Colosseum Underground Tours Expand Opening Dates and Allow Independent Visits

There was a lot of excitement and press when the underground Colosseum opened to public in 2011. The hypogeum, the subterranean place where gladiators or animals would wait for their turn to fight, was then closed. It was reopened in the spring. (The third level also did).

We have two major pieces of news this week that will change everything.

LATEST NEWS – June 26, 2021: After two years of restoration, new areas of the Colosseum Underground have been reopened to the general public. See for more information.

LATEST INFO: June 10, 2015: The underground tours of the Colosseum are still available throughout the summer. Tickets are becoming more difficult to find as the demand is high. Walks launched a VIP Ancient Rome tour to help with this. It includes access to newly opened sites in the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill archaelogical area, just outside the Colosseum. This tour includes access to Caesar’s Palace. It is also the home of the first Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. There are grand salons and ancient staircases as well as ancient frescoes. You can find more information or book tickets at the following links.

    • Book Walks of Italy’s VIP Ancient Rome Tour With Caesar’s Palace Access.
    • Information about the Caesar’s Palace Tour of Ancient Rome

LATEST INFO: August 5, 2014: After being closed for much of July, the Colosseum has reopened. All tours will now have access to the Arena Floor, Underground (hypogeum), Third Tier (top-level) and all other areas. You should keep in mind that there are ongoing restorations so it is possible for certain areas to be closed.

UPDATED – April 5, 2012:Colosseum officials today announced that the underground would reopen on Saturday, April 7. For more information, see our .

UPDATED NEWS December 30, 2011, The Colosseum underground remains closed since October due to flooding from heavy rains. The top level, with its spectacular views, is still accessible to those who are on tours. The Colosseum intends to keep the top floor open until at least August 2012. This will make the tour an exceptional way to experience the Colosseum and get a unique view. As soon as the underground reopens, we’ll notify you. We are crossing our fingers it happens soon. All tours to the top levels will include the underground section at no additional cost.

You can now get exclusive access to August

UPDATED NEWS July 5, 2011,: We have confirmation that the Colosseum’s underground tier and third tier will be open until the end of September 2011. They might not be open again after September, when restoration work will begin on the Colosseum. Make sure to book your tickets now for this unique opportunity in your life!

UPDATED NEWS June 8th 2011:Colosseum officials from Pierreci announced that underground and third-tier areas would remain open until the end of July AUGUST (Yay!) It has not been confirmed that the Colosseum’s third and hypogeum levels will remain open beyond July 31, as some agencies and sites claim.

We offer tours of Colosseum underground at Walks of Italy. Our guides have been granted permission. This makes us the only tour company that actually uses its own guides to guide tours into the hypogeum or third level. This means that the tour of the hypogeum can only be taken by 12 people, as with all of our walking tours. This tour also includes visits to the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and other important sites.

Our blog is not a place where we like to brag about ourselves. It’s a resource for travelers. You know what? This is, at the end of it all, quite helpful news. This is especially true because it means you now have options when it comes time to visit Colosseum underground tour.

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