Enjoy a 45-Minute Food Tour to See the Best Foods Near Naples’ Train Station

We aren’t shy about showing our love for Naples. We know that not everyone can spend the day there and that some prefer Italy’s traditional cities over one that’s gritty and chaotic.

Guess what? But we also know that most of you will be passing through Naples, especially if you are going to Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. Although switching trains at Naples station is not a good way to see Naples’ archaeology or art, it will give you the opportunity to taste some of its best qualities: its food.

So quick. Grab your roller bag and put on your shoes. You’ll get to enjoy the best of Naples in the 45 minutes that you have until the next Circumvesuviana train arrives.

First stop, Da Pellone: Naples pizza done right

Why? Because Neapolitan pizza is the best pizza you can eat.

It takes 15 minutes to get there if you are quick, and 30 minutes to sit down.

While many of Naples’ best-known pizzerias can be found in the centero storico area, Da Pellone is just a few steps away from the station. It’s also a great place for a first taste of Naples’ pizza. The pizzas here are traditional Neapolitan in style, featuring thick crusts and large portions. Fresh ingredients, low prices (a margherita is only 5 euros), and fresh ingredients. The decor is simple and straightforward, as well as the clientele which includes many locals.

You can order and even pick up your food fast! You can eat a whole pizza in just 15 minutes. Because we did it, we know. You will find it much easier if you only have about half an hour. You don’t have the time? You don’t have to wait for the train? No problem! Just ask for a pizza to take (“da portarevia”) and you can eat it on board.

Da Pellone can be found at Via Nazionale 93. It is a 8-minute walk away from the station. Turn right onto Corso Meridionale after exiting the train station onto Piazza Garibaldi. Turn left onto Via Nazionale. Da Pellone will be on your right.

Second stop: Pasticceria Attanasio – the best sfogliatelle ever!

Why? Because sfogliatelle is one of Naples’ most famous pastries. Pasticceria Attanasio also makes some of Naples’ best sfogliatelle.

Time it takes to get there if your speed is good, which includes walking. 8 minutes for those who walk from the station, 15 minutes for those who walk from Da Pellone.

Pasticceria Attanasio is a popular place to find Naples’ pastries. There are many pastries on offer at the bakery, but the best is sfogliatella calda. This Neapolitan traditional pastry is made from thin, crispy dough with semi-sweet ricotta filling. If you prefer the classic, ridged version, ask for “sfogliatella riccia”. The “sfogliatella frolla”, which looks more like a pocket made of dough, is equally amazing.

You can find some of the best sfogliatelle in Naples right here, just a 2-minute walk away from the station

You can get either one by going to the cash register to pay first and then waiting for it to appear on the sign. It is quite popular so please be patient if it takes some time. Despite the cinnamon aroma in the air, it’s not hard to enjoy the place.

Pasticceria Antoniosio can be found at Vico Ferrovia 1; it is a 2-minute walk to the train station. To get there, walk out onto Piazza Garibaldi and continue walking northwards until you see Vico Ferrovia to your right.

Caffe Mexico is the third stop: For a quick pick-me-up at Naples’ most-loved cafeteria, Caffe Mexico

Why? Because coffee is best enjoyed in the south of Italy, which is where you can get it.

Time is taken, including walking: 5 minutes if walking from Pasticceria Attanasio to the train station

Naples is a tough city for coffee. The city prides itself on its perfect-made espresso. Caffe Mexico is a standout among the rest. The coffee bar is a favorite among Neapolitans as well as foodies. They offer a variety of coffees including traditional espressos as well flavored coffees and hot cocoa. Ask for the Harem coffee if you are looking for the best quality coffee. Be careful how hot you take your espresso.

Caffe Mexico is located right on Piazza Garibaldi 72. You’ll find it when you exit the station onto Piazza Garibaldi 72.

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