Accessible beaches

You can find accessible beaches for disabled people throughout Sicily. This will allow you to have a wonderful holiday at the seaside with a high-quality reception and barrier-free access.

Let’s begin at the Spiaggia zero Barriere in San Vito Lo Capo in the area of Trapani. This charming seaside resort has beaches that remind us of the Caribbean because they have white sands and clear water. Sometimes the corals can cause the sand to turn pink.

You will find proper runways and platforms here to allow you to safely move.

Special aquatic wheelchairs can be found with rubber wheels (J.O.B. A dedicated staff is available to assist with any questions.

The M.I.A. project has enabled the major seaside resorts of Sicily to provide well-organized bathing assistance services and equipped beaches.

The Holiday Park is directly in front of the public beach.

The Association of the same name runs the beach La Fenice in Milazzo. It is located in Messina area. The public beach of Sant’Agata di Militello is located in Giancola. It has a walkway connecting the parking area and the shore. There are also some reserved car parks.

Capo d’Orlando is a municipality in Messina that has several beaches. These include the beaches of Piazzetta del Borgo San Gregorio and Klaxon, which are located along the Lungomare Andrea Doria.

The newly opened beach No Limits beyond the Wall, which is located near Ciurma della Tartana (nearby to Ciurma della Tartana), offers well-equipped spaces with J.O.B. and high sunbeds. chairs. Admission is free for both disabled people and their accompanying persons.

Ragusa and the surrounding areas have many beaches that are accessible, including Margarita Beach, Laola Beach in Marina di Ragusa; La Capannina; La Duna del Re; Circolo Velico anemos in Scoglitti; and, last but not least, Pietrenere beach at Pozzallo.

Siracusa The initiative “Sicilia & Siracusa beach to everyone” is concerned with projects that promote a more accessible and sustainable hospitality throughout the Island.

Siracusa is a great destination because of its many beaches and shores: Arenella, Aeronautica dell’Arenella, Camomilla Beach, Fontane Bianche and Sayonara, Nuovo and Nuovo, Portopalo di Capopassero and Marina di Priolo.

Mondello – ph. RobIanni

In Mondello a fishing village in Palermo is where you will find the Ombellico del Mondo Beach Club – each year with a greater number of walkways. You can also be accompanied by Paralympic swimmers.

We also mention the Ciammarita beach at Trappeto in Trapani province.

Trappeto – Palermo – ph. robianni

Although we have only reported a handful of resorts, an updated list is maintained each year by the association Sicilia Turismo Per Tutti ( Instagram), who since 2014 has worked to create an accessible and more environmentally-friendly hospitality across the entire territory of Sicilia.

You can find more information about addresses, contact details, and specific information by looking at the below chart. It reports over 70 Beach Clubs (more than 20 of which are public), each equipped with all the necessary facilities to enter and move into the water using JOB chairs and with visual and tactile platforms that allow you to enjoy the beach independently.

Download the list of all the accessible beaches in Sicily

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