel if we really work hard in 2015.

What spot would you pick for your Christmas party? Mulled wine with Michelangelo, or aperitivo at La Scala?

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