Here are 10 of the most popular Italian songs ever

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Are you familiar with the greatest Italian songs? Let’s start with the fact that it is impossible to list the best Italian songs in a 10-point range. Music is subjective and cannot be discussed. However, there are some wonderful Italian songs that have become famous around the world. People recognize the first notes and instantly recognize them.

Here are 10 of the most popular Italian songs ever

The list below contains the most popular Italian songs, many of which are also very popular in other countries. Find out which songs are the most popular in Italy and learn more about the Italian music scene.

Our 60s, 70s, 2000 and best Italian songs have been published. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Italian songs ever!

1. Tu Vuo’ Fa l’Americano

In 1956, Carosone wrote “Tu vuo’ fa’l’americano”, which is the Neapolitan version the myth of America. It is also the comical and brilliant portrait of a young man pretending to be a Yankee.

The song’s immediate success was legendary and will always be remembered. The song was instantly famous around the globe.

2. Incontro

Francesco Guccini composed and performed “Incontro” in 1972. It tells the story of a friend who was once in love. The songwriter was inspired by many authors on a literary level.

Leonard Cohen’s song “Suzanne”, which means “The sun pours down as honey”, is an example of this.

3. Pescatore

Fabrizio de Andre, another famous author of some of Italy’s best songs, published “il pescatore” in 1970. The first verse introduces the character and the setting (the beach) of the fisherman. The fisherman decides to make a killing and treats him as a person, rather than as a criminal.

Two guards question the fisherman about the assassin. However, he refuses to answer their questions. Perhaps the fisherman is an elderly wise man who understands what it takes to live the “street life”, and considers the assassin a man. Furthermore, the policemen are the coercive force serving a higher power.

4. Il bandito e il campione

Luigi De Gregori wrote the song “Il Bandito e il Campione”, which is also the brother of Francesco De Gregori. This song was inspired by a true story. It is about a murderer who was arrested in Paris to see Girardengo, a cyclist champion. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and will be pardoned in 1959.

5. Grande Amore

The single “Grande amore”, which is a song by the Italian musical group il Volo (which won the Sanremo festival in 2015), is called “Big Love”. It was written by singer Francesco Boccia in 2003 and Ciro “Tommy” Esposito from “Il Giardino dei Semplici” with the intention of having it interpreted using lyrical voices.

6. Best Italian Songs: Azzurro

Adriano Celentano sang the first time in 1968: “I look all year for summer and suddenly it is!” It is certain that “Azzurro”, a part of the history and music of Italian music, has been a hit for Celentano.

The song is not as sung in the summer imagery of those times. Instead, the singer seems to be expressing his desires to get there, but he has given up on the city’s boredom and sadness.

7. Io non mi sento italiano

Giorgio Gaber, also known as the “ignorant philosopher”, is an important Italian artist. He is well-known for his irony and the themes of his songs (politics and loneliness and discomfort of life) and his extraordinary musical abilities.

Gaber lists reasons Gaber doesn’t feel proud to be Italian in the text. As he continues to list all that does not work, we see his love for Italy. Gaber describes it as a country filled with poetry where Italians are “too passionate”.

8. Best Italian Songs: Montagne verdi

In 1972, Marcella Bella recorded the romantic song “montagne verdi”. Marcella Bella became the first ambassador for new Sicilian music by releasing “montagne verdi”, (Green Mountains).

9. L’Italiano

This is probably the most well-known Italian song. Since 1983, “L’Italiano”, has been a huge success. Toto Cutugno sings “I’m a true Italian”. The song’s text is full of stereotypes that reflect Italianness.

The song has sold over 100 million copies. There are also many covers available in other languages, such as Finnish and Chinese.

10. Best Italian Songs: Cogli la prima mela

It was written by Angelo Branduardi in 1979. The song “Cogli la prima mela”, as you can guess by its sound, is a reworking of a medieval Hungarian tune. The metaphor of “picking the first Apple” is “dancing one’s life”. However, the apple often conjures images of femininity. The song’s melody is lively and fresh.

The best Italian songs ever

There are many songs that we could choose from: best Italian opera songs, most popular classic Italian songs, or best new Italian songs. We tried to include a variety of genres in this article but it was difficult! We chose the most popular songs from Italy and abroad because not everyone has the same musical tastes. What do you think is the best Italian song? If you’re as passionate about Italian music as we are , take a look at the best Italian songs from the 60s . We are sure you will find new favorite songs!

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