From Paris to New York: A guide for the most haunted locations in the world

Halloween is not for everyone. If pop culture has taught us anything it is that people who enjoy Halloween tend to be more enthusiastic.

People love movies, magic, and masks. If it instills fear, or evokes terror, they are often the same people who don’t mind Halloween, with all its gore, for October 31st.

They’re always on the lookout for terror-inducing and thrill-seeking trips and are available all year.

If you are one of these people, we will tell you about some of the most terrifying places in the world.

Inside Alcatraz Prison on a tour by


These are the stories behind some of the most haunted and frightening places in the world

There are many terrifying places around the globe, from Poveglia island in Venice to Ten Bells pub at London. Each one is enough to scare even the most dedicated horror fan.

We will explore the history of the places that are believed to be hotbeds for paranormal activity. And we will reluctantly remind ourselves that there are other destinations than Halloween-inspired horror.

Deep breathes, here we are.

1. Poveglia Island, Venice

Poveglia Island



Few European cities are more magical than Venice. The Italian city is built on a network canals and conjures up images of reflections, moonlight gondola rides, and a pace that’s as slow as the quaintest Disney films.

It delivers on all fronts.

But, beneath the Bridge of Sighs , there is a dark side to Veneto capital. It is called Poveglia Island.

Poveglia Island, located in the Venetian Lagoon is the final resting place for 160,000 Bubonic Plague patients. However, the island’s dark history doesn’t end with the island’s final mass burial.

According to local legend, the island was once used as a hospital for the sick and ill in the late 1800s.

It has been called ‘the most haunted island in the world’ and ‘the Island of Madness’. An episode of Ghost Adventures’ was filmed there. Rumours suggest that very few Venetians rush to dock at its shoreline.

2. Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris via

Okay, fine. No one will be surprised to find out that a cemetery is on the list of most haunted places in the world. They do indeed have all the necessary components.

Let’s make a tentative entry into the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris ;a haunted cemetery.

The cemetery is located in the 20th district. It was established in 1804. It is the final resting spot for many high-profile people, such as Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison.

This cemetery is the largest in the city and has been the focus of many ghost stories. Visitors regularly claim to have seen the spirits interred there.

3. Paris, Catacombs

Paris is not over yet!

It’s not surprising that the Pere Lachaise Cemetery and the Paris Catacombs are both considered to be among the most haunting places in the world.

Let’s face it, an underground network of tunnels lined by human skeletons will not inspire feelings of relaxation and rest.

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4. Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid

Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid



Have you ever visited the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid. Have you ever felt your hair rise up to the back of the neck? You felt a top-to–toe shiver you couldn’t explain.

No? You can count yourself lucky in this case!

The museum, which is home to Picasso’s Guernica, has somewhat of a reputation among the more supernaturally-attuned of this world.

The museum opened in 1992. It was previously a hospital that served as the location for several eerie incidents.

Visitors to the museum report ghostly sightings, aural disturbances, and other phenomena that are widely believed to be former patients’ appearances or utterances.

5. The Ten Bells Pub in London

East London’s Ten Bells


WikiCommons/ Dr Neil Clifton

Few people are familiar with the legends of spirits that roam the Tower of London. The British capital is home to a number of apparitions, from Anne Boleyn to Henry VI.

How much do you know about other supernatural sightings around the city? Take The Ten Bells Pub in Spitalfields.

It is believed that two of Jack the Ripper’s victims , Annie Chapman (left) and Mary Jane Kelly (right), frequented the pub in London’s East End before their deaths.

According to some reports, ghostly sightings and poltergeist activity have plagued the watering hole since then. The spirits of those who were once associated with it are allegedly making their presence felt in a subtle manner.

6. 14 West 10th Street New York

14 West 10th Street



New York is known as “the city that never sleeps” and its nocturnal reputation. This may be due to its ghost population and the places and people they haunt, rather than its vibrant nightlife and 24-hour entertainment scene.

Regardless of whether you have been to New York, 14 West 10th Street is a place you are familiar with. We’ll tell you about the history of this house, which is widely considered to be one of the most haunted houses in New York.

The building was once the home of Mark Twain. Since then, it has been the location for numerous ghostly sightings with 22 spirits reported to have taken up residence in the brownstone in New York.

According to reports, some of the occupants tried to exorcise their building by asking for the assistance of mediums.

The Greenwich Village residence was the scene of a particularly violent incident in recent years, which has contributed to its tragic reputation as The House of Death.

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7. Broadway, NYC: The New Amsterdam Theatre

Details inside the ‘haunted’ New Amsterdam Theatre, New York


We have more of the city to explore, even though we would love to leave the Big Apple.

Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre is one example.

The legend has it that the legendary theatre is haunted by the spirit of Olive Thomas, a young woman who was a silent film actress and chorus girl.

Olive, aged 25, died in Paris in 1920. After the theatre’s extensive renovation in the late 1990s employees started reporting hauntings and eerie disturbances.

Olive was often described as looking like she did when she performed in the New Amsterdam Theatre. Staff members frequently attribute mishaps and setbacks Olive’s otherworldly presence to her.

If you are still a little frightened by the idea of Olive’s presence, then why not visit the New Amsterdam Theatre to learn more about this iconic New York theatre?

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8. The Hellfire Club, Dublin

The Hellfire Club, Dublin



Montpelier Hill is located in Dublin, Ireland. contains the remains of an old building, commonly known as The Hellfire Club.

It is a popular spot for hillwalkers. The views from the Dublin Mountains are a draw to visitors from all over Ireland. But at night it’s quite different.

The history of The Hellfire Club is filled with tales about drunkenness, debauchery, and the devil’s hooves.

The building was believed to have been a place of meeting for upper-class youth in the 18th century. In an attempt to lure the sinister visitor, the youths made a chair out of nothing after hearing tales that the devil had once visited the building.

Unknown visitor walked into the building one dark, stormy night. He took a seat at a table and let his cloven hooves speak.

9. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

Photo via


You can choose to keep your ears open for paranormal activity, or you might shy away. Alcatraz Island has been widely recognized as one of the most haunted places in the world.

The site, which was once home to the notorious former prison, has been described as eerie by visitors. Paranormal enthusiasts flock to Alcatraz to get a glimpse of the ghosts that roam the island.

10. Mexico City, The Island of the Dolls

Isla de las Munecas



People can travel from one island to the next!

We’ll be heading south of the U.S. border to Mexico this time, where we will find La Isla de las Munecas (also known as the Island of the Dolls).

It is creepy, yes, but what is the real story?

The story goes like this: Don Julian Santana was the island’s caretaker in 1950s when he found the corpse of a young drowning victim. He believed that the ghosts were haunting the island.

He began to hang dolls from the trees on the island in an attempt to soothe her spirit. The caretaker continued this macabre (and possibly misguided) tribute over the years, filling the island with dolls that were either broken or dirty.

His efforts did much to create a disturbing atmosphere, to put it mildly. Those who are familiar with the island know of stories about the dolls becoming alive at night.

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