A day trip to Tuscany, starting from Rome

It can be difficult to explore Tuscany without a car. If you prefer not to drive, you will love our tour. This tour packs all the highlights into one day of comfort and indulgence.

It would be impossible for you to see all of Tuscany in one day. However, you will explore Val d’Orcia which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts picturesque towns, renowned wines, and breathtaking views.

Enjoy #takewalks in charming hilltop towns, delicious food and wine at an organic Tuscan farm, and climb a castle. Did we mention wine tasting? Relax, enjoy and relax!

Hill communities


You can see the beautiful scenery as you travel to Monticchiello. This gives you an idea about the breathtaking views that await you when you reach this medieval hilltop village. Monticchiello is home to less than 250 people. The stunning views, rolling hills, cypress-lined streets, and lush countryside will leave you speechless. This postcard-perfect view of Tuscany is what has attracted visitors to the region.

The views are breathtaking but don’t forget about the #takewalks around Monticchiello, which are small but full of charm. You can find frescoes that date back to the 14th century in the Chiesa di Santi Leonardo or Cristoforo.


Pienza alone is worth a visit to Tuscany. This town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was rebuilt in the Renaissance style by Pope Pius II in 1458. Piazza Pio 2, where you will find Santa Maria Assunta’s cathedral, Piccolomini Palace and Borgia Palace are the main attractions.

Take a stroll through this charming town. As you walk along Via del Casello you will be able to see the Val d’Orcia from a different perspective. Pienza is home to the Festival of Flowers, which takes place on the second Saturday and Sunday of May. The town will be decorated in stunning floral scenes. There’s also the Cheese Fair in September.

Pienza is known as the capital of Pecorino cheese and is the ideal place to visit if you love cheese! We won’t leave Pienza, but we will make sure to taste some of the famous Pecorino cheeses and offer you the chance to purchase some for your home.


Montalcino is a famous red wine. Its location on top of a hill offers stunning views over the surrounding countryside. We will be visiting La Fortezza, climbing up to the walls, and looking out from the towers. La Fortezza, a pentagonal-shaped building that was reconstructed in 1361 by the Sienese, offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Organic Farmhouse

Our day trip from Tuscany and Rome was not without its highlights. We visited a hidden gem: an organic farmhouse that is completely surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, but it is still a short distance from the main road. You won’t see any large buses or other tourists on the narrow road that leads to the farmhouse. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the tranquility and intimacy of the area.

Wander around the farm before lunch and you will likely meet goats, donkeys, and pigs. Peacocks are often seen during their courtship ritual, with their stunning patterned plumage and fanned out.

We hope that you have already gotten hungry for lunch. It’s sure to be a feast. The farm’s seasonal produce will be used in all the dishes. You can also enjoy wines from their vineyard while enjoying breathtaking views. The Tuscan sun’s joys!

Wine Tasting

It is obvious that a visit to Tuscany wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of the finest wines. We will stop by a Montalcino vineyard to see the wine cellar and learn about the production of the famous Brunello di Montalcino. You will be able to taste the many wines made at this vineyard, including the award-winning Brunello di Montalcino.

It sounds like the perfect day trip from Rome to Tuscany. It is, we think so. We’d love to hear what you think after you have experienced it. You can find more information on the page if you are interested in booking the tour, or if you have any questions. Leave a comment if you have been to Tuscany and what you think.

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