Scuba diving and snorkeling

Just below the surface of the sea, you will find a beautiful underwater world in Sicily. It is a paradise for snorkelers and divers, with stunning colors such as the white of the Lipari pumice quarries, San Vito Lo Capo’s countless cobalt shades, and Pantelleria’s dark sea. There are also rich fauna and ever-changing underwater landscapes that have been shaped by volcanic lava and geological movements.

The most beautiful seabed is in Ustica, a tiny island just before Palermo. This first Italian marine reserve is a true paradise for beginners and professionals. The Shoal at Colombara is where you can enjoy the most spectacular and interesting diving in the Mediterranean Sea. We dive among amberjack, bream, and barracuda. The seabed at the Grotta dei Gamberi is covered with tiny and delicious shrimps as well as ethereal structures made of worms. It is located after Cala Galera.

The seabed in Lipari, Punta Castagna is a contrast between the blue sea and white pumice. It will leave you breathless. There are active stone seabeds near the Sciara del Fuoco, Stromboli. Here, we’ll explore the submerged crater, which lies in front of Pollara in Salina or another Grotta dei Gamberi. While snorkeling at Panarea we can see intense fumaroles. This is due to volcanic gases escaping from the Earth crust. These fascinating fumaroles can be seen in all the volcanic areas of the Aeolian Islands.

Let’s go to Punta Spadillo. This is deep and mysterious. It is just a short distance from the coast. It is located at Pantelleria.

Marettimo is a great place to cave dive, provided you take all precautions. It is located in the Egadi Islands at the Cathedral where you can see a 30-meter deep cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites.

Linosa is the island in the Pelagie archipelago and has many dive sites. Secchitella is one of the most stunning, with its two pinnacles at depths of 4 and 12, and 70 meters at the deepest.

Even Lampedusa has stunning diving spots that are suitable for all levels.

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