Farm Cultural Park di Favara

Florinda (she’s a lawyer, he’s a notary) and Andrea (they are both lawyers) make a decision to one day change their lives. They decide to transform Favara, a neighborhood near Agrigento into a vibrant, modern work-in-progress art site.

After purchasing some old houses in the town, they called architects to help them rebuild them in a beautiful way. The first artists are also born together with bricklayers and architects.

This wonderful project is slowly becoming a reality. They start with permanent exhibitions, including photography and music, before moving on to cultural events and music events. Favara thought it was impossible to achieve this dream. The positive energy of Florinda, Antonio, and other locals has made a difference. It was crucial to share the project with them.

Farm Cultural Park is located half an hour away from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. It is the sixth destination on the list of ten must-see destinations worldwide for lovers of contemporary art according to the English blog “Purple Travel”.

The Farm is an ideal place to find inspiration for artists, and a great art spot for all.

There are seven courtyards that connect one another. Seven courtyards in white, Arabic style. It is a cultural park that houses art galleries, photography exhibits, music events, and delicious food.

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